Yorkshire clubs eye a second national title

first_img Yorkshire’s Shipley and Whitby Golf Clubs are both eyeing a second national title in the English Club Team Championship. Shipley won the inaugural event in 2015 and Whitby are the defending champions – and the two clubs have just led seven teams into the final from the regional qualifier at York Golf Club. Shipley topped the table with 93 points, amassed by their new line-up of Sue Greenough, Richard Greenough, Jean Worby and Chris Worby. Whitby took second place with 88 points, scored by last year’s winning quartet: Janet McGeehin, Siew Choon Tan, Bob Scott and Mike Coates (pictured © Leaderboard Photography). Five other clubs also qualified for the final which will be played on Friday, 18 August at Woodhall Spa. It will be part of England Golf Week which features a series of finals during a five-day celebration of handicap golf. They are: Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club, Manchester, 87 pts – represented by Sue Rudman, Allan Rudman, Stephen Murray and Jean Kelly Elsham Golf Club, Lincolnshire, 86 pts – represented by Polly Brettle, Jennifer Hedley, Richard Hedley and Robert Taylor Harrogate Golf Club, Yorkshire, 85 pts – represented by Jenny Hill, David Jack, Susan Severn and Arthur Severn Scarcroft Golf Club, Yorkshire, 85 pts – represented by Stewart Douglas, Jean Manson, Diane Bennett and Mark Squire Waterton Park Golf Club, Yorkshire, 85 pts– represented by Karen Andrews, Glynn Andrews, Stuart Nice and Tracey Parker Click here for full scores 20 Jun 2017 Yorkshire clubs eye a second national title last_img read more

Over US$500 Child Support, Lawyer, Pastor in Fistfight

first_imgDrama unfolded at the Temple of Justice on Tuesday, May 27 when Pastor Jensen Wallace, General Overseer of “Walking with God Ministry” and Cllr. Cooper Kruah entered into fistfight.The fighting ensued between the lawyer and the pastor over a US$500-child support that Cllr. Kruah was asking for for his client.It all started when a lady believed to be the mother of Pastor Wallace’s child complained to Cllr. Kruah that he, Wallace had refused to support his child.After Cllr. Kruah invited Pastor Wallace, he demanded him to pay US$500 monthly as child support.The demand was rejected by Wallace, and he informed Kruah that he was not working and so could not afford paying US$200 monthly.Not content with response from Wallace, Cllr. Kruah threatened to send him to jail, if he refuses to pay the US$500.Also annoyed by Kruah’s jail threat, Pastor Wallace physically attacked the lawyer.As the confusion ensued, Pastor Wallace was publicly heard saying, “If you think you have all the contacts to see me go to jail, I will take three-day dry fast and prayed that you suffer stroke.”Upon hearing the statement, Cllr. Kruah became terrified that he also stated, “I’m going to sue you for terroristic threat and criminal cohesion. And I will make sure that you go to jail, nobody would stop me from doing so.”However, the timely intervention of Judge Blamo Dixon of Criminal Court “D”   brought the situation under control.Following the fight and threatening statements from both parties, Pastor Wallace was arrested and forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution on the commission of the crime terroristic threat and criminal cohesion.A Writ of Arrest, copy of which is in possession of Daily Observer says in part that “Defendant Wallace threatened the life of Cllr. Kruah, stating that he would pray for him (Kruah) to suffer stroke, and that he was going to harm and kill him.”He was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison by the Court, but after a few minutes, Pastor Wallace was seen in the courtroom after his lawyer had filed US$3,000 property bond for him.Pastor Wallace is the owner of Miracle FM radio station that is located in New Georgia Community outside of Monrovia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Storytelling Winner: ‘NO ONE IS LIKE A BROTHER’

