Data collection hindering launch of Sexual Offences, Child Abuse Registries

first_imgThe old method of data collection is currently hindering the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Registries from becoming accessible to locals.This was related to Guyana Times by Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) Director Ann Greene in a recent interview.“We are still working on the Child Abuse Registry. We got to go back five years to get information to put on it. Every person that we put up there, we got to check to see the outcome of every case and I can tell you that it’s not an easy task, but we are coming with it. We are still working on it,” she explained.Further, the Director pointed out, “Guyana with us and data collection ain’t ain’t…we are not the best people in doing that, but we are changing the whole system now, so we have to actually get some foot soldiers to check things out”.Greene was keen to note that although the Registries are very much anticipated, it cannot be made public just yet, as the Child Care Agency is obligated to ensure it publicises accurate information.When asked about where the department is sourcing records, the Director informed that most of the data is being pulled from the local courts. In fact, she pointed out that CCPA has acquired the services of a law student who is assisting in analysing to help “sort out” this aspect.According to her, it is one of the things happening “in terms of… we now have an electronic data collection system so everything now that is done is done in the system, but to put up information we got to go back about five years and is going back that five years to get that information is what … because we didn’t have an electronic system before”.Nevertheless, the Director assured that as child abuse and sexual offences occur, they are presently being entered into the database.Although several deadlines have already passed for the Registries, Greene said they “might be ready for next year”.The Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Registries were launched back in September 2018.The Child Abuse Registry will be helpful in providing information in relation to a person’s biography. Greene pointed out in a previous interview that the perpetrators of sexual abuse would be publicised and exposed to the public, who would be able to access the requisite information on the Internet.“It is really to put online the persons who would have committed offences against children. If anybody wants to employ anybody, you could run the Child Abuse Registry,” she explained.Once completed, the database will include information such as the type of abuse, the person’s age, name, address and other relevant information.The perpetrators’ pictures, will also likely be available through the Registry, since the department is cognisant of the fact that some people have identical names.CCPA Director Ann Greenelast_img

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