EU Supports Important Reform of Moroccan Judiciary EU Official

Brussels – The EU supports the important reform of the Moroccan judiciary, said High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.Answering a question by a Euro-deputy on the reform of the judiciary system in Morocco, Mogherini said that the political dialogue goes hand in hand with the important support provided by the EU through its financial cooperation.She recalled that a program worth 75.5 million euros to back the implementation of the national charter for judiciary reform was launched in 2015. This program will support Morocco’s efforts to improve access to justice and enhance the efficiency of the judiciary, she added. With MAP read more

Urgent aid needed for overcrowded Kenyan refugee camp says top UN official

5 August 2009The United Nations refugee chief has appealed for a massive injection of funds to help residents in Kenya’s sprawling and overcrowded Dadaab complex, which he described as “the most difficult camp situation in the world.” Located some 90 kilometres from the border with Somalia, the three camps at Dadaab were built to house 90,000 people but today are home to more than three times that number, mostly Somalis.“Together with the Kenyan people and the Kenyan authorities, we are facing one of the most dramatic refuge crises of the recent past in Dadaab,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said during a visit to the camp yesterday.Mr. Guterres, who is on a three-day visit to Kenya, announced that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) would provide an additional $20 million this year to meet the needs of refugees and the host community. He also called on donors to provide funds to help the refugees and the local people, citing water, sanitation, health, nutrition and shelter as the areas needing urgent improvement, according to a news release issued by UNHCR. “We count on the cooperation of the Kenyan Government and the solidarity of the international community to make this possible and to mitigate the high price paid by the host community whose resources are being rapidly depleted,” the High Commissioner stated.During his visit Mr. Guterres watched UNHCR and Kenyan Government officials conduct a joint verification exercise for long-term refugees in order to update the number of people in the camp. He also visited the hospital in Hagadera camp and spoke to teachers and parents at a secondary school run by the local community, in addition to meeting representatives of the refugee and host communities.The High Commissioner said UNHCR would relocate some of the refugees to Kakuma, a camp near Kenya’s north-west border with Sudan, while emphasizing that extra land was needed to develop a new camp south of Dadaab.Mr. Guterres is expected to discuss these and other issues during his talks with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and other top Government officials. read more

No room for ethnonationalism

It also said that the Government of Sri Lanka is willing to conduct inquiries into any allegations, if duly presented to authorities in Sri Lanka, through the judiciary and military tribunals, in line with practice followed by all other democratic nations. The government says there is no room for demands for ethno-nationalism in Sri Lanka and the aim of every citizen is to live in harmony throughout the country.A statement by the External Affairs Ministry said that efforts by interested parties to create communal discord in Sri Lanka will not succeed, despite their potential to vitiate the atmosphere that is currently required to conclude efforts at reconciliation. “ Allegations levelled against the Sri Lankan State, its leaders and Security Forces are based on hearsay, misinformation, misperceptions and ethno-nationalistic ideologies.  They have not taken into account that Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country with communities well spread out in all parts of the country, at present living peacefully throughout the Island and that efforts are being made to enable all communities and citizens to exercise political power in their own geographical regions and at the centre as well,” the statement added.It also said that the persistent allegations against the Sri Lanka Navy with regard to alleged killing and harassment of Indian fishermen are erroneous and without any factual basis.“The Government of Sri Lanka is keen to move forward with its efforts at equity and justice, notwithstanding the innumerable crimes and acts of terrorism committed by the LTTE, mostly against Tamil Sri Lankans.  Sri Lanka needs time and space to move forward on the course already charted in order to provide justice and dignity for all Sri Lankans,” the External Affairs Ministry said. (Colombo Gazette) Meanwhile on ties between India and Sri Lanka, the statement said that it is regrettable that sections of the Tamil communities living abroad have resorted to sustained protests and calls for unfriendly measures against Sri Lanka, ostensibly to obtain political rights for Tamils in Sri Lanka. “These groups and parties have recommended solutions and demands that have no relevance to the ground realities in Sri Lanka but can militate against the efforts taken by the Government of Sri Lanka to provide justice and to arrive at arrangements for reconciliation,” the External Affairs Ministry said.It said that strident demands to stop calling Sri Lanka a friendly country by some are disturbing and do not relate at all to the continuing friendship and cooperation between India and Sri Lanka that has stood the test of time and finds expression today in a multifaceted relationship encompassing all regions of India and all aspects of modern life including substantive economic interaction. read more

