Governor Wolf Visits York on “Schools that Teach” Tour

first_imgGovernor Wolf Visits York on “Schools that Teach” Tour Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Press Release,  Schools That Teach Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Tom Wolf joined students, teachers, administrators, and local leaders on a tour of Central York High School in York to discuss his historic $640 million dollar investment in Pennsylvania’s education system.“This year, the Central York School District received an additional $536,788 for classroom and special education funding,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “Combined with the increases secured under my first budget, the Central York School District has received a total increase of $1.1 million for basic and special education in two years.“I know school districts across the commonwealth are still struggling after the devastating cuts to education in the previous administration. I will continue to fight to ensure that all children, despite their zip code, will receive the education that they deserve.”On June 2, 2016, Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1552 into law, which established a fair funding formula. House Bill 1552, now Act 35, establishes a fair, equitable formula for allocating new state funds to Pennsylvania schools. The Basic Education Funding Formula accounts for district-based factors including the wealth of the district, the district’s current tax effort, and the ability of the district to raise revenue.Funding for all of Pennsylvania schools has always been a Governor Wolf’s top priority. In this year’s budget, Governor Wolf secured an additional $200 million in basic education funding, as well as a $30 million increase for early childhood education, a $20 million increase for special education, a $10 million increase for early intervention, and a nearly $40 million increase for higher education. Working with the legislature, Governor Wolf secured historic increases at all levels of education in less than two years:$415 million in basic education funding.$60 million for early childhood education.$50 million in special education funding.$14.6 million for early intervention.$81.4 million for PASSHE and state-related schools.$16.4 million for Community Colleges December 19, 2016 SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Watch These Movies Before Annabelle Comes Home

first_imgStay on target Vintage Shelf: Spike Lee Brings the Heat in ‘Do The Right Thing…Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week If you thought the Child’s Play remake was the only creepy killer doll movie in theaters this weekend, apparently no one told you that Annabelle is coming home. This horror movie not only closes out the Annabelle trilogy but also adds another piece to the Conjuring cosmology, one of the most enduring cinematic universes this side of Marvel. As with anything scary however we understand if you need to take some time to work up the nerve to see it.Watch these movies before Annabelle Comes Home.center_img Toy Story 4Just as releasing a new Child’s Play alongside Toy Story was brilliant bit of counter-programming, Toy Story 4 is set to shine even brighter in its second weekend now that out of the three toy movies in theaters it’s the only one that won’t traumatize your kids. Sure, Woody has to contend with creepy dummy dolls, but they aren’t on the same level as Annabelle or Chucky.The BoyInternet memes have low-key ruined the word “boy” for me in that I just think it’s hilarious. But even still The Boy, a “horror” movie about a young nanny being forced to take care of a dummy as if it were an actual child, is an underappreciated camp classic. Brahms needs more love!GoosebumpsIf you think your kid can handle something a little scarier than Toy Story but isn’t ready for real deal frights, the recent Goosebumps movie strikes the perfect middle ground. Jack Black plays a fictionalized R.L. Stine dealing with the chaos that ensues when his spooky book villains comes to life. Black also plays Slappy the Living Dummy, the malicious mastermind of the madness.Shazam!Shazam is one of the best superhero surprises of the year. So you should see it just for that. But also director David F. Sandberg’s last movie was the last Annabelle movie, the pretty good Annabelle: Creation. And Sandberg brings a lot of that horror background into Shazam, with wicked fun Sam Raimi-esque results.Puppet MasterThe Puppet Master series has been the flagship franchise from Charles Band’s schlock empire Full Moon Features for thirty years now. And between their nifty designs, nasty kills, and patriotic devotion to fighting Nazis, we totally get why Blade and the gang have such an enduring cult fanbase. Even better, Retro Puppet Master stars Greg Sestero aka Mark from The Room. Oh hi Mark!The Rest of The Conjuring UniverseIn 2013 James Wan released The Conjuring and I said ‘Wait, didn’t he already direct a horror movie starring Patrick Wilson? Is this Insidious?” Fast forward to today and this is now a multi-faceted horror franchise behemoth complete with robust spin-offs along with the main series. Not only can you watch fictional demonologists (and real-life frauds) Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate the Amityville Horror, but also check out feature-length backstories of the ghosts they encounter. Annabelle! The Nun! The Curse of La Llorona! Blund’s Lullaby!last_img read more