What kind of experience what our customers need

360 founder Zhou Hongyi mentioned in his blog? ", simply set aside for 360 personal attitude, Zhou Hongyi explained is excellent.

"beyond user expectations, this is the essence of the product. We are hoping to develop product development, all users are able to use function, trying to meet and cater to all users, which makes our products become bloated, we cater for twenty percent users with eighty percent of our energy and resources. For example, early anti-virus software or network protection software to open the software may have dozens of features listed, which let users simply confused, in fact, the user is several commonly used functions. We should let users find our products more features, such as one side of the case, a colleague is 360 browser hardcore fans, for the reasons, it is found that the 360 browser provides a "micro-blog assistant" such an application. This can be in the browser, colleagues can log on several micro-blog account, can easily switch, obviously, other browsers are rare these more humane application. read more

Why love Shanghai fire to find solutions for the most beautiful scenery


look at this picture, is not the impulse to test your site safety problems? Security issues should be put in the first place, especially FTP, more can’t be easily ignored, now love Shanghai launched a webmaster tools, and then launched to chain tools, if you let others know your FTP information, if it is a competitor, a site of the Shanghai dragon might be affected, you tried to think, when most chain can not be restored, my heart what it is? There is a website linked to horse problems, remember to FTP scan tool before, in order to remove some FTP information then, to hang up the black chain, before the government website, the show is particularly evident, then sell the chain rampant, everyone seemed to high quality links and hard, but for the web site It is said to have a big impact. read more

Graphic summary analysis of five kinds of invalid Shanghai dragon chain

question answering platform is the chain platform webmaster special love, because in the inquiry platform more accessible to their target customers. While in the platform Soso Ask is also a very high weight platform. The construction of the outer chain is not difficult, but I think the Search ask outside chain is a typical hyperlink, it does not transfer the weight, then we have to search for example to see the outer chain. As shown below:

using JS code jump

has a certain optimization experience who should clearly understand that the JS code for the search engine is not friendly. The chain using the JS code jump is generally can not transfer the weight. The chain site optimization has little effect on us. The longest jump using this type of JS is the chain of some forum. As shown below: read more

How do the site is down right

How to find the reason Recently a lot of

understand the rules to update the love Shanghai algorithm:


site is down right, the reason is not very clear. That is the reason or change the title, or that lead to revision. If we do not know what causes the right down, so how to take specific methods to restore the ranking? How to find the reasons described below, how to restore:

summarized as one point: we mastered the structured (revision, revision, update the title change procedures, horse delete) 2 months, unstructured update (chain loss, space) is half a month to a month later, we started on the axis of time before a record 2 a month of operation, then ruled out, find the reason. read more

On the building several high-quality external links.

1, since the "content is king", then the contents of the link is definitely not. Especially the high quality content can not only bring you the high quality of the chain, and gives you a lot of traffic, the value of your site.

3, the construction of the chain. For many people can understand natural but hard to do, especially for the novice, it is simply not too obvious trace optimization. In:

(4) IP into the site, if most of the links are from several IP addresses, easy to search engine to suspected link factories, which suffered punishment. read more

How to make web site optimization more popular

we do website optimization not only to optimize the optimization, friendly nor for website search engine optimization and more suitable for. But in order to get more people to come to our website, which translates to our customers, in order to obtain huge profits. This will make our site more popular. So how to do site optimization to make our site more popular? I think we need to make the site popular favorite, so our priority is to see our website from the view of the people. Then find out the problems and shortcomings of optimal modification, simple said is we do website optimization personnel, must learn from the user’s perspective, the use should pay attention to the user experience, we only meet the needs of users, we can make our website more welcome by the user. I put some of my experience to share with everyone, we hope to help. read more

From the internal site about the user experience Optimization of several key points


website optimization function< >


in 2012, we saw all sorts of love Shanghai update, if there is no Shanghai dragon, how do you deal with your users; in the user experience this, whether you can make every user feel your sincerity to the user the most sincere? This article, said that the optimal points the user experience, usually in our website, we see too much just for search operations, but ignore the user experience really, this is the need to pay attention to the defects, and also the most part of us in the future in the process of brand. read more

For some Shanghai Longfeng soft Wen promotion experience

2, the title of the soft not too guanggaohua, and don’t appear illegal keywords, if there is not through.

is a soft, the title of the novel, provocative

1, soft Wen title to novel, and the best use of some of the more controversial topics attract popular name.

