Then 300 million users and their rivers and lakes

In an interview with

, a small table, the new media reporter Wang Yan Lu Ruolin

, a small table, writing new media editor on Xiangde reporter Wang Yan

Zhongguancun Qidi Technology Building 22 floor, a door without any logo in the company, a group of mechanical engineers are working hard.

the three interviewer enters a tiny, slightly humble room. The subject before them was interesting:

if you’re an employee, driving a car and pulling bread across the country, there are a bunch of farmers to rob you, don’t you give them read more

Rookie also talk about station experience

at the beginning of February 2009, I make a small, up to now (May) has been 3 months, although the site is not doing a very good, but learn a lot of things in this period, because I don’t know much about the experience in technology, an understanding of me since the establishment of the.

1, website localization is very important to strive to accurate positioning site, cut not tandaqiuquan. Otherwise, personal websites will be swamped in the internet.

2, the keyword selection of the website should make every effort to reach the designated position. If the keyword of the website has not chosen good, after search engine is included, change keyword again not very good, especially the title of the website cannot be changed more. read more

The number of links is not many, but in essence, a Harbin used network, was set up almost 3 days. Let me know the current situation, site this morning. Home page has been Baidu included. Site 2 days was included in the Baidu, but also the author since the site has never been recorded.

will be checking the statistics backstage this afternoon. Baidu has access to related keywords. Harbin second-hand mobile phone network, Harbin second-hand mobile phones are in the first page of Baidu. Harbin second-hand network is currently in Baidu fourth pages. But Google not included, unknown reasons. In propaganda, mainly online publicity, in the mother of Ali choose monthly advertising. The choice of comparison is targeted. The main choice of the Harbin area is similar classification information station put pictures of advertising practice, targeted advertising than mass spam is aimless more, because Baidu only included a page, believe in a week or so other related pages will also be released, all in the chain is currently the main access of the local site, at the same time as the molding site on his hand more with friends has about 10 or so, all will be Harbin second-hand Links network as the first single link to do. At the same time, in the A5 forum and found a few links, personally think that the number of friendship links need not be too much, but need fine. The patient is particularly suited to do hand. read more

Stationmaster talk about hao123 website kind of website innovation road

remember, I will do the web site that day, want to start to do web site, in the y365 free space era, that should be in 2003 or so, just apply for free space, began to do site navigation. Because of the success of the hao123, with a very attractive, before hao123 sold to Baidu has many Webmaster Station in Web site, but because not a lot of traffic into the most is no access to a dead stop, and slowly they have lost confidence.

in fact, not to say that simple to beyond, because there is no core innovation occurs in the network site, the unified, unified text links, classification, page layout. From a personal web site to spread, large companies operating site, such as Google’s site navigation in the design, just joined the web search function, and the PR value according to some sort, not have any innovation. I never understood why so many powerful forces to join the site competition and not really into the minds of Internet users? In the concept of First impressions are strongest as then, because First impressions are strongest like hao123 uniform simple text layout has to find other people, if the website and hao123 is just like you of course, the user can choose the genuine hao123 as everyone knows. So, like the back of the market into the hao123 copy of the site, a lifetime can not really be in the hearts of users occupy a place. But no matter what the trend of Internet development is, users have a dependency on Web site navigation. Such sites will survive for long periods of time until there is no web site for users. read more

Webmaster two or three years of things

1 remember it was 04 years since the beginning of the station. It was a small station, with the wild CMS, 100 / year asp space for people to buy, scrapped for several months in the future, to understand the most basic tools to get started, it is not a clue of what ASP, although it has not. Now, sometimes, in retrospect, people are still wondering why they were so motivated. Why are you so focused? But never answer.

2   05 years, my heart wanted to be a technical forum, I believe that many more people do this, some people just started always do on computer station when I opened the home network, using Discuz4. 0 program. Template is the template of Kaka, logo is the forum moderator do, I just provide a platform for everyone, probably communication software, crack ah, those. Anyway, the development is also good, the most terrible is that, when a man or a student, is a high school student, buy space or money from living in the crowded crowded to the space is monthly, why. Because there is no money, can not afford to buy, and the forum needs to go down, hey.. Now I have to call the IDCC again. CN (New China), maybe they have forgotten who I am, but I guess I can remember them all my life. There are always a few things that cannot be forgotten. read more

A ten year old head of the tragic history

is now zero twenty-six, open Admin5, enter the forum simple look, this time wrote several article, I don’t want to write today, but I still want to promote my website in this article, because as a webmaster, you have every minute to do a user the website, after worked out how to use limited resources to let people know that it needs it.