first_imgEditors Note:The following traditional story won the first prize at the 2nd Annual Peter Y. Ballah Traditional Storytelling Competition held Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the David Kuyon Forum for Human Rights and Culture in Gbarnga, Bong County.  Organized by an NGO called Village People Empowerment (ViPE), the competition brought together 15 traditional storytellers from around Liberia in the initial stage of a larger project aimed at preserving Liberia’s rich culture.  ViPE is founded by Rudolf Janke, a German national.  Aptly named after the late Liberian cultural icon Peter Y. Ballah, the first traditional storytelling event was held just months before the icon passed away in 2012.  Ballah was also honored for his expert folkloric renditions at the event that year and it was decided that an annual traditional storytelling competition would be named in his honor.  The 15 contestants were vetted by a panel of 6 jurors based on the message, appeal, appropriateness, delivery and overall coherence of the stories in the Liberian context.  Consideration was given for the use of music and dance, both of which are typically used to add flavor to the stories and solidify the traditional context. The jurors chose three finalists who would later in the afternoon perform their stories before a live audience of over a hundred people of all ages.  The finalists included Mrs. Yomo N. Numa of Bomi County; Mr. Tony T. L. Kerdoe of Nimba County and Mr. Emmanueal F. Tamba of Bong County.  Numa’s story, “What I Will Do?” was about a frustrated young wife who consulted a medicine man in an effort to make her husband love her.  Kerdoe’s story “Leadership”, converges chickens and politics (who would have thunk it?) in a very important lesson about leaders and followers.  Tamba’s story, “No One is Like A Brother”, examines the deep crease between two brothers who find themselves on either side of the poverty line and the wealthy one’s wife’s effort to bring them together.  After all three were presented, the audience was asked to vote and Tamba’s story emerged to claim the first prize. The story was actually composed by Tamba who, in his acceptance remarks, revealed that when he was growing up, he shared with a friend that he wanted to be a storyteller.  “My friend laughed,” narrated Tamba, “but that did not stop me from pursuing my dream.” The Daily Observer is proud to publish Emmanuel F. Tamba’s award-winning masterpiece, “No One Is Like A Brother”.  We shall make an effort to publish the stories of the other 2 finalists in subsequent editions. A video of each will also be posted on our website, www.liberianobserver.com. Enjoy!No One Is Like A Brother“Many entreat the favor of the nobility, and every man is a friend to one who gives gift. But all the brothers of a poor man hate him; how much more do his friends go far from him? He may pursue them, yet they abandon him.” (Proverb 19:6-7)Once there were two brothers who lived with their parents in one of the villages in central Liberia. These two brothers were called Pokpa and Flomolo. Pokpa was the big brother to Flomolo.  Pokpa was much closer to his father while his brother Flomolo was closer to his mother.  Pokpa’s father trained him how to work like a man, so that when he died, Pokpa would survive on his strength and hard work.  But Flomolo was trained by his mother, and grew up lazy and unable to work for himself.After many years, the parents of the brothers died. By now the both boys were grown up men.  Pokpa worked so hard and was well established and married, but his brother was very lazy and thus, poor.  One day Pokpa decided to desert his brother for his laziness.  “I prefer welcoming my friends on my dinner table than my lazy brother,” he said. He finally drove away his brother who had been staying with him since the death of their parents.One Christmas morning he invited his three wealthy friends, Mulbah, Lepolu and Najuah.  Form that day Pokpa was always in the company of his friends and left his brother starving with hunger. One evening while Pokpa and his wife were eating their new rice with palm oil, she asked, “Can you call your brother to share this dinner with us since he his not too far from us?”“Gormah,” Pokpa said to his wife, “If only you repeat what you just said, you will follow him.”The woman discontinued the conversation and they continued their eating.However, Gormah, Pokpa’s wife loved Flomolo; she decided to secretly send food to him as often as she could.  One afternoon while Pokpa was in the field working, Gormah decided to teach him a lesson to love and appreciate his brother.  That afternoon when Pokpa came home, he met Gormah lying on the ground crying with a great regret.“What happened to you?” He asked.“When I was cooking your food,” she explained in tears, “one crazy man came and took the pot from the fire and ran with it. I managed to pursue him with a big stick unfortunately for him I hit him hard and he dropped dead.”Pokpa was very furious when he heard this. He asked, “Where is the body?”“It is lying in the kitchen wrapped in the old mat,” Gormah said.When he saw the body, he did not care to open it, but how to bury it. Thinking on whom to go for help to bury the crazy man at midnight, his wife suggested that he asked his three friends for their help.  He accepted his wife suggestion and decided to go to his friends so that they would help him with the burial.Pokpa proceeded to the home of his first friend, Mulbah.  After he explained what had happened, his friend told him he couldn’t help because his wife was sick that night. Pokpa moved on to his others friends’ homes and they also gave him excuses.  Pokpa was so frustrated by his three friends who he was so sure he could depend on in such desperation.When he got home, his wife suggested again that he should go ask his brother to help him bury the man.  “My brother?” Pokpa asked. He held his head in his hand wondering whether it would really work since he had mistreated his brother many years ago. “I don’t think my brother will forgive me to come and help me,” he said.“Just try and see,” Gormah urged. Pokpa went to his brother that night.  When Flomolo heard him knocking at the door, he was glad and happy to see his brother coming to his home for the first time after many years.  Coming out to meet his brother, Flomolo asked, “What brought you to my poor home at this time of the night?”“Our people say, if you see the toad in the day, if it is not running behind something, then something is running behind it.”  Pokpa explained everything to his brother who, without any hesitation got prepared to help his brother Pokpa to bury the crazy man. Flomolo told Pokpa that he is always his brother no matter what had happened.After the burial, the next morning, while Pokpa was washing his face, two messengers form the town chief’s court came to him and his wife. “You are under arrest,” one of the messengers said.“For what?” Pokpa asked. “You will know when you get to the Chief’s court,” the men replied.When they got to the court, surprisingly Pokpa saw Mulbah, Lepolu and Najuah, his three wealthy friends, standing adjacent to the chief in the court.“Do you know these men?” the chief asked.“Yes” Pokpa replied.“According to these young men, your wife killed a crazy man and you went to them to help you bury the man, but they refused. Still you managed to bury the man along with your brother under the cotton tree. Therefore, you must go and dig the body out and bring it to my court now!”Pokpa, along with two messengers, went and dug out the body and brought it in the court.In the presence of everyone including Pokpa’s three friends, the chief asked him to untie the mat on the body.  Pokpa untied the body and, to everyone’s surprise, there was a big log lying in the mat.“What is this!?” the chief screamed.To the amazement of everyone, Gormah, Pokpa’s wife stood up and confessed. “Chief, this was a trick planned by me, to prove to my husband that no one is like a brother. My husband trusted and loved his friends more than his own brother.  But when this problem occurred, his very friends refused to help him and even deceived him. “Our Chief, I did not really kill anybody,” Gormah said.The chief ordered Pokpa’s three deceitful friends arrested and put them in jail and he set Pokpa and his wife free. From that day, Pokpa lived with his wife and brother happily in their town.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Murder convict appeals 75-year sentence