Er understand the status of Shanghai Longfeng soft in website promotion, soft to the promotion of the website chain and keyword promotion, shaping the brand to create a strong flow more than the value of development. Soft Wen is a high quality of the chain, not only to improve their website ranking, also can attract spider crawling your site. But many people have doubts, what kind of soft can bring good effect? How to write a high quality of soft text? A high quality of soft soft around the readers really want to know, will get traffic. How to write text? In this paper, through the soft Wen title and content to share experience: read more

Analysis of the principle of HTS algorithm of search engine

link analysis is a common search engine analysis a web structure, is generally based on relevant link analysis algorithms of search engine, and then on the page in the chain and chain of detailed collation and analysis of data, and according to the characteristics of these links, then a score and ranking on the web page, when when a user search keywords, the search engine will be related to the theme of "keywords in these links to a reasonable analysis and sorting, finally get the ranking structure, in this paper, the pen to tell you about the topic is HITS, and the HITS algorithm is a link analysis algorithm a more representative. read more

An antidote against the disease understanding the working principle of search engine after Shanghai

3, order processing (search engine default processing mode is to use "and" logic in between keywords) such as: user search "lose weight" method, the program word is "lose weight" and "method" two words, search engine ranking by default, user is looking for both "lose weight", is also included "method" page. Contains only "slimming" does not include the "method" page or contains only "method" does not contain "slimming" page is considered to be incompatible with the search conditions. In fact, we will see only a part of the keyword search results. read more

Are you still who update the article

you update the article in? If you just for the search engine update articles, it should stop thinking. Recently, right down the website, you can see a lot of website keywords are hundreds of thousands of millions to hundreds of foreign. The site updated as a search engine, can only tell you this website activity, let search engines often come to index your new content. As for the role of the ranking, has been gradually reduced. From the latest web site ranking observation, more of a user’s residence time, return ratio, point quantities, exit rate shall prevail, this is also the click device can to rank the reasons. So, in time, to update the content of these factors as a reference, can let the site’s ranking is more stable. Look at the key words "stationmaster" ranked first in the website, there is no need to update an article. read more

1000 increase feelings between love Shanghai updated the chain number one night

is doing this, or at least the chain of a sudden increase in the amount of more than 1000, do not know is a blessing or a curse, can only wait quietly. Know the friends please add my QQ:1021360269 exchange. Thank you for reading.

2. update five articles. With the website related to diet articles within the chain and keywords layout.

2." if not cheating, will not be K". Love Shanghai will review your chain, and then carried out the investigation, to see if there is no black chain, or by other ways of operation cheating. read more

Analysis the feasibility of individual local portal station Shanghai dragon ER

of course you can choose some small cities or counties to do this in general, competition is not great, although the coverage and the area is not big city, but relatively easy to develop, for the individual ER Shanghai Longfeng easy first and development is not difficult, but the short-term profit is a problem.