Cybersecurity experts weigh in on Capital One breach

This week’s news of the breach at Capital One Financial Corp. rocked the world and has cybersecurity experts buzzing to analyze what went wrong and advise others how to prevent similar issues at their own organizations. Private information given to Capital One through credit applications were exposed in a hack that the authorities believe was perpetrated by Paige Thompson, a suspect who was quickly apprehended once Capital One reported the breach to the FBI. Roughly 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians were impacted. Included in the information that was exposed was data like names, addresses, and even in some cases, social security numbers and social insurance numbers. In its statement, Capital One described the security gap that led to the breach as a “configuration vulnerability”. The charge sheet suggests the alleged hacker used a “firewall misconfiguration” to access the data held by an unnamed cloud computing company. Judging from the email sent to Capital One by a white hat hacker, who refers to an S3, it would suggest this was on Amazon AWS.  Investigations into the breach have been started by The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security in collaboration with the RCMP, as well as by The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC). Anyone who thinks they may have been affected by the breach is being urged to call into the respective hotline to report this. There’s been no shortage of advice and analysis from cybersecurity experts from across the industry, and many of them reached out to us this week:   Jeff Wilbur, director of the Online Trust Alliance Initiative, The Internet Society “The Capital One incident is the latest in a string of high-profile, high-impact data breaches. The hacker in this case unlawfully gained access to users’ information that was largely unencrypted by exploiting a misconfigured web application firewall – something that could have been prevented. Year after year our analysis shows that more than 90 per cent of data breaches are preventable – in 2018 it was 95 per cent. This is a grave reminder that companies holding personal and sensitive data need to be extra vigilant. The responsibility for good data stewardship lies with everyone in an organization, not just the C-suite or IT security team. Use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, keep software updated, be careful with email, encrypt/hash and back up your data where ransomware can’t get to it – these basics would prevent a significant percentage of not just breaches, but all cyber incidents.”  Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer, Carbon Black, Inc. “This breach highlights a few important realities for cybersecurity in 2019. First, perimeter-based security measures will not prevent 100 per cent of attacks, 100 per cent of the time. Without visibility into what’s occurring on an enterprise, a business may be completely blind to attacks like this, especially when you consider that Paige Thompson once worked at Amazon as an engineer for the same server business that supported Capital One. Modern threats can come from all domains, including former employees, partners or contractors. A business needs to consider all the potential risks and work to gain visibility across the business into where potential weaknesses exist. Second, it’s absolutely imperative for businesses to be securing their cloud infrastructures and the critical data they hold. Capital One is one of the most ‘cloud-forward’ financial companies in the world; they should be partnering with solution providers who are intimately aware of how to keep the cloud secure. What should not be lost in this is that Capital One is one of the globe’s most recognizable and ubiquitous financial brands that houses critical financial and personal information. As Carbon Black’s research has found, financial institutions are increasingly being targeted by advanced attacks that leverage “island hopping,” lateral movement, counter incident response and fileless attacks. The modern bank heist is now in cyberspace. Capital One customers who are concerned about this breach should keep a close eye on their statements and report any suspicious activity immediately. Customers should also consider signing up for security alerts from Capital One and be extra vigilant over the coming months for possible phishing emails.” Justin Fier, director for cyber intelligence and analysis, Darktrace “In this instance, we’re seeing the vulnerabilities of the cloud converge with the constant risks of insider threat, only in this case, it was a secondary insider as the threat came from a provider. What will this do to the B2B market if we can’t trust the employees and procedures done by our partners? When you trust your data on someone else’s servers you inherently trust the people that company has hired as if you hired them yourself. We sign contracts for cloud and SaaS without batting an eye because of all the money we will save. But do we ever ask about the data center administrators walking through the rows of computers hosting our data? We inherently trust them. Why? While this attack will undoubtedly have serious ramifications for Capital One and the millions of individuals affected, this may also have impacts on the usage of cloud computing by banks and the financial services industry. Cloud is not going anywhere and this event, in particular, is not going to make everyone dust of our NAS boxes and come back to on-prem, but I think this will wake companies up to evaluating the risks associated with cloud computing. Although the perpetrator has already been caught, that doesn’t mean that the impacts of this data breach have been prevented. Looking at the timeline of when she had access, this information is likely already on the DarkWeb. In the new digital era, data is currency, and when it falls into the wrong hands it can spread like wildfire throughout the criminal community.”  