On the misunderstanding of enterprise website structure

In fact, on the

account and password is to maintain the nature of the work, but there are still a lot of people is to use admin as a simple account and password, the insurance nature is not good at all, to maintain a good website security is so first of all we need to do the work, regardless of where it is to be carried out.

about the enterprise website title, there are still a lot of the title of the site directly is the name of the company, believe the enterprise name can really represent their corporate website image, believe each Shanghai dragon ER and the boss of this time, there are pressures, but the title is the face of the company, only really pay attention to the better maintenance area, about how to write the title in order to highlight the image of the enterprise and maintain the company’s products or walk the road of the brand, let other people say. read more

nfluence of URL parameters on the search results

because the search engine is changing every day, so as not to opportunistic and therefore be punished, so The loss outweighs the gain.. The URL, www.mengxx贵族宝贝 operation I muddle headed brand, as parameters is reduced to a minimum, but in sales and popularity ranking in is also very headache, have good attention to a friend, you can communicate with me.

love Shanghai "DHC120ml"


this I think Taobao guest friends may wish to try, with their Taobao PID customers to promote links submitted to Google, while obtaining more traffic. But this is only speculation, but in practical application, we should still pay attention to avoid: read more

How to tap the precision of long tail keywords

above is five mining methods of long tail keywords are used to love Shanghai, drop-down box, search, inquiry platform, competition, exchange platform, through the bidding website reports the five points to obtain precise long tail keywords.

fourth points, through the exchange platform to get the long tail keywords

first, use the drop-down box and love Shanghai love Shanghai search


love is either know or ask the Shanghai search or Sina answers, when you search for a keyword will be listed with the keywords related problems. Which is a long tail keywords. These are some long tail keywords you want to know the representative. read more

Knowledge, business, canvas concerns about knowledge consumers…Annual consumption amounted to 450

‘s intellectual products came to mind, and in December, sales of columns were over one hundred million. Li Xiang in December on the internal business more than eighty thousand copies; Li Xiaolai had earlier access to the wealth of The Freedom Trail in one hundred thousand copies; five minutes Liu Run business school had fifty thousand copies; fifty million is a day in December 3rd Himalaya FM income. So the knowledge directly realized, money can be realized.

knowledge electricity supplier; read more

The noble baby made a difficult decision close attention to service alliance.

days ago, the Internet giant Google has revealed that this was in 2008 launched the "noble baby advertising alliance" (noble baby Affiliate Network) will be at the end of the next few months. It will focus on advertising (including PLA product listings, product listing ads, PLA), other CPA advertising pricing model, re positioning and optimization of the marketing.

JJ Hirschle supervisor

Affiliate Network is the predecessor of noble baby is Doubleclick Performics, is the baby launched after the acquisition of Doubleclick Performics CPA advertising business. The purpose is to help customers increase CTR and online orders, get the highest possible return. read more

Website optimization the ultimate user experience

read an article yesterday, tells the story of a fully understand what is Shanghai Longfeng webmaster enterprise website bigger and stronger. He will not understand statistical analysis data processing extension do not understand marketing, but the website to do, what is the reason?

so what should we do website optimization

we all know that Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization, also is to search engine optimization and, well, everyone began to deal with all kinds of search engines to match up, study method, chain, station group, pseudo original…… There are countless people one after another in this way, especially in the medical and training industry, have this done, various methods can think and can use the means of using the. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences of doing so is how the search results with "information rubbish by Shanghai dragon" optimization of the final, the whole industry into extinction. Love Shanghai recently launched pomegranate algorithm, algorithm are Scindapsus this increase efforts to combat. read more

Love Shanghai. How to optimize the search rankings Do you want to know!

with the Internet technology continues to progress, to meet the diverse needs of users, since the January 17, 2014 Shanghai love Webmaster Platform LEE released on "into the era of pictures", declared the search engine has been from the original text search into the image search times, for this progress more fully meet the needs of users search experience requirements.

share with you before we look at the following:

above is an illustration of a security industry website content page, when the search keyword "video surveillance" users love Shanghai pictures, the figure in the first show that what is the reason for having such a ranking? It is the webmaster friends as well as in the Shanghai dragon Er people want to know. Here do not know if you have noticed that when you put the mouse cursor to the picture will be displayed on the "text" and "domain name" and the picture size. This Yang Zi think it should be on the search engine website pictures and match the current theme and content page topic correlation and the capture index database, while the images > read more