Through more than a simple

as head of the definition, you can see me is an old webmaster? I don’t want to tell you, I will always be a novice, no heaven, the mountains there, someone outside the person, I always feel that I was in, so I always want to find the broader sky. Why today when the dead of night I want to open the A5 page article published articles, beginning this article series? I think more firm in my belief that the firm owners of the future is bright, I also hope to see this article webmaster like me faith, let us have a forward construction China Internet read more

How do have a niche on the QQ web site

didn’t want to write this article, but many webmaster friends always encouraged me, asked me to write to share some of my experiences with everyone, then feel shengqingnanque, so I write, literary talent is not good, you forgive me.

I’m here, a stationmaster in the countryside. 06 years, when the game started, and then the game industry is not booming, so I want to do a station, when there is a friend in the Admin5 ready to sell a Q station. At that time I was attracted to the station’s domain name, and saw the statistics he gave me, it was 1200ip, and later this fellow is also more reasonable, and finally to 500 yuan transactions. Thank you for the part of the. read more

Do more or better

with the development of Internet information technology, the network has become an important way for people to communicate and share the knowledge, so many people have to rush on like a swarm of hornets site area, to obtain benefits


, in 2009, is no longer a good place to refuse than a few years ago. Friends who do garbage stations are tough. Still there waiting. And occasionally threatened you have a policy, which I have played many countermeasures "smart: (synonymy / field / junk information exchange") do, is to do hundreds of stations, so not tired ah. Do some serious, it may not spend more time than this read more

Cool dog in recent years, the sound of music live broadcast platform star network is YY’s competitor

introduction: as early as September 2012, cool dog on the line, the music live broadcast platform "star network", this site has now become the most powerful project to help cool dog flow realized.

mentioned the cool dog, and everyone’s first impression was "listen to it!"". However, the game under the cool dog is really not as easy as you think. As early as September 2012, cool dog on the line, the music live broadcast platform "star network", this site has now become the most powerful project to help cool dog flow realized. read more

How to protect the copyright of website articles

I always have a habit of writing their articles after the Baidu or Google search to see if there is included, recently often found that there is an article with me, like a bad signature is not the same. His signature became his. How should we protect the copyright of the grassroots webmaster? Who will protect


actually has been anti piracy, music, CDs, books, brands, and so on. They are all anti piracy. It seems that I have to join the party. Contribute to the Chinese original author. As we write blogs, being transferred is a good thing and can increase our exposure. Sadly, being turned away by others does not leave the source of the article, but even more uncomfortable is being turned away, and also become his original article. I can only call this kind of plagiarism. read more

How does Yang Fan make a profit of $800 a day!

is actually a lot of people have asked Yang Fan so many possessions are come from? In fact, Yang Fan didn’t do planning before, have been on the network to do a detailed analysis, then took three months, every day sit at the computer and started the research of Internet profit model. Did the network experiment numerous profit, the final success rate accounted for 86%, or very gratifying, but a profit model of the earliest experiments still can use it, Yang Fan was also remember a network the most clear profit model, their play so long, and never any one person said, holding himself very uncomfortable, through Yang Fan’s blog and you disclose it: read more

7 places where blogs can be written on mobile phones

Of course,

, moblogging and microblogging is a special mobile phone blog, we say it is normal for a class of Twitter blog, not stuff, sometimes you need outside, update your blog, you don’t have to wait to go home to do, here are 7 blogs allows you to directly use mobile phone release log.