first_imgAlmost one week after being sentenced to 75 years in prison for the offence of murder, Kenkossie Lynch, 24, formerly of Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD), has now filed an appeal through his lawyer, Adrian Thompson.The appeal was filed in the Appellate Court and Lynch’s lawyer was optimistic of an early hearing into the matter.Lynch was sentenced on May 30, 2019 for the capital offence committed on June 1, 2015, at Nelson Street, Mocha Arcadia, EBD, on Terrence Lanferman. At the commencement of the trial, Lynch denied the charge.However, Lynch was unanimously found guilty by a 12-member jury and on the day of his sentencing, a probation report revealed that the convicted man had admitted to the offence. As such, Trial Judge, Justice Navindra Singh handed down a 75-year sentence, which included an additional 15 years for not showing remorse, and the use of a gun in committing the act, among other aggravating factors.Attorney Thompson, in his argument, contended that his client did not admit to the offence, after which Lynch also maintained his innocence before being sentenced.Meanwhile, at present, a date is yet to be set for hearing the appeal which was filed on the legal grounds that the trial Judge admitted the prisoner’s caution statement as evidence which shouldn’t be the case, as well as failed to acceptably deliver the defence to the jury.Reports indicate that the victim and the accused’s cousin, Sedley Liverpool, called “Birdman”, had a previous dispute.The court heard that on June 1, 2015, Lynch and Liverpool met and conspired about the attack on Lanferman, after which both men visited the now deceased man’s home on a motorcycle.During the trial, it was revealed that Lynch had armed himself with a gun given to him by Liverpool, who waited for the accused some distance away from the home. The accused entered the premises of the now dead man, knocked on the door and confronted Lanferman, who had opened the door, shooting him before making good his escape.Liverpool was later incriminated by the accused, and is currently awaiting trial.last_img read more

Data collection hindering launch of Sexual Offences, Child Abuse Registries

first_imgThe old method of data collection is currently hindering the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Registries from becoming accessible to locals.This was related to Guyana Times by Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) Director Ann Greene in a recent interview.“We are still working on the Child Abuse Registry. We got to go back five years to get information to put on it. Every person that we put up there, we got to check to see the outcome of every case and I can tell you that it’s not an easy task, but we are coming with it. We are still working on it,” she explained.Further, the Director pointed out, “Guyana with us and data collection ain’t ain’t…we are not the best people in doing that, but we are changing the whole system now, so we have to actually get some foot soldiers to check things out”.Greene was keen to note that although the Registries are very much anticipated, it cannot be made public just yet, as the Child Care Agency is obligated to ensure it publicises accurate information.When asked about where the department is sourcing records, the Director informed that most of the data is being pulled from the local courts. In fact, she pointed out that CCPA has acquired the services of a law student who is assisting in analysing to help “sort out” this aspect.According to her, it is one of the things happening “in terms of… we now have an electronic data collection system so everything now that is done is done in the system, but to put up information we got to go back about five years and is going back that five years to get that information is what … because we didn’t have an electronic system before”.Nevertheless, the Director assured that as child abuse and sexual offences occur, they are presently being entered into the database.Although several deadlines have already passed for the Registries, Greene said they “might be ready for next year”.The Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Registries were launched back in September 2018.The Child Abuse Registry will be helpful in providing information in relation to a person’s biography. Greene pointed out in a previous interview that the perpetrators of sexual abuse would be publicised and exposed to the public, who would be able to access the requisite information on the Internet.“It is really to put online the persons who would have committed offences against children. If anybody wants to employ anybody, you could run the Child Abuse Registry,” she explained.Once completed, the database will include information such as the type of abuse, the person’s age, name, address and other relevant information.The perpetrators’ pictures, will also likely be available through the Registry, since the department is cognisant of the fact that some people have identical names.CCPA Director Ann Greenelast_img read more

