Emilio Calatayud, juvenile judge: “The mobile is another drug exactly like heroin”

first_imgThe juvenile judge of Granada Emilio Calatayud has reviewed the most pressing problems that children suffer today. Excessive alcohol consumption, drug addiction, bullying or the influence of new technologies are repetitive issues in their work with young people. Image: Dreams Time. The use of new technologies especially reveals the judge. “The mobile is another drug exactly like heroin, marijuana or alcohol,” he says in an interview on Chain Morning Cope. “I have never given a cigarette to my son with two years. I’m tired of seeing parents so that the child does not give them the can in the bar, they shake the tablet or mobile at two years,” complains Calatayud . The judge also warns of drug addiction, which is occurring at shorter ages and with a new feature: you mix them between different types of narcotics. This causes that there are boys from 12 years that have become sick and with few solutions beyond fulfilling the internment after committing criminal acts: “With drug mixtures, we have a lot of psychopathic and much schizophrenic boy, and we will have a lot tared in a few years. ” The nature of bullying also worries Calatayud because of the little information that comes to the judges. “It covers a lot,” he explains, referring not only to classmates, but to parents and school leaders. He continues to insist on his controversial recommendation to parents to “violate the privacy of their children through mobile phones”, and calls for a return to the principles of authority so that parents and teachers are more respected by minors.last_img

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