Stuart Reed, vice-president, Nominet UK “With 100 million individuals in the U.S. and 6 million in Canada affected by the Capital One security breach, it is significant to financial institutions around the world. Although the amount of information that Capital One has released on the security incident is clear and transparent, it demonstrates the extent of data at risk. Digital transformation and a continual stream of new technologies coming into business infrastructures means that security teams need to be extra vigilant in ensuring systems – both legacy and new – can integrate seamlessly without opening up vulnerabilities. When a hacker has gained a foothold on the network, as in this instance, data theft through a variety of methods can be exploited. Having systems in place on the network to identify anomalous behavior at an early stage can mean the impact of an attack is reduced.” Ilia Kolochenko, founder and chief executive officer, ImmuniWeb “This is just one more colorful, albeit lamentable, example that web applications are the Achilles’ Heel of the modern financial industry. Reportedly, the intrusion had happened in March but was noticed only upon notification in late July. Given Capital One’s [comparatively] immense capacity to invest into cybersecurity and the allegedly trivial nature of the vulnerability, such protracted detection timeline is incomprehensibly huge. Legal ramifications of the breach may be both exorbitant and protracted, including regulatory fines and penalties, individual and class action lawsuits by the victims. Talking about the alleged suspect, one should remember about the presumption of innocence. The person in question could have been tricked to access or download the data without any intent to sell it or use with malice, serving as a smoke-screen to mislead law enforcement agencies. Until all the circumstances of the incident become crystal-clear, it would be premature to blame anyone. Victims should now carefully monitor their credit scores and be extremely cautious about any abnormal activities with their accounts. If the data was stolen and sold, we may expect a wave of sophisticated spear-phishing.”  Leigh-Anne Galloway, cybersecurity resilience lead, Positive Technologies “More than anything, this attack demonstrates how much damage a single hacker can do given the opportunity. Through a cloud configuration error, highly sensitive information of more than 100 million people was exposed. Cloud storage is an increasingly attractive option for large corporations because it is cheaper than on premise, but attacks like this show that organizations aren’t adopting security with the same vigor – and they should, otherwise the financial cost of penalties and lawsuits will vastly outweigh any IT savings. Capital One acted quickly and the FBI successfully caught the culprit, but the outcome of this incident could have been dire if even a fraction of that data was exploited. In this case, the hacker was caught so quickly because of her bravado on public chats, which meant she left multiple traces on the internet. It shows that operations security (OPSEC) is still an important tool for companies to mitigate damage after data is leaked, as is the use digital forensics to trace hackers. While it looks like all the appropriate measures have been taken to mitigate the risk of fraud, Capital One customers should continue to be extremely vigilant. Keep an eye on your bank accounts and any other connected accounts such as email addresses and immediately flag any suspicious activity to authorities or Capital One. Even if all the data leaked has been secured and accounted for, opportunistic hackers will still try to make the most of this opportunity through techniques like phishing attacks posing as CapitalOne or authorities. Act with extreme caution and treat any incoming communication with suspicion. If in doubt, go directly to the Capital One website and use contact information there to ensure you are speaking to who you think you are.”  Tom DeSot, executive vice-president and chief information officer, Digital Defense, Inc. “The circumstances around the Capital One breach highlights the need for increased scrutiny of hosted security applications. As enterprises and networks become more distributed and network resources – including security applications – are allocated to the cloud, the security applications themselves, whether commercially available or custom designed, must be regularly tested and monitored to ensure they are secure and free of misconfigurations that could be leveraged for exploit.”  This section is powered by IT World Canada. ITWC covers the enterprise IT spectrum, providing news and information for IT professionals aiming to succeed in the Canadian market. Related Stories:Optiv Survey: 58% of CISOs Believe Experiencing a Data Breach Makes Them More Attractive to Potential Employers read more