How to mining in Shanghai Longfeng English

long time do English Shanghai dragon and foreign Wangzhuan project, in the relevant forums (domestic English Shanghai Longfeng Forum) will often see a lot of people on the website of the keywords is not enough. The reason is very simple, the language barrier and the cultural difference. Chinese Shanghai dragon, we set up a website keywords, even if not to analyze competitors, not to see the noble love Shanghai baby trend index, slightly experienced site personnel, a circle of brainstorming, can come up with a large number of accurate keywords. From the user perspective, we can put as sure as a gun. However, English Shanghai Longfeng, we identified in the industry, but for foreigners absolutely ignorant of concern. read more

Mix boy cause the site to drop right and save method

! 3, The

site is down right simple search engines do not love you, you fell out of favour, we use conventional words search engine down to trust you, give your scores decreased, you can’t trust the

space or server problem: it is generally because the space is not stable, often suspended or what, there is a small possibility that you have this server below other sites lead to other sites throughout extreme cheating under the server involved. In some things on the space for the web site for space sharing experience is more detailed inside I said these problems, interested can see read more

How to choose the suitable initial construction site keywords optimization

, a content related to the theme of



must choose and own site theme related keywords, we need to do on the ranking, but the keywords is not only bring us the flow, also need to bring value to us, which can be converted into money.

two, the degree of competition in a relatively small

Keywords Each

website optimization, a lot of steps, but choosing the right keywords is one of the key steps of the important, only select the right keywords, the next step will be more effective, otherwise you send the chain again, do the station optimization again good also talked of. read more

The analysis of the competition of Shanghai dragon from the start

there is competition in the market, in Shanghai in the field of dragon has the same reason. Of course, this is more conducive to the future development of the industries and enterprises, the competitiveness can promote greater tonic, closed door policy has not been able to adapt to the current social development. Only the analysis of the competition advantages and disadvantages in full according to their actual situation data comparison, to be able to get a better experience, allow enterprises to better development in the competition, so as not to be eliminated. As a non grass root level of grassroots webmaster, on the analysis of competitors should start from what? Especially the competition situation of Shanghai dragon. In the practical application process also accumulated a lot of experience, to share here, hope that the webmaster friends of mutual support, mutual study, growth and progress together. read more

Stationmaster should be wary of the ten black hat Shanghai Dragon

pages and pages of the gate bridge is one of the black hat methods often appear before, as the optimization of time, bridge page will do a special page, all embedded keywords, and keywords are bold with hyperlinks to the home page, is to improve keyword occurrence rate, effect and scissors and fast, the method of comparison fast, but the search engine will be seized on this website.

Gate Bridge ?

some friends will ask what keywords camouflage? You probably choose a make up words, and cattle keywords wind horse the keyword content of your pages is extracted and the phase and not have to do up. The meaning is the search engine to see and users to see different things, so we must try to avoid. read more

Sogou search engine China Li steel the demographic dividend is not the end


Li Gang: our progress in cooperation with the Tencent is very smooth, we can only search the contents of the public number to the WeChat search engine in the search field, love Shanghai now to search. We hope that cooperation with the Tencent can form one plus one is greater than two silencing, we gradually launched their own products based on various Tencent, such as WeChat search public number, Tencent in the browser Sogou search, cooperation is very smooth, hope for the future in the field of mobile search for the dog to a higher level. read more

Based on the demand of how to do website optimization

, 4 new demand innovation

(3) know, know that the user home appears a Q & a demand, website can set the FAQ section. Such as medical

1, from the drop-down box and relevant search demand

demand analysis, is a guiding analysis. Why do you say that? >

users do not know what time you need, or that the user does not know she may need a certain function, but when the demand placed in front of the user when he will use very comfortable.