GTT’s Pinktober activities launched to support cancer fight

first_imgThe Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) launched its annual Pinktober activities on Friday evening, aimed at educating Guyanese on cancer care and raising funds to support treatment for patients.Attendees at launch of the Pinktober eventThemed “Live Aware”, the company is seeking to share knowledge on the types of cancers to reduce the mortality rate from the disease. This is the third year this activity has been organised, but emphasis was lifted from only breast cancer and placed on other leading forms that affect men, women and children.Funds will be used towards the access to cancer screening treatment, care and psychological support. Speaking at the launch held at MovieTowne, Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence encouraged persons to get screened.“We’re all susceptible, so let us wake up and join the fight to lower the risk factors associated with cancer…The time for action most certainly is now, so I encourage everyone to get screened so that you do not become another statistic. Screening is imperative. We know that chant: early detections can have positive outcomes”.She shared that women in the population are at risk for cancer, resulting in increased efforts to lower the statistics. This has been done through campaigning by the Ministry.“The data shows that our women are at risk with cancer of the cervix, accounting for 22.1 per cent and breast cancer, 21.9 per cent, followed by ovarian cancer. This is the reason for the Ministry of Public Health and our public health officials’ active campaign to initiate measures to vigorously address cancer, particularly breast cancer and cervical cancer,” Lawrence highlighted.Meanwhile, Coordinator Diana Gittens mentioned that there are many activities which Guyanese can look forward to during the month of October.The Cancer Care Symposium is the very first Pinktober 2019 event, slated for October 1, which will provide a platform for survivors, caregivers, patients and health care professionals to speak of the challenges and other areas of cancer-care management in Guyana.Later in the month, on October 13, ‘Strike for the Fight’ Pinktober Football Match is a fundraising event which will educate Guyanese on the importance of early screening, exercising, and having knowledge of family medical history. This will be linked to the role it plays in early detection.Meanwhile, the 5k and 10k walk and run will be hosted on October 26. This is the most supported Pinktober event, which brings together a diverse range of stakeholders to walk in recognition of cancer awareness.Additionally, “Live Aware, Live Beautiful” will be an ongoing initiative throughout the month that will provide small businesses with the opportunity to indulge patients, caregivers and survivors who were affected in some way by cancer.last_img read more

How the Ryder Cup works

first_img– Scoring –Each 12-man team will compete in one session of foursomes (alternate shot) and four-ball (best ball) matches on both Friday and Saturday with 12 final singles matches staged on Sunday.Each team must omit four players for each of the pairs sessions, but everyone plays on the final day.Each match victory earns one point. Any matches that are halved — all square after 18 holes — bring both teams half a point.Because a match can be decided before all the holes are completed, some will end without reaching the 18th.– Winning –With 28 matches in all, each team needs 14 1/2 points to clinch victory.If the score finishes level on 14-14, then the previous Ryder Cup winner — in this case the United States — retains the trophy. It can happen that the holders reach 13 1/2 points and “go dormie” in a match, clinching half a point by achieving a lead that equals the number of holes remaining.Barring an unlikely disqualification, that would ensure a team retains the trophy, even though it takes 14 1/2 points to “win” the Cup.– Foursomes –In foursomes, also known as alternate shot, each two-man team plays with one ball.Players take turns hitting shots until each hole is completed. Players alternate hit tee shots with one leading off on odd-numbered holes and the other on even-numbered holes.The team with the low score wins the hole. If scores are level, the hole is halved.– Four-balls –In four-ball, or best-ball, each member of each two-man team plays his own ball.That puts four balls in play on every hole. The lowest of two scores on each hole counts for a team. Lowest overall score wins the hole. If the lowest scores are level, the hole is halved.– Concession –Unlike in stroke play, players do not have to finish off a hole in match play. Players can concede a stroke — generally a putt. The opponent picks up the ball, takes the score he would have made by holing on the next stroke and continues to the next.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000The United States and Europe will fight it out for the Ryder Cup © AFP / Lionel BONAVENTURESAINT-QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES, France, Sep 25 – How will the scoring work in the 42nd Ryder Cup between Europe and the United States, which begins Friday at Le Golf National near Paris?AFP Sport runs through the essentials:last_img read more

