Horse Found Frozen in Tundra

first_img(Visited 655 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 An exceptionally-preserved foal has been found in Siberian tundra. Can scientists bring it back to life as a clone?A baby horse, the “best preserved ancient horse ever found” according to Live Science, has been recovered in Siberia. But is it as old as claimed?The astonishingly intact body of a young foal that died between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago was recently unearthed from melting permafrost in Siberia. Its mummified remains were so well-preserved by icy conditions that the skin, the hooves, the tail, and even the tiny hairs in the animal’s nostrils and around its hooves are still visible.Scientists believe it was about 2 months old when it died. The Lena Horse, as it is being called, measures about one meter in length. adds that “The foal was discovered in the Batagaika crater, a huge 100-meter (328-foot) deep depression in the East Siberian taiga.” Fox News adds that this crater is known locally as the “doorway to the underworld.”Credit: Michil Yakovlev/SVFU/The Siberian TimesThe remains are so intact, Live Science says, that the research team believes it can recover details about the horse’s diet in the animal’s bowel. The foal is also genetically distinct from wild horses that inhabit the area today.Mindy Weisberger’s report stretches credibility about the dates of this and other remains found in permafrost:Siberian permafrost is known for preserving ancient animals for tens of thousands of years, and many superb specimens have emerged as global temperatures continue to rise and permafrost melts. Recent discoveries include a 9,000-year-old bison; a 10,000-year-old woolly rhino baby; a mummified ice age kitten that could be a cave lion or lynx; and a baby mammoth nicknamed Lyuba who died after choking on mud 40,000 years ago.Amazingly, one type of animal preserved in Siberian permafrost for tens of thousands of years was recently brought back to life. Tiny nematodes — a type of microscopic worm — that had been frozen in ice since the Pleistocene were defrosted and revived by researchers; they were documented moving and eating for the first time in 42,000 years, Live Science previously reported.Subtracting dates, this would mean that animals kept getting instantly entombed in permafrost for at least 31,000 years, such that even the contents of their stomachs were flash-frozen. Nothing like that is going on today. Why didn’t the animals migrate out of such inhospitable temperatures? And how could nematodes avoid cosmic ray decay for 42,000 years, only to revive when defrosted?It seems more credible that all these animals perished together in a widespread catastrophe, the likes of which has never been seen before or since. That explanation, however, would not fit the current evolutionary paradigm.Resurrecting the HorseIn a follow-up article on Live Science, Weisberger discusses the possibility of reviving this horse’s species by recovering its DNA. Researchers had already debated whether a woolly mammoth could be made “de-extinct” in this way. It’s a long shot, the article says, because recovering intact DNA after 40,000 years is unlikely. Nevertheless, this foal is genetically closer to a modern horse than a mammoth is to an elephant, so it could be step along the way to learning how to recover lost species.Cloning is possible only when the original animal’s DNA is intact, and the majority — if not all — of the DNA in ice-age specimens is typically degraded “into tens of millions of pieces,” Love Dalén, a professor of evolutionary genetics at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, told Live Science in an email.If enough DNA from the mummified horse’s remains can be recovered, scientists might be able to construct a genome sequence by comparing the DNA of the extinct foal to the genomes of living horses, Shapiro added.One geneticist remarked that the improbability of finding an intact nucleus is astronomical, but they’re not saying it is impossible at this point.Update 9/16/18: The Guardian reports that a wolf pup and a caribou have been found in Canadian permafrost. The mummified specimens have been radiocarbon dated to be older than the horse: 50,000 years, but they don’t look 10,000 years older than the horse. The Yukon is a long way from Siberia where the horse was found. Did the same catastrophe entomb them all?On the face of it, the Biblical creation account is much more credible than the evolution account with its requirement for reckless drafts on the bank of time. All these Ice Age animals perished in one-time conditions that prevailed during or after the Flood (depending on the model used). The vast spread of tens of thousands of years is pure fiction.Additionally, this story defends the creation view that other animals like dinosaurs lived recently. Notice how the secular scientists expect DNA to decay rapidly, such that it is astronomically unlikely to expect DNA to remain intact after just 40,000 years. This is true of proteins and other molecular constituents, too. And yet dinosaurs with soft tissue, including remains of blood cells and stretchy tissues, have been reported to the complete astonishment and consternation of old-age evolutionists. The Jurassic Park films were premised on the notion that dinosaur DNA could be recovered. At this time, scientists dismiss that possibility. And yet dinosaur DNA has been reported, according to the Real Science Radio website, where host Bob Enyart keeps track of reported soft tissue finds.If scientists do recover this foal’s DNA, and if dinosaur DNA cannot be disputed, what do you think evolutionists will say about it? You know what they will say. They will clutch their beloved geological timeline, and say, “Well, what do you know! Dinosaur DNA can last for 80 million years.”last_img read more