Joseph Brant Museum gets 10M makeover

The Joseph Brant Museum is getting a ten million dollar makeover. The project, which has been in the works for over 30 years, received the green light Friday after 4.5 million dollars in federal funding was announced. The museum will include a 14-thousand square foot expansion would be built under the original building. The project will also see a renovation to the old building that will make it more accessible.“This building will become a national museums standards facility. It has the proper environmental controls to bring in exhibits from all over the world if we choose to which will attract audiences from many various places. We will also be able to exhibit some of our costume collection. We have the second largest costume collection in all of Ontario but we have no space to exhibit it currently,” says Burlington Museums Board member, Larry Waldron.The museum hopes to break ground on the expansion this summer. read more

Barneys New York files for Ch 11 bankruptcy protection

NEW YORK — Barneys New York is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the latest retailer to buckle as shoppers move online and real estate costs soar.The luxury clothier is closing in Chicago, Las Vegas and Seattle. Twelve concept and warehouse locations will also close and the company said Tuesday it’s reviewing other store leases.The company has secured $75 million in financing.Stores on Madison Avenue store in New York, in Beverly Hills, California, San Francisco and in Boston will remain open, as well as two warehouse locations in New York and California.Barneys will also have an online presence.The number of retail store closed in the U.S. this year has already surpassed the total number in 2018, according to Coresight Research, which expects 12,000 will be shuttered in 2019.The Associated Press read more

New stock exchange aimed at deterring highfrequency trading set to launch

New stock exchange aimed at deterring high-frequency trading set to launch by The Canadian Press Posted Mar 27, 2015 2:00 am MDT TORONTO – A new stock exchange aimed at deterring high-frequency trading strategies will launch and celebrate its first trade today.Royal Bank (TSX:RY) is among the supporters of the new Aequitas Neo Exchange, along with U.K.-based Barclays banking group, Canadian pension fund PSP Investments, telecom BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE) and several brokerages.Named Aequitas after the Latin word for equality and fairness, the new exchange hopes to rival the Toronto Stock Exchange and other markets owned by the TMX Group (TSX:X), which cater to high-volume traders in order to generate revenue.Aequitas has said it plans to use high fees and a time delay to deter high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies, which have been criticized for leaving traditional investors at a disadvantage.These practices have been blamed for inserting artificial volatility into the markets by using superfast computers to engage in activities such as exploratory trading, or making small orders to see if there is interest in a stock.The computers can also engage in up to 5,000 trades per minute, clogging bandwidth and delaying trades by ordinary investors. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

UN rights chief urges Iran to halt executions of juveniles on death

“The execution of juvenile offenders is unequivocally prohibited under international law, regardless of the circumstances and nature of the crime committed,” the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, said in a news release Friday.“The imposition of the death penalty on people who committed crimes when they were under 18 is in clear violation of Iran’s obligations under two international treaties that is has ratified and is obliged to uphold – namely the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.”According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), in January, three people – two male and one female – were executed for crimes they committed when they were 15 or 16 years old. A fourth juvenile offender, who was believed to be on the point of being executed on Wednesday, has reportedly received a temporary reprieve of two months.In addition, a number of other juvenile offenders are also believed to be in danger of imminent execution, with a total of some 80 such individuals reported to be currently on death row, after being sentenced to death for crimes they committed when they were under eighteen.“I am sad to say that Iran violates this absolute prohibition under international human rights law far more often than any other State,” expressed the UN rights chief, stressing that no other State “comes even remotely close” to the total number of juveniles who have been executed in Iran over the past couple of decades.Mr. Zeid also said that Iran assigns criminal responsibility to girls as young as nine years old, whereas boys are not considered criminally responsible until they reach the age of 15.This discrepancy between the two genders is “wholly unjustifiable on every level,” he stressed, adding that the application of the death penalty to any person, female or male, under 18 is “illegal and unacceptable.”Some partial improvements in application of death penalty in drugs crimeAlso in the release, the High Commissioner noted that there had been some “partial” improvements in relation to other aspects of the application of the death penalty in Iran, most notably a bill amending the drug-trafficking law that was approved by the Guardian Council in October 2017.As a result of the amendment, some drug offences that were previously punishable by the death penalty are now subject to a prison term, although the mandatory death sentence is retained for a wide range of drug-related offences.According to OHCHR, the amendment provides for retroactive applicability, which means that all people currently on death row for drug-related offences which are no longer punishable by the death penalty should see their sentence commuted.In this context, Mr. Zeid urged Iran to swiftly establish the modalities for the review of all individual cases sentenced to death under the drug-trafficking law, following the principles of transparency, due process and to ensure effective legal representation of all those sentenced.At present, there are about 5,300 inmates on death row for drugs crimes in the country. read more

