Murder convict appeals 75-year sentence

first_imgAlmost one week after being sentenced to 75 years in prison for the offence of murder, Kenkossie Lynch, 24, formerly of Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD), has now filed an appeal through his lawyer, Adrian Thompson.The appeal was filed in the Appellate Court and Lynch’s lawyer was optimistic of an early hearing into the matter.Lynch was sentenced on May 30, 2019 for the capital offence committed on June 1, 2015, at Nelson Street, Mocha Arcadia, EBD, on Terrence Lanferman. At the commencement of the trial, Lynch denied the charge.However, Lynch was unanimously found guilty by a 12-member jury and on the day of his sentencing, a probation report revealed that the convicted man had admitted to the offence. As such, Trial Judge, Justice Navindra Singh handed down a 75-year sentence, which included an additional 15 years for not showing remorse, and the use of a gun in committing the act, among other aggravating factors.Attorney Thompson, in his argument, contended that his client did not admit to the offence, after which Lynch also maintained his innocence before being sentenced.Meanwhile, at present, a date is yet to be set for hearing the appeal which was filed on the legal grounds that the trial Judge admitted the prisoner’s caution statement as evidence which shouldn’t be the case, as well as failed to acceptably deliver the defence to the jury.Reports indicate that the victim and the accused’s cousin, Sedley Liverpool, called “Birdman”, had a previous dispute.The court heard that on June 1, 2015, Lynch and Liverpool met and conspired about the attack on Lanferman, after which both men visited the now deceased man’s home on a motorcycle.During the trial, it was revealed that Lynch had armed himself with a gun given to him by Liverpool, who waited for the accused some distance away from the home. The accused entered the premises of the now dead man, knocked on the door and confronted Lanferman, who had opened the door, shooting him before making good his escape.Liverpool was later incriminated by the accused, and is currently awaiting trial.last_img

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