My iMac Has Turned Into An iLemon, And It Makes Me Concerned About Apple

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market I’ve been using Apple’s computers since August of 1982, and I worked for Apple for 20 years, and until two years ago I’d never had a bad experience with an Apple product.But that one — an I5 iMac purchased in October, 2010, which I have come to call my iLemon — has been a nightmare, and while this is only one iLemon in four decades of using Apple products, I think buyers going into the holiday season should listen to the challenges that I have faced and weigh them as they consider purchasing a new computer.Here’s my story: In the fall of 2010, I started a project that required more horsepower than my four-year-old MacBook could provide. I bought an iMac with an I5 processor and 27-inch screen for just over $1,800.The iMac had some quirks. It generated a lot of heat and I found the SDHC reader which was located below the DVD drive to be very inconvenient and something of a pain to someone like myself who takes a lot of pictures.Nevertheless, things were fine for 15 months. But in the spring of 2012 the iMac began to exhibit some disturbing signs. It was taking well over fourteen minutes to boot Snow Leopard. I did some research and talked to some Apple folks and eventually decided that I was suffering from “Slow Snow Leopard.” I followed some homegrown remedies that I found on the Web since Apple seemed to have no suggestions. I did get the boot time on the iMac cut down to reasonable time.Dire WarningAbout three months later, the iMac gave me a dire warning that I should copy all of my data to another hard drive, reformat my drive and reinstall the operating system.I went one better and after copying the data to another drive I did a complete clean install of Apple’s Lion operating system onto an external Firewire 800 drive. I ran that until I was comfortable with Lion. Then I formatted the internal drive and did another completely clean install except I moved up to Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest operating system.When I say completely clean install, that means I went back to CDs or disk images for all my applications. The operating systems were installed from Apple’s app store. Starting at square one actually worked well except for a set of upgrade disks that I had purchased from Apple.For some reason Mountain Lion would not recognize the upgraded iPhoto. I solved the problem by spending another $14.95 at the Apple Store for a new purchase of iPhoto.All this worked, sort of, for a couple of weeks. Being of a cautious nature, I only installed a completely new, small iPhoto library on the internal drive. In spite of that, I started to have iPhoto library corruption problems. It wasn’t long before I figured out that the internal drive was dying.The computer quit booting from the drive so I upgraded my external drive to Mountain Lion and started running the computer off the external drive again. During all of this I wasn’t too worried about my data since I am a heavy user of Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. I also have regular time capsule backups of my data.Card Reader ProblemsAt the same time, I switched to the external drive I started have intermittent problems with the SDHC reader on the Mac. Sometimes it would read a card from my camera and sometimes not. I would often rotate my chair fifteen degrees, insert the same card in my Lenovo laptop, load the photos into Picasa, and export the ones that I wanted to my Google drive and then import them from Google drive to iPhoto on the Mac.Surprisingly sometimes I could come back later in the day and the iMac would read the same card that previously it had refused to read. It might read one or two of four cards or sometimes none of them.I also was having more trouble with iPhoto. I ended up reinstalling iPhoto from the Apple Store twice. For any of you who have done that, you know that it can take a few hours with a cable modem. For a while it seemed like the iMac was always downloading something from Apple.Asking Apple For HelpWith a long career at Apple, I still have a few high-level email addresses so I sent a note to someone high enough up the corporate tree to see if Apple was willing to stand behind their product. I wasn’t too surprised when I got a call on my cell phone the next day from someone in executive relations promising to help me resolve my problem.That weekend and the following Monday, I spent much of my time running tests and doing screen shots. I formatted several types of SD cards with five different cameras to try to determine a pattern on my malfunctioning card reader. I also tried to document the strange problem I was having with photostream in iPhoto. I took all that information along with my system profile and sent it to my contact at executive relations.I spent well over an hour on the phone with an Apple expert and let him download all sorts of stuff from my computer in the hopes that he could resolve some of my issues. He seemed to tire of the whole thing and we never got to the photostream issue. He promised to pass the information on to his engineering team and get back to me.I waited a week to hear back from him and then sent a note to him and my executive relations contact. The next day I got a call back from my executive relations contact. All she said was that it had been determined that I had a loose wire on my SDHC reader, and I should take the system to my local service provider. My nearest Apple store is three hours away.So now I have an iMac with a dead hard drive, a card reader that has intermittent problems and Bluetooth that no longer works. I’m thinking that spending more money on this iMac is probably a waste.Some will say that I should have purchased Apple’s AppleCare extended warranty. I feel the same way about extended warranties on computers that I do about extended warranties on cars. I should not have to buy an extra warranty to get a product that is trouble free for a few years.The shame is that all of this hardware worked fine at one time. None of this relates to the user not knowing how to get a computer to work. All of this is in Apple’s lap.Lessons I LearnedThe experience confirmed several of my thoughts about the new Apple. Number one is Apple is no longer the leader in reliability. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can read this reliability report published in February of 2012. Apple is in fourth place and way behind Lenovo, which ranks number one.My second thought is that Apple often pushes design to the point that it impacts reliability. I was surprised to find that the hard drive on my iMac has a temperature sensor that shuts down the drive if the temperature gets too high. It is the first time I have been aware of a Mac outside of the Xserve that has a sensor like that. You can cook your hand on the top of my iMac at times. I have to believe that all the heat contributed to the early death of my hard drive.Third, the Apple value proposition isn’t what it used to be. The two HP laptops that I bought for a total of less than $1,500 are still working great. As laptops they have had a harder life than my iMac which has never left its desktop. They’ll soon be three years old and are still functioning. The iMac never even made it two years. My original HP laptop that I bought over five years ago is also still working.Fourth, just because you pay more for Apple, don’t expect better service especially, if you live outside the major metro areas. I was really disappointed with my “troubleshooting” experience. The whole thing seemed to be aimed at minimizing what Apple would do to fix my problem.On top of it all, after the call with the Apple expert, I got an email to me addressed “Dear Robert.” I have to say if you cannot even get my first name right, you probably aren’t going to solve any of my problems.Others Provide Better ServiceI have to compare my Apple experience to the phone call that I received from Adobe’s director of worldwide operations on a Sunday night telling me that he was sending me by FedEx a free copy of Dreamweaver to make up for problems I was having with an upgrade.Last summer I got a call from the executive assistant to the CEO of Toro telling me that they were sending me a free cable to replace the broken one on my lawn mower. I’ve been using Toro mowers for nearly 50 years. The cable might get me to continue to use them.Just a month ago, Nikon agreed to fix my Nikkor telephoto lens even though they could not find their copy of the extended warranty card. I won’t be buying anything but Nikon cameras.I want Apple to be a premium brand willing to go the extra mile because I have paid premium prices for my Apple products. Unfortunately my experience even with some high-level intervention shows that it is “buyer beware” with Apple just as it is with many other companies that sell products not nearly as expensive but sometimes more reliable than Apple products.The Latest iMacs Don’t Appeal To MeApple’s latest refresh of the iMac line adds some more twists to the equation. You can no longer upgrade your own RAM in an iMac and if you want a DVD drive you have to buy an external one. Apple’s RAM prices are about as expensive as the market will bear.From the review that I recently read, Apple has substituted a lower performing hard drive in the least expensive iMac. Based on my experience I cannot think that is good.Then in the ultimate convenience move, the SDHC reader is now on the back of the monitor. The only reason that I can see for an iMac being thinner and lighter is that it will be easier to carry into a mall Apple Store for repair.It saddens me to say that in the nine months since spring I have invested more time in this iMac than I did keeping my Vista laptop running over a couple of years while I was calling Vista a quagmire.My 2013 Resolution: New TechnologyI am going through a complete technology refresh on my desktop in the next 12 months. Likely there will be an Apple product on my desk, but it will not be an iMac. Whatever Mac I get will be here on probation since my recent Apple experiences have not inspired confidence.On the Saturday after Thanksgiving I bought a Lenovo Yoga running Windows 8 for $999. My older Lenovo laptop is now hooked to an external monitor and acting as my main desktop system while I try to figure out how to replace my iMac.I bought a new Lenovo because of the great experience with the previous one. It is the best laptop that I have used since the Powerbook G4 Titanium that I used as an Apple employee. So far I am very pleased with the Lenovo Yoga, which is a combination ultra-book tablet with a touch screen. I’ll be sharing my Windows 8 experiences and the decisions I make on other purchases here at ReadWrite.You can read more about my Apple experience by checking out my recently published Kindle Book, The Pomme Company. Finally, rumors of my book causing iPads running Kindle reader software to overheat are unfounded.Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting david sobotta A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Related Posts Tags:#Apple#imac#Lenovo#MacBook#Windows Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Inside Your Four Walls