Kerry Coombs Ohio State cornerbacks will be good and ready for 2015

Then-redshirt-freshman Gareon Conley (19) makes a tackle during a game against Illinois on Nov. 1 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 55-14. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor“There is tremendous value in appreciating what you’ve earned.”Those were the words of Ohio State cornerbacks coach and special teams coordinator Kerry Coombs on Tuesday when he addressed the media after spring practice No. 9.Coombs, now entering his fourth season at OSU, said the Buckeyes should be able to reflect on and celebrate the school’s eighth national title from 2015, but they also need to focus on the task at hand.For now, part of that task is replacing Doran Grant at cornerback as spring practice rolls on.But while one corner spot remains open, the other has been locked down by redshirt-sophomore Eli Apple, who Coombs said has impressed throughout spring practice.“Eli was coming off of an illness last spring, and we didn’t have any idea of how he was going to play,” Coombs said Tuesday. “I thought he had a very good season and I think he has had a much better offseason and spring than he has ever had.”Apple accumulated 53 total tackles last season and added three interceptions while playing in all 15 games, including 14 starts.He also led the team in pass breakups with 10, edging out Grant, who totaled nine in his senior campaign.But even though Apple has momentum heading into 2015, Coombs said the returning starter is not yet a complete product.“He is not finished, and he knows that. We talk about that all the time,” Coombs said. “(I am) really excited about him.”As for the position mirroring Apple, Coombs seemed to have narrowed the competition down to two players.Redshirt-sophomore Gareon Conley was the first name out of Coombs’ mouth when asked about the other corner spot, and he added that Conley has bulked up this offseason.“Gareon has had a very good spring. He has put on weight, he has put on strength,” Coombs said. “He showed up at 168 pounds, now he’s 190 pounds. He is a very fast player, (and) his skill set continues to improve.”Conley played sparingly last season, totaling 16 tackles to go along with two pass breakups. He earned a start against Michigan State, but was replaced by Apple after giving up an early touchdown.Coombs also named a player who is getting his first taste of college football spring practice.“(Sophomore) Damon Webb, this is his first spring. It’s a lot, it’s hard. He is playing corner and nickel and he is handling it extremely well,” Coombs said. “He is one of the most competitive players on the team.”And while the two-horse race might come down to Conley and Webb, Coombs added he is hopeful that redshirt-freshman Marshon Lattimore will be available next week for full-speed drills.Lattimore suffered a season-ending injury toward the beginning of the 2014-15 season.With a number of young players set to make an impact in 2015, Coombs said he still believes his unit will be able to maintain the success of the press-man coverage defense that was implemented last season.“They will be good and ready,” Coombs said. “I love my room right now, I love my unit. They are really working at the craft of studying themselves, grading themselves every day; they show up ready to work.”The Buckeyes are set to play their annual Spring Game at Ohio Stadium on April 18 before starting the 2015 regular season on the road against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., on Sept. 7. read more

Soesdyke man found hanging by father

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related10-yr-old died from hanging – autopsy findsJuly 20, 2018Similar postBerbice man found hanging from rope around neckJune 14, 2016In “Local News”Berbice man who murdered wife, daughter found hanging in abandoned houseJune 6, 2018In “Crime” DEAD: Gregory SuklalA 33-year-old man, was on Wednesday night, found hanging from the ceiling of his home,  by his father.Dead is Gregory Suklal of Seosdyke, East Bank Demerara (EBD), a former employee of the Bounty Farm.Inews understands that the man’s father, whom he lived with, was headed to the washroom when he called out to his son. However, he received no response which prompted him to make inspections; and it was then Suklal was discovered handing from a rope in the ceiling of his bedroom.It is unclear what prompted the action by the now dead man. (Kizzy Coleman) read more

Microsoft Complains About Google to the EU

first_imgAt least there’s an upside to having the European Union in on speed dial. Microsoft this week issued a formal complaint against Google, citing antitrust concerns over Google’s seemingly unflappable control over Internet search. The EU launched the investigation into Google’s business practices last year, following complaints issued by three companies. A formal complaint from Microsoft may well cause the intensify the investigation. Microsoft SVP Brad Smith outlined the complaint on his blog last night. “We’ve […] decided to join a large and growing number of companies registering their concerns about the European search market. By the European Commission’s own reckoning, Google has about 95 percent of the search market in Europe.”Smith acknowledged that his own company’s Bing engine is “the only viable competitor to Google,” having nabbed around a quarter of US, when Bing-powered Yahoo is factored in. Google told the Financial Times that it’s “not surprised” that Microsoft lodge the complaint. “For our part, we continue to discuss the case with the European Commission,” the company added, “and we’re happy to explain to anyone how our business works.”last_img read more