Analysis of the

in the occupation planning and suggestions about Shanghai Longfeng industry have analyzed Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial choice, build a platform of their own development strategy is better, such as many Shanghai dragon ER chose to establish local portal station development and profitability, such as a certain news network, and other sites are relatively certain online common place door apartment layout website, because I will be late to plan a local portal station, we first briefly analyze the feasibility of individual do local portal station Shanghai dragon ER. read more

Don’t panic website ranking drop value strategy analysis of dry soft optimization

first, improve the quality of soft. This quality should follow three factors below are relevance, readability and value. The correlation is soft with your website theme to support, not to have no relevance. Then that is readable, this mainly refers to the soft, very smooth and smooth, no obvious mistakes, especially for possible ambiguities must be completely eliminated. The third is the value of the soft Wen, also need to have the value of property, a soft paper is just to advertise, the website optimization for help no effect, even counterproductive, and the core value lies in that it can help to your users. read more

Do Shanghai dragon to do to fight for a long time

my city, most website optimization company is so, when talking about a single customer and customer, said what nodded, even some offer dozens of words, these Internet companies do not want to, do not consider the degree of difficulty of the word, is a promise, even if the customer to 200 dollars are collected. After closing money, the customer is the grandson, he is the uncle, had promised not to perform, not to mention the website optimization, customers wait 3 months have not seen any website optimization action. For customers, sometimes have bad luck, after all, is not worth to thousand dollars to a dispute, and a lot of website optimization company is to seize the customer’s heart this scam. As a conscience of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, I still hope that the industry can be formal, not demanding short-term interests to bring the entire industry crowning calamity I would like to go down for a long time, customers in the loss, loss of trust industry will. read more

From the three aspects of quickly choose their own web space


user experience more and more people are mentioned, which makes us have to pay attention to the webmaster website user experience what are the influence factors, such as what the more button "back to the top", website access speed and navigation settings are now improving our website experience details. Which website access speed is a lot easy to be overlooked, imagine a page to open more than 1 minutes, then who will continue to browse this website, so many webmaster in website access speed on the efforts can reduce the rate of jump out of the site. read more

By forcing entrepreneurs advice capital is a double-edged swordTaobao guest first crash manual shari

The third step:

general principle: avoid high competition keywords, select accurate and search quantity is also good keywords.

fourth step: Taobao guest page SEO keyword layout and in the chain construction

update us in this step, we also keep the page clean, let the user cannot see our original limited space in the article can write some summary of things, hope that more exchanges, analysis more and better experience, if the need for detailed information please add admin5 release, attached to my station www.lost8899 welcome to contact :504179058 read more

Wangzhuan is actually not difficult to maintain the mentality is very importantGuangzhou announced 0

at the same time, Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau also announced this year first tax notice, Guangzhou city ended March 31, 2006 outstanding local revenue of 2 million yuan more than 39 enterprises exposure, local taxes in arrears amounted to 330 million yuan.

with marketing ideas and network technology,

when you enter this industry, you will feel that the future is bright. But you are not the first one to eat crabs. When you enter, the market is saturated and competition is difficult. Many people are holding the impetuous mentality, bet on a, if you can not earn money, and then withdraw. In this state of mind, nature pays attention to the benefits and ignores the process itself. You don’t want to do your website better and get more traffic. It’s because you’re trying to think of advertising more and making more profits. It’s hard to get users to like it. read more

Recalling the past eventful years, LETV, he tells the story of a most worth preserving historyPulse

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

welcome stationmaster to be put in actively.

2011 October, Lenovo began to circulate inside the beam army will leave Lenovo news, but no specific whereabouts. November news points to LETV, heard the news, I first time sh419 music network, this just know music network is an online video site. In mid November, Liang Jun talked to me and asked if he would like to go with him as a music entrepreneur. I accepted the invitation without hesitation. read more

Brief discussion on some tips of online shop managementRegistered trademarks are important for busin


enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households or other organizations and organizations, in their economic activities, need to apply for trademark registration with the trademark office when they need to acquire the right to exclusive use of the trademark for their goods or services. There are 45 categories of international classification of goods and services for trademark registration, of which 34 categories are special for commodities category 1~34 and 11 categories for service category 35~45. The trademark registered on the 1~34 class is a commodity mark, and the trademark registered on the 35~45 class is the service mark. read more