first_imgThat’s where insights live.The ideas that you need to help you produce better results for your clients live inside your four walls.Your Four WallsYour people work closely with your clients. They have a front row view of all of their problems, challenges, and opportunities. They can see what needs to change, and they have some ideas about how those changes might be made.Your people are prisoners of the status quo, too. They have rules and regulations that prevent them from doing the work they might do. They hear “we’ve always done it this way because it works,” even when it no longer works (for you or your clients).Your people can and will share their ideas and insights with you as soon as you sit down and ask them to.Their Four WallsYour clients can teach you about their business. They have ideas and insights, too. They know where they struggle, and they know what would need to change in order to produce a better result. It’s true that the status quo has deep roots in their organization. The status quo has deep roots everywhere. But in every organization, there are some people wired to believe that there is still more than be done, that a better result can still be had.Some people within your client’s company are ready to share their ideas and insights with you, insights that you can use to build a better solution for other clients, too. But you have to be willing to listen and learn, to be student as much as teacher.The ideas and insights you need to produce are all around you. They’re inside your four walls, and their inside your customer’s four walls, too. If you go and ask for these ideas and insights, the people who have them will gladly share them with you. If your really serious about doing something with them, these same people will help you to do so.last_img read more

Congress to use farmers’ rally for cultivating voters

first_imgA huge farmers’ rally to be organised here on January 9, which will be addressed by party president Rahul Gandhi, will provide an opportunity to the ruling Congress in Rajasthan to cultivate the agrarian community as voters for this year’s Lok Sabha elections. Preparations were being made here to hold the rally as a mega event.Mr. Gandhi, who took out roadshows and addressed several public meetings in the State during the Assembly election campaign, had promised that the farmers’ loans would be waived within 10 days of the government’s formation. The Congress government announced loan waiver of ₹2 lakh each as its first major decision within three days after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot assumed office on December 17.Mr. Gehlot told reporters at the Pradesh Congress Committee headquarters here on Monday that Mr. Gandhi had been invited to the State to affirm the party’s commitment to farmers’ welfare. “We fulfilled our promise made to farmers. Preparations for Lok Sabha elections have also begun… Congress will benefit from the atmosphere building up in its favour,” he said.Campaign for LS pollsAmid indications that the farmers’ rally at Vidyadhar Nagar Stadium here would be utilised to kick-start the Congress’ campaign for Lok Sabha polls in the State, the Ministers in charge of various districts have been given the responsibility to mobilise the party workers and farmers for attending the event. The main focus is on the Jaipur and Ajmer divisions.Mr. Gandhi is expected to announce the modalities and criteria for implementation of the loan waiver decision at the rally. The decision, which is set to benefit over 30 lakh farmers in the State, will result in the burden of an estimated ₹18,000 crore on the exchequer, as there will be no monetary ceiling on the short-term agricultural loans obtained from the cooperative banks.As the Congress believes that it has returned to power largely because of farmers’ support, the party leaders are likely to utilise the rally for attacking the NDA government at the Centre on the issue of farmers’ welfare.Of the three States where Congress won in the recent Assembly elections, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh announced the waiver of farmers’ short-term loans before Rajasthan.last_img read more