Watch an hour of Star Wars Battlefront 3 prealpha footage

first_imgNew Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage has been posted online, a whole hour’s worth of it in fact. But before you swing your lightsabers in delight, know that the footage is very early and doesn’t show this now canceled game in its best light.Back in 2009 alpha footage of the game was leaked online. It was thought this footage originated from an event in November 2008 by then developer Free Radical Design . Fans got excited – maybe it wasn’t cancelled after all, many thought. However, it emerged that due to Free Radical closing its doors, the game was canceled and was never going to see the light of day.This year some Battlefront 3 assets were discovered on the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disc hidden in a folder named “Luke.” It was believed that Slant Six Games had been given Battlefront 3 to finish after Free Radical closed and became a part of Crytek. Slant Six was also the developer behind Operation Raccoon City, so the file may have been put there by accident or it could have been a hint at things to come.The new footage above shows even older gameplay than what was leaked in 2009. This is pre-alpha footage, the frame rate is poor, not all of the missions work, the graphics aren’t anything special, and it’s glitchy. What we do get to see includes playable levels on Cloud City, Tatooine, and the Death Star, as well as speeder bike racing, Boba Fett as a playable character, and the fire-fights we all know and love.Even though the footage shows the game in a very early stage, it’s still sad to watch knowing the project got canned. Free Radical was even planning to make a fourth Battlefront game before they closed, but there’s nothing much we can do now other than watch the video and cry into our Stormtrooper helmets about what could have been.More at past to present online, via Eurogamerlast_img read more

NXT spells trouble for major parties

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Senator Nick Xenophon is promising to set the cat amongst the pigeons in the 2016 federal election by running Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) candidates in each of South Australia’s lower house seats.Despite being one the smallest states in the federation, with 11 seats out of 150 in the House of Representatives, SA will be a key battleground, with the new submarines contract and the impending Holden plant closure already key issues.The popular independent senator told reporters this week that NXT candidates would be drawn from the political centre. “The ambition is to run in all 11 lower house seats and if the election is held some time next year I expect that’s what we’ll have,” he said.Xenophon has called on the federal government to honour its commitment to building 12 new submarines in Port Adelaide’s ASC shipyard.“I’ve urged the government to be consistent to fulfil their election promise and to stop this nonsense of even flirting with the idea of building subs overseas,” he said.State Labor Premier Jay Weatherill, keen to offer Prime Minister Tony Abbott advice this week, told the ABC that the Liberal party would face carnage at the next election if they failed to stick to their commitment to build the submarines locally.“If they don’t get this decision right, the people of South Australia will respond, I think very assertively, at the ballot box,” he said.The premier added that Liberal MP Matt Williams, currently holding the seat of Hindmarsh, “would be gone at about half past six” on election day.Failure to deliver on the submarines tender, analysts believe, could see the Nick Xenophon Team reap rewards at the expense of the major parties.ANU Emeritus Professor John Warhurst told the ABC that the NXT alliance could threaten what are considered relatively safe seats. “If he and his team standing in the lower house are polling anywhere near how he himself has managed to poll in the Senate … in the mid-20 per cent range, then he’s a threat to both sides of major party politics,” he said.The seat of Mayo, held by Liberal frontbencher Jamie Briggs by a 12.5 per cent margin, is one that could possibly fall to a strong NXT candidate.Last month Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne dismissed polling by the CFMEU that found a Xenophon Team candidate would get 38 per cent of the primary vote in the Adelaide seat of Sturt, compared to 30.8 per cent for Mr Pyne and 17.4 per cent for Labor.Mr Pyne, who holds Sturt with a margin of more than 10 per cent, said he instantly dismissed data produced by the CFMEU.last_img read more