Some GM SUVs will now run on gas and electric power

first_imgWHITE MARSH, Md. – General Motors Corp. started production Monday of its two-mode gas-electric hybrid transmission systems that will debut in the 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid and GMC Yukon Hybrid sport-utility vehicles. Built at the automaker’s Baltimore Transmission plant, the hybrid system will help GM compete against Toyota Motor Corp., which sells hybrid versions of the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX SUVs, and Ford Motor Co., which offers the Escape Hybrid SUV. GM officials said it was the first hybrid transmission to be developed in the U.S. and noted that three-fourths of its content came from U.S.-based suppliers. John Buttermore, GM Powertrain’s vice president of global manufacturing, said the hybrid systems were part of the company’s efforts to offer more fuel-efficient vehicles powered by an assortment of energy sources, including ethanol, electricity and hydrogen. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.“We view this as an extraordinary opportunity, a chance, in essence, to reinvent the auto industry through technology and innovation and ultimately take the automobile out of the environmental debate,” Buttermore said. The two-mode hybrid system – developed jointly by GM, BMW AG and the former DaimlerChrysler AG – uses a computer to choose from thousands of combinations of running on electric motors and the gasoline engine. The vehicles are expected to have an overall fuel economy of about 21 miles per gallon, the same as the city fuel economy of the 4-cylinder Toyota Camry. It will provide a 30 percent increase in fuel economy compared with similar non-hybrid versions of the Tahoe and Yukon. Pricing has not yet been announced for the new hybrids, which are expected to arrive at dealerships in December.last_img read more


first_imgA MOTORIST has been hurt in a car crash in Donegal Town.Gardai say the woman has been treated for minor injuries at Letterkenny General Hospital.The incident happened in the early hours of this morning in the Ardeskin area of the town. No other vehicles were involved in the crash.Gardai in the town are appealing for information about the incident. WOMAN HURT IN DONEGAL TOWN CRASH was last modified: October 11th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:WOMAN HURT IN DONEGAL TOWN CRASHlast_img read more

Football Hosts Dayton On Senior Day Saturday

first_imgThe Drake University football team wraps up the 2015 campaign on Saturday when it hosts Dayton.  The Bullldogs will honor 22 seniors as they will wear the Blue and White for the final time. They are Jack Beck, John Bloss, Cam Bohnert, Mike Cardamone, Devon Dodds, Brad Duwe, Al Hern,Philip Hespen, Michael Hudson, John Hugunin,Aaron Johnson, Mason Massei, John McMahon, Ezekiel Okeleye, Bryan Pisklo, Bob Quilico,Andy Rice, Colton Rodgers, Gary Scott, Lee Snell, Michael Vankat and Al Wegener.Dayton comes to Des Moines with a perfect 10-0 overall record and is looking to finish PFL play 8-0 for the first time since 2010. The Flyers are coming off a 28-21 victory over Marist last week. The Bulldogs enter Saturday’s showdown with a 4-6 record and a 3-4 mark in the PFL after falling at Butler, 20-13, last week. Dayton leads the all-time series 24-7 over the Bulldogs, but Drake has won the last two meetings and has taken three of the last four. Drake’s defense continues to lead the squad as the team ranks second in PFL games in rushing defense by allowing 86.9 yards per game, while limiting teams to 321.6 yards of total offense.John Hugunin leads Drake’s defense with 104 tackles, ranking 21st in the nation and has made 14 tackles for loss, ranking 23rd in the country. The fifth-year senior linebacker leads the nation in forced fumbles with nine and ranks second in fumble recoveries with three. Hugunin has tallied 405 career tackles and is eight stops away from becoming Drake’s all-time leading tackler. The run-dominant Flyers had a change in pace when redshirt senior All-American Connor Kacsor suffered a career-ending injury in early October. Dayton has gone with a three-back system for the last six weeks, utilizing Jack Adams, Jared Ruffing and Tucker Yinger. Yinger has led the trio with 600 yards on 91 carries with three touchdowns, while Adams has had 70 touches for 304 yards and five touchdowns. Ruffing rounds out the trio with 47 carries for 143 yards.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more