Bangladesh pacer Mustafizur Rahman delighted to be drafted into IPL

first_imgBangladesh pace sensation Mustafizur Rahman is happy to get the opportunity to play in the India Premier League (IPL). Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise drafted the young seamer for Rs 1.40 crore ($208,000) in the IPL auction in Bengaluru on Saturday, reports Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore were bidding to recruit the 20-year old, he was busy in front of the camera for an advertisement shooting here.”It feels good. I was hoping I would get the opportunity. Everybody was saying I may be drafted this time,” Mustafizur said on Saturday.”Shakib is doing very well (in the IPL). Mashrafe and the others have played too. It feels good that I will be playing there too.”In 2009, Kolkata Knight Riders bought Mashrafe Bin Mortaza for $600,000 while Shakib Al Hasan was drafted for $425,000 the first time.”I have nothing to say about the price. I never thought about how much I could get. I just wanted to play – that would be a big experience. I’m just happy to get the opportunity,” Mustafizur said.Sunrisers Hyderabad have lined up a number of left-arm pacers, including Trent Boult, Ashish Nehra and Barinder Sran. Mustafizur will team up with stars like Yuvraj Singh, David Warner, Eoin Morgan, Kane Williamson and Shikhar Dhawan.India’s batting great VVS Laxman will be the team’s mentor while former Australian allrounder Tom Moody will be the coach. Earlier, Mustafiz was also drafted by the Lahore Qalandars for $50,000 in the ongoing Pakistan Super League.But he is not playing in the competition due to a shoulder injury. The IPL will start off on April 9 after the conclusion of the World Twenty20.advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgA mother of three, whose husbands dreams of becoming a A mother of three, whose husbands dreams of becoming a football pro were shattered when he broke his leg at 20, Samoura has rubbed shoulders with footballers from an early age. The daughter of an army colonel she went to school with Cheikh Seck, goalkeeper for the Senegalese national team in the 1980s, and befriended Cameroonian footballing legend Roger Milla during a posting in Yaounde. “They even made out I hid him in my car with its diplomatic plates after their (Cameroons) defeat in the final of the 1986 African Cup of Nations, by Egypt,” she recalled on Saturday. Among her idols she lists former Bayern Munich winger and now president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and retired Malian striker Salif Keita, who played for Marseille. Observers said Infantinos choice of Samoura, who speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and Italian as well as Wolof, represents an image makeover for FIFA. “She will not be there to make him look good, she is not a gimmick. She will be loyal to Gianni Infantino but she will change things,” Francis Kpatinde, a close friend of Samoura and a former editor of the weekly Jeune Afrique, told AFP. “This is not a puppet who has been put in there.” Tokyo Sexwale, the South African politician and tycoon who was a candidate for the FIFA presidency, said what counted most was her management expertise. “Shes someone who has worked in the system of the United Nations and understands what is required in terms of an executive,” Sexwale told AFP. “The fact that she is a woman is not number one for me, number one, she must be a human who can be capable.” AFP KHS KHSadvertisementlast_img read more

Goa Dy CM defends tainted minister amid resignation demands

first_imgPanaji, Jun 11 (PTI) As opposition parties demanded the sacking of State Sports Minister Ramesh Tawadkar for being chargesheeted in an unlawful assembly case, Goa Deputy Chief Minister Francis D?Souza today defended his cabinet colleague saying that he has not been convicted yet. “Filing of charge-sheet does not mean someone is convicted. It is not the judgement,” D?Souza said playing down the demands of removing the minister from cabinet. “Chargesheet means there are prima facie evidence, which needs to be proven. I feel only once charges are framed against the minister, then it is a matter of seriousness. Then it is serious,” D?Souza told reporters here. When asked whether the minister should step down on his own, D?Souza said it is for the minister to decide. “It is for the individual to take a call. It is his own conscience that has to guide him. In some cases individual on their own step down while some dont,” he said. Opposition parties in the state including Congress, AAP, NCP and Goa Forward are demanding resignation of Tawadkar. “We demand that Tawadkar should resign voluntarily from the cabinet or chief minister should drop him from the cabinet. He has been accused of serious charges and now he is before the court,” Congress? Goa Spokesman Sunil Kawathankar said. He said Congress party will be petition Governor Mridula Sinha seeking her intervention to drop the minister from the cabinet. Yesterday, Canacona Police charge-sheeted Tawadkar before a Judicial Magistrate First Class after he allegedly barged into the office of a senior forest officer at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and forcibly took away two persons who were in custody there on April 27, 2009. He was bookedunder various sections of Indian Penal Code for unlawful assembly, rioting and criminal trespass. NCP State President Jose Philip D?Souza said the cabinet should not have a tainted minister. “He should resign immediately. By keeping him in the cabinet BJP is proving that it is the party with tainted faces,” he said. Goa Forward too has echoed the demand of his removal. “Such a tainted minister cannot continue to be part of the cabinet. Chief Minister should sack the minister if he does not resign on his own,” party spokesman Durgadas Kamat said. AAP has served ultimatum of 15 days for the state government to sack the minister, failing which they have decided to approach Governor with a petition. PTI RPS DK RGadvertisementlast_img read more