Blogger is probably the most friendly mobile phone blog platform, even on the road, you can also use a mobile phone to create a blog, sending a message to, the next time you return to the computer side, can be found and claimed the news, then you can directly hand to your Blogger blog post or send pictures. read more

ncisive Fifteen good ways to run blog stations

1, choose a good blog program. A good blogging program is an important guarantee for blogging success. For example, Zblog, WordPress and so on, are excellent independent blog program, if you do not intend to spend money, Baidu space, Sohu blog, blogbus may be a good choice for you. You can refer to how to select the blog program

2, a good blog usually has a good domain name and blog name. The application in the blog website blog must have a good name, so easy to remember, easy to establish their own brand. Independent blogs are more so, you can refer to the previous article blog named. read more

How do search engines identify spam messages

recently saw too many posts talking about blogging, mass mailing software, and a variety of experiences. Message group software, there are two points to consider:

1) a lot of spam messages we see are not necessarily the reason for rankings. In order to reduce manslaughter, usually ignore the search engine spam, but not directly punish leave spam sites, or too dangerous, it is easy to be used to set the competition website. The ranking of these websites is probably the reason we haven’t found, for example, there are some very powerful external links. read more

Example analysis of local stations how to use their own blog promotion

I introduce how to stand on their own new blog, get two thousand or three thousand of the traffic every day, I hope you can see some inspiration. Immediately to the national day, we Taizhou finally pass the train, I also try holding the psychological start (thought, there must be many people search on the TaiZhou Railway Station, the train schedule, schedules, fares, tickets and other words, in their own station built a blog called "TaiZhou Railway Station – Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou TaiZhou Railway Station", the domain name is called, using it for nearly a year, in the webmaster online to see the method to increase keyword density, where appropriate, bold, heightening the quality of export link, and at the end of the thesis, write (relevant article:…… Add links), around the theme of the Taizhou train, collecting relevant data, to the long tail keywords, do optimization (no personal sense of each optimization techniques are used, one can choose), also wrote a few articles, is also organize relevant information. read more

Combination of Web site changes, talk about the benefits of writing soft text

originally this article should write, but recently busy website, very busy; now the website is completed, the job is not so tight, I say good soft! If we ask, website promotion and increase the use of what the best site outside the chain, many webmaster will say "soft", combined with my own practice to discuss.

I was 08 years from the beginning of October to do before the station, had joined a marriage agency website and his local station, then a variety of reasons not to do, decided to engage in a number of related, in reference to the website, register a good domain name (, looking for a website the source code in the space, began my station road. Then what all don’t understand, complete with novice rookie, that he built a station on how great, the operation of a word "difficult" from the station to the collection in more than 20 days, it may be a joke, no way, stupid, what are not, take a lot of in the detour, to participate in the A5 novice training class, I wrote a short essay, then do not know is soft, to A5, continue to adhere to the site updated after a week, hundreds of websites included, just read more

ncrease user stickiness tool, develop website plug-in

how to evaluate a good site, many people will say, it depends on the flow of this site and ALAX ranking. There is no doubt that the more traffic on the site, the higher the ranking. Well, this site is a good site. These really important, and now more and more small websites, in order to bring traffic, there is no lack of risk taking, brush flow and ranking cheating. These are already common in today’s internet. The reason for this is nothing but the following:

1, eager to make money, want to audit as soon as possible through the advertising alliance. read more

Airbnb hand in hand with poor travel network, good landing mode can Chinese market

[Liu Yang] / titanium Media Editor in May 29th, the local community website poor travel network focused on outbound and American short rental housing exclusive platform Airbnb announced a strategic partnership. This is almost Airbnb "this legendary" start-up company for the first time officially in the domestic appearance, the 6 years of the founding of the United States pioneering companies, trying to cut into the Chinese market strategy to officially begin landing.

rushed to the poor travel network office announced the day before the good news, Airbnb chief operating officer Ms. Varsha just flew from San Francisco to Beijing. Interestingly, she did not live in the hotel in Beijing, but through their own company’s Airbnb mobile applications, rented a Hutong in the local characteristics of the residential. read more

As long as you insist on making a movie station, you will reap something

website, I believe we have the server space domain name will think, if let users to visit our website, of course, a lot of methods. Want long-term stability, we all choose to do SEO search engine optimization! I can also be introduced into the station soon, although not new, but not a master. It can be said that is the excessive period of the webmaster! I really understand this sentence, do website, as long as we insist on, there must be harvest, harvest more or less, even if it is a little bit of progress. read more