Herrlich pleased with Leverkusens hard fought 20 win

first_imgBayer Leverkusen manager Heiko Herrlich believes they were made to work hard for their 2-0 win over VfB Stuttgart on Friday nightDie Werkself hosted Stuttgart in a Bundesliga game having suffered back-to-back league defeats before the international break.Leverkusen enjoyed a strong start at the BayArena but couldn’t convert their dominance into goals before the break.Afterwards, Mario Gomez nearly put Stuttgart in the lead Kevin Volland’s brace secured Leverkusen a necessary win over the bottom-placed side.However, a pleased Herrlich insists that Stuttgart’s performance on Friday doesn’t justify their position in the Bundesliga.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“We worked hard for the win. Stuttgart are better than the table shows,” Herrlich told Eurosport.“We couldn’t take advantage of our chances, but then got a goal thanks to a set piece.“Thanks to tonight’s fight, we have ensured a bit of safety. You can’t expect us to beat the team in last place by 4-0.”Leverkusen are now 10th in the Bundesliga with 14 points from 12 games.last_img read more

ASA Congratulates USB Farmer Director on Appointment to USFRA Board

first_imgThe U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) recently named United Soybean Board (USB) Farmer Director Nancy Kavazanjian, as board chairperson of its 2015 Executive Committee.Kavazanjian, a Beaver Dam, Wis. grain farmer, will work with USFRA and board members and serve as a national consumer spokesperson on behalf of farmers and ranchers across the nation.ASA congratulates Kavazanijian on the position and looks forward to seeing her work in this leadership role.last_img

Citizens see red over hike in petrol diesel prices

first_imgHyderabad: Giving jolt to the middle class, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman raised taxes on the fuel in the budget for 2019-20 on Friday. Petrol price will be hiked by over `2.5 per litre and diesel by more than `2.3. On Friday, a litre of petrol cost `74.88 in Hyderabad. The Hans India spoke to people across the city to see the reaction to the announced budget. Also Read – Secunderabad: Major General N Srinivas Rao makes farewell visit to AOC Advertise With Us Soon after the Finance Minister proposed to increase Special Additional Excise Duty (SAED), as well as Road and Infrastructure Cess by Rs 1 per litre each on automobile fuels, social media was flooded with memes and tweets. Pratap, a commuter at HP petrol pump in Jeedimetla village, said, “We have no choice. It is going to have a cascading effect. Prices of all commodities would increase. Even a few rupees per liter are a big saving.”last_img

New Map Shows Food Insecurity In Texas Neighborhoods

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: For the first time, Feeding Texas, a statewide network of food banks, has used census data to create a food insecurity map.“We developed it for this current legislative session,” Celia Cole, Feeding Texas CEO, said. “So that when policymakers are looking at any kind of legislation that might affect poverty or hunger in a given area, they can see to what extent it will affect their constituents.”The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as “limited or uncertain access to adequate food.”The data comes from the group’s parent organization Feeding America and the USDA. Across Houston, the map shows several dark blue spots, indicating 23 percent or more of households suffer food insecurity.But Cole says it’s really a statewide issue.“Hunger and food insecurity is a problem that affects every single county in the state,” she said. “It doesn’t just occur in the places that you think it would occur, such as in dense urban areas or in rural areas or along the border, where we have a high percentage of people living in poverty.”Hunger is not just a problem for those suffering it, she said, but it also comes at an economic cost for the state and nation, in the form of higher healthcare and education costs, for example. X Listen 00:00 /01:10 Sharelast_img read more

