The impact of Taobao alliance rules changes on Taobao customers (two)

in the context of "Taobao Union rules change influence on customers" Taobao (a), mark tower and share the radium muscle dew on Taobao union to change the rules for major influence, webmaster indeed, change alliance rules, certainly not only for the main site effect for other channels to promote the friend, also have today, the main influence, and share the love Taobao single product page:

in the League for change before we can through the Taobao alliance, alliance products – self promotion: single product / store promotion to get goods promotion links, after the user clicks on the link, you can jump directly to the product page, after purchase can get a commission, but is the system after the upgrade, the user clicks on the link to enter the single product only love Taobao single product page, can not jump directly to the store. read more

The development prospect and direction of personal stationmaster in the current situation

there are many personal websites, nothing more than the contents of some websites and video website, due to copyright issues to walk the edge, many companies cannot open access, even if similar Baidu Inc launched MP3 search, but also give an address, do not provide this service, like on the road there is a person always tell you where there are people in the counterfeit, let you look at the past, the people who tell you it is not, although he can get profit from the counterfeit man over there, if not for profit, when people know this person to tell you where fraud also tell you some information you need, for example, tell you there is no fraud, then get more money from these formal businesses. read more

The value of local websites 9 questions and 9 answers on local website investment

local web site is a unique field of China’s Internet, is in the ascendant. The value for this field Public opinions are divergent., unable to agree on which is right. According to our understanding of the field for many years, the daily answers list out, I hope all of you help.


1 and local website worth capital concern?

answer: first use some cases so far to explain. Local websites can be divided into local and local vertical portal website, 2011 is in an advantageous position in the Yangtze River Delta region of the 365 estate Home Furnishing network through the gem (IPO for public information disclosure in Chinese fund investment strategy), 2011 mother network access to Tencent 50 million yuan investment strategy (mother network rooted in Guangzhou, through the localization operation strategy layout of national success), 2010 Nanchang Baowang won 10 million yuan investment strategy. In addition, the 2006 Hefei Forum (Hefei hotline) accept the acquisition of 365 real estate Home Furnishing network strategy; it long lane has repeatedly rejected the strategic investment of capital. read more

Some profit points and offline promotion methods of educational websites

I engaged in a few years of education web site, a little experience, want to share with you, mainly some profit methods and offline promotion method, hope to help friends of the same industry station.

profit point:

1, the development of curriculum search system, the establishment of training courses database, training courses to achieve accurate search results. Through the course recommendation, online registration fees and other forms of fees.

course search system, its own training and education database, is a collection point of all training courses. After the basic development and improvement of the system, it will fill the complete database curriculum, and the course should be large and complete, allowing users to obtain accurate results through search. read more

The 10 principles that blogs have to know

speaks of website planning and website operation, had to mention the operation of the blog, many people are home from the blog. Blogs and blogs have become fashionable these days. Indeed, blogging is one of the quickest ways to join the big community of the internet. If you have a blog and want to be successful, follow these 10 rules. (some online search is not entirely original)

1. determines the target


builds a blog, it’s important to identify your goals. If you define your goals from the start, your blog will be more likely to succeed. Do you want to become an expert? Or do you want to borrow the blog to promote your business? Or write a blog just for fun, share your ideas with others? You set up a blog the reason, determine the short-term and long-term goals of your blog. Consider your blog’s goals for six months, a year, and three years ahead of time. Then design, write and promote your blog around these goals. read more

Then 300 million users and their rivers and lakes

In an interview with

, a small table, the new media reporter Wang Yan Lu Ruolin

, a small table, writing new media editor on Xiangde reporter Wang Yan

Zhongguancun Qidi Technology Building 22 floor, a door without any logo in the company, a group of mechanical engineers are working hard.

the three interviewer enters a tiny, slightly humble room. The subject before them was interesting:

if you’re an employee, driving a car and pulling bread across the country, there are a bunch of farmers to rob you, don’t you give them read more

Rookie also talk about station experience

at the beginning of February 2009, I make a small, up to now (May) has been 3 months, although the site is not doing a very good, but learn a lot of things in this period, because I don’t know much about the experience in technology, an understanding of me since the establishment of the.

1, website localization is very important to strive to accurate positioning site, cut not tandaqiuquan. Otherwise, personal websites will be swamped in the internet.

2, the keyword selection of the website should make every effort to reach the designated position. If the keyword of the website has not chosen good, after search engine is included, change keyword again not very good, especially the title of the website cannot be changed more. read more

The number of links is not many, but in essence, a Harbin used network, was set up almost 3 days. Let me know the current situation, site this morning. Home page has been Baidu included. Site 2 days was included in the Baidu, but also the author since the site has never been recorded.

will be checking the statistics backstage this afternoon. Baidu has access to related keywords. Harbin second-hand mobile phone network, Harbin second-hand mobile phones are in the first page of Baidu. Harbin second-hand network is currently in Baidu fourth pages. But Google not included, unknown reasons. In propaganda, mainly online publicity, in the mother of Ali choose monthly advertising. The choice of comparison is targeted. The main choice of the Harbin area is similar classification information station put pictures of advertising practice, targeted advertising than mass spam is aimless more, because Baidu only included a page, believe in a week or so other related pages will also be released, all in the chain is currently the main access of the local site, at the same time as the molding site on his hand more with friends has about 10 or so, all will be Harbin second-hand Links network as the first single link to do. At the same time, in the A5 forum and found a few links, personally think that the number of friendship links need not be too much, but need fine. The patient is particularly suited to do hand. read more

Stationmaster talk about hao123 website kind of website innovation road

remember, I will do the web site that day, want to start to do web site, in the y365 free space era, that should be in 2003 or so, just apply for free space, began to do site navigation. Because of the success of the hao123, with a very attractive, before hao123 sold to Baidu has many Webmaster Station in Web site, but because not a lot of traffic into the most is no access to a dead stop, and slowly they have lost confidence.

in fact, not to say that simple to beyond, because there is no core innovation occurs in the network site, the unified, unified text links, classification, page layout. From a personal web site to spread, large companies operating site, such as Google’s site navigation in the design, just joined the web search function, and the PR value according to some sort, not have any innovation. I never understood why so many powerful forces to join the site competition and not really into the minds of Internet users? In the concept of First impressions are strongest as then, because First impressions are strongest like hao123 uniform simple text layout has to find other people, if the website and hao123 is just like you of course, the user can choose the genuine hao123 as everyone knows. So, like the back of the market into the hao123 copy of the site, a lifetime can not really be in the hearts of users occupy a place. But no matter what the trend of Internet development is, users have a dependency on Web site navigation. Such sites will survive for long periods of time until there is no web site for users. read more

Webmaster two or three years of things

1 remember it was 04 years since the beginning of the station. It was a small station, with the wild CMS, 100 / year asp space for people to buy, scrapped for several months in the future, to understand the most basic tools to get started, it is not a clue of what ASP, although it has not. Now, sometimes, in retrospect, people are still wondering why they were so motivated. Why are you so focused? But never answer.

2   05 years, my heart wanted to be a technical forum, I believe that many more people do this, some people just started always do on computer station when I opened the home network, using Discuz4. 0 program. Template is the template of Kaka, logo is the forum moderator do, I just provide a platform for everyone, probably communication software, crack ah, those. Anyway, the development is also good, the most terrible is that, when a man or a student, is a high school student, buy space or money from living in the crowded crowded to the space is monthly, why. Because there is no money, can not afford to buy, and the forum needs to go down, hey.. Now I have to call the IDCC again. CN (New China), maybe they have forgotten who I am, but I guess I can remember them all my life. There are always a few things that cannot be forgotten. read more