(2). Search is the last month of data, from the relevant search can be drawn over the past month users concerned about the content, experience with the Shanghai dragon drop-down box to see the data after the keyword search trends. The enterprise should pay more attention to the relevant station search data. read more

Discussion on the relations between the new and old website optimization visitors visitors


(pictured on the website A data source: Shanghai statistical screenshot for the convenience of love everyone made a picture of

? )

this is our data most directly, of course, this data is just a love Shanghai statistical reference data, a lot of people will ask IP, accuracy of fixed broadband dial-up dynamic IP how to determine the new and old visitors? Of course, this is not the problem we consider, love Shanghai statistics are given only as a reference data of Shanghai Longfeng personnel the analysis of the above data! So that a problem, A visits, search volume are larger than those of B, but the new tenants and visitors into the old low! B search volume, traffic is lower than that of A but the new tenants into a large proportion of old visitors! Here I also invite you to think under this, what impact on our website read more

PPC bidding software never told you the low cost strategy

strategies: maximum budget

with the advent of big data era, the Internet industry has emerged out of a new group of —PPC management tools, they developed a variety of PPC management system, which is one of the key commitments with bidding strategy through intelligent bidding algorithm to maximize the reduction of the cost per click. At present, the PPC management system are: Axis, blue core, precision master, small head intelligent promotion software etc.. But eventually, the core algorithm of these software operation is through part with love Shanghai bidding or noble baby AdWords variable data analysis first and then adjust the bidding, in order to reduce cost. The best way to provide the system itself does not set bidding, but does not provide a direct algorithm, in other words, they give only a tool, and what we need is a complete PPC strategy. read more

Shanghai Longfeng case how to put the word Shenzhen hair.

to tell you the truth, I really do not understand my disciples to what, even once he does not blame the chain. But after 3 months, I thought. The search for "Shenzhen hair", the site has been to the home page, not only to the home page and the top 2 (or 1, 2 between the fluctuations, but not the site) to second, and when the search and price, Shenzhen Shenzhen hair hair hair, hair hospital costs in Shenzhen, as the LORD his hair it is also in the top 3, open the hair after it, is conducive to the hair transplant hospital reputation. Because he is the Lord, so you want to top top of the post. The 2 difficult things, let him get settled, I have to admire. read more

Site traffic is not more refined in

on the Internet and better quality of the flow is the accurate flow of what we call. This is the precise meaning to your web traffic is interested in the content of your website or product, these people come to your website so you can bring the sale, in order to achieve the real purpose of the deal, and the source of accurate flow is often through the site to help you do the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix keyword optimization, let users search you want some words more easily in a search engine to find and enter your website, you can also pay by way of advertising, for example: micro-blog promotion advertising, you can choose according to the advertising target group of customers, and love Shanghai or you can choose your bidding on the 360 to the promotion of the keyword, these to traffic to your website is your target customers, is the accurate flow, which can really help you improve the sales performance of the customers, and whether it is fine or pan flow Quasi flow customers come to your website after most of them won’t buy your products, because these users of your website and you have to have a sense of trust, so you should try to let users leave the Email data, which we mentioned [collect customer list], and after users they leave the data by Emai> read more

Shanghai Longfeng GA report Not Provided and Not Set


in this figure, is ranked first (not provided), quite garish.

however, when you select the Traffic report in Search – > Paid report, you will find in paid search engine traffic does not appear this (not provided).

Baidu Organic flow keywords, in general, can be captured, but noble baby Organic keywords >

is what mean?

understand this problem, is not difficult, with the Secondary dimension function can GA.

what is not provided? Are they who belong to traffic? Why?

[Objective] read more

The first day of work should as soon as possible into the optimization work

today the first day of work, with a little excitement into the company, can’t wait to open the website, web based data analysis, website ranking and website, fortunately, everything is normal, he is responsible for several website operation only snapshot some lag outside, other are good, so, as the first return false day, how should we analyze your

second, one by one is to update the site as soon as possible. The author is responsible for the enterprise more, during the Spring Festival can be said that the site has been at a standstill, his return to his home, without the Internet, the website update has been at a standstill, I believe that many webmaster and similar to my situation, even if there is also immersed in the Internet because over years of happiness, the work has been thrown away and we be serious about website content update so closed off after the first thing, or to protect the quality of content, not because the number to be updated more will ignore the quality, is the key content has been optimized, which we can not be discarded at any time. read more