Summer Program Brings In Youth Leaders As Teachers

first_imgLaura IsenseeDaracristhin Pereira Romero is a rising senior at Eastwood Academy and a master teacher with iEducate.Several hundred Houston elementary students kept up their skills this summer at classes that felt like summer camp. And they learned from students who weren’t too much older than they are.On a recent afternoon at Dogan Elementary in Fifth Ward, two fourth graders played cards at their desk. Except it’s really a math game: who’s the fastest to spot the biggest number.“Ah, you won!” one exclaimed.Next to them, their main teacher, Daracristhin Pereira Romero, watched. She’s 17 years old and a rising senior at Eastwood Academy.“I teach them the material beforehand, so that when they get to fifth grade, it’s easier for them to process what the teacher is telling them,” she said.The nonprofit behind the camp, iEducate, believes that elementary school students can learn from high schoolers — and also look up to them. Listen Share X Pereira Romero said that happens a lot.“So they confide in us, like things that they wouldn’t normally tell other teachers, and that really helped us understand why or why not the kid is engaged in class,” she said.The nonprofit will track how much participants from the camp improve next year. Volunteer Anusha Sood quizzes students Nallely Cedillo and Mariana Rosa on financial literacy.“It’s supposed to be summer school that feels like summer camp,” said Arun Gir, executive director of iEducate. “Because even if these students might have passed the STAAR exam, they might have passed ‘approaching standard,’ they’re still struggling, they’re still going to have challenges down the road, so every student here needs reinforcements in academics.The core classes are math, science and reading. But there are many enrichment activities that go beyond that: yoga, financial literacy, lemonade day for entrepreneurship, robotics and debate. Many of those are offered by other nonprofit partners.Gir said that iEducate as well as some those partners are surveying students in other areas, like how much they’ve boosted their self confidence and attitudes about learning.Laura IsenseeElementary school students José de Jesús and Gerardo Figueroa build a tower out of spaghetti. At the iEducate summer enrichment program, they’re coached on academics and also their self confidence.center_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /00:50last_img read more

Britain to use spent nuclear fuel for batteries to power deep space

first_img Citation: Britain to use spent nuclear fuel for batteries to power deep space craft (2012, September 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2012 Explore further The idea would follow designs already used by the United States to power its Cassini and Voyager space probes and now in use by the Mars rover, Curiosity. Nuclear material gives off heat for many years, which can be used directly to keep a craft warm, or be converted into electricity for use by electronic components. The team has reportedly already harvested some amount of americium-241 from the plutonium waste left over from the production of nuclear weapons. The Sellafield facility reprocesses or separates plutonium, uranium and other fissionable materials from spent nuclear fuel, some of which is used for other purposes such as creating new fuel for nuclear reactors. It’s also the site of what will be a new nuclear power station due to begin operation in 2025.The ESA is keen to find a suitable replacement for plutonium-238, as it’s only currently available from the United States and Russia, and believes americium-241, harvested from already existing plutonium waste would make a good choice. Each nuclear battery would only need about 5 kg of the material, which would mean Britain could supply all that would be needed (the Sellafield facility is believed to house some 100 tonnes of waste plutonium) by the ESA for the foreseeable future. Batteries made using it could be used to support missions to other planets and other exploratory projects.It’s also been noted that such batteries could be used for other purposes as well, such as in long term undersea probes, or in buoys outfitted with sensors to monitor sea conditions and other countries such as China and India have already expressed interest in using them for various projects. Thus, the market for long duration nuclear batteries might be expanding, which would make harvesting americium-241 not only cost efficient but perhaps at some point, profitable. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Facility (—To reduce the cost of cleaning up nuclear waste at Britain’s Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility in Cumbria, workers from the British National Nuclear Laboratory have been harvesting americium-241, in hopes of using it as part of nuclear batteries for long range spacecraft built by the European Space Agency (ESA). It’s all part of a £1 million pilot program designed to find ways to use existing fissionable materials for use in future space missions. Engineers develop technique to help combat nuclear proliferationlast_img read more

You have to check out these hot guys and their big baguettes

first_imgBig Boy Pride brings plus-size beauty and deeper love to FloridaThis Instagram account makes every Walking Dead fans’ dreams come trueHot Dudes With Dogs Instagram is making a calendar (and its so cute)Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Yes, it is a real account.While some may be reluctant to admit their love for carbs, if you love bread than this is the place for you.The account started 6 December 2017. But don’t fear. There’s already plenty to look at.It’s bio reads: ‘Just lookin’ for Mr. Rye. I like big buns and I cannot lie.’Check out men comparing sizes of bread, and even getting their fingers a bit sticky on donuts.We’d certainly loaf to get a piece of all of these guys.1Instagram: @boyswithbread2Instagram: @boyswithbread3Instagram: @boyswithbread4Instagram: @boyswithbread5 eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) There’s one area where size really does matter – Baguettes.Boys with bread is the latest Instagram account making waves. GAYSTARNEWS- Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Instagram: @boyswithbread6Instagram: @boyswithbread7Instagram: @boyswithbread8Instagram: @boyswithbread9Instagram: @boyswithbread10Instagram: @boyswithbread11Instagram: @boyswithbread12Instagram: @boyswithbread13Instagram: @boyswithbreadlast_img read more