Column: Clumsy words tarnish the LeBron James brand

first_imgEthel Booba on SEA Games cauldron: ‘Sulit kung corrupt ang panggatong’ And the LeBron brand may never be the same.He’s still one of the greatest basketball players ever, that hasn’t changed. But in the space of just a few sentences Monday night James may have abdicated his spot as someone who should be listened carefully to when it comes to social issues.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGreatest ever?SPORTSFormer PBA import Anthony Grundy passes away at 40SPORTSSan Miguel suspends Santos, Nabong, Tubid indefinitely after ‘tussle’ in practiceNo one was asking James to come out in support of protesters in Hong Kong. That was always a bridge too far for a player who makes millions in the lucrative Chinese market.But a player who has always prided himself on speaking out on issues ranging from Trayvon Martin to Colin Kaepernick should have made sure in this instance that he was speaking out the strongest in support of free speech. Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next James didn’t, at least when it comes to Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and the firestorm Morey set off with his tweet in support of Hong Kong protesters. In his first comments since returning from China, James cast Morey as being “either misinformed or not really educated on the situation” in Hong Kong and not understanding how many people in the NBA could be affected by his tweet.While James mentioned free speech, in his bungled attempt to chastise Morey what people heard was human rights are great. But don’t let them get in the way of the NBA’s China cash cow.The words were clumsy, almost as if James himself was misinformed or not really educated on the situation. Seemingly realizing that, James followed them with a pair of tweets that did little other than rile up people even further on social media.He also riled up some protesters in Hong Kong, where on Tuesday some were seen stomping on — and in one case — burning his jersey.Not exactly the way James wanted to start the NBA season. Up until a few days ago, the biggest thing James had to worry about was meshing with new teammate Anthony Davis and finding a way for his Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Golden State Warriors.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games00:50Trending Articles02:11Makabayan bloc defends protesting workers, tells Año to ‘shut up’03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games01:38‘Bato’ to be ‘most effective’ CHR head? It’s for public to decide – Gascon02:07Aquino to Filipinos: Stand up vs abuses before you suffer De Lima’s ordeal01:28Ex-President Noynoy Aquino admits contracting pneumonia00:45Aquino agrees with Drilon on SEA games ‘kaldero’ spending issue Now he’s under fire from both sides in a dispute he had no part in making, but one where he will pay a price — and not just in endorsement opportunities in China.No one expects James to be an expert on the dispute in Hong Kong, where protesters are chafing under increased Chinese control. But they should expect him to do what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did last week in China — acknowledge that everyone doesn’t look at things the same but that everyone has the right to express their opinion and just leave it at that.Those opinions were hard to find across the NBA on Tuesday, a week before the opening of the 2019 season. That was especially true in Houston where Morey has yet to resurface and players like James Harden and Tyson Chandler joined coach Mike D’Antoni in either declining comment or saying basically nothing.Even Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach who has an opinion on most issues of the day and seems to relish sparring with President Donald Trump, is keeping relatively quiet. Kerr demurred last week when asked whether he thought Morey was wrong in sending out the tweet, saying instead that basketball “should be a force for the greater good.”That earned Kerr a tweet from Trump, who said it was “So funny to watch Steve Kerr grovel and pander when asked a simple question about China.”Indeed, James is not the only one caught in a heated dispute where middle ground will be hard — if not impossible — to find. He’s not the only one who stands to lose money — and a lot of it — should the damage to a relationship carefully cultivated over three decades be undone by a Friday night tweet.He’s got a right to market himself in China without getting involved in the country’s internal politics, and that’s fine. Few begrudge James his millions, and few — at least on this side of the world — are particularly interested in what he thinks about the relationship Hong Kong has with China.Words matter, though, and so does the right to voice them. Free speech may be an empty concept in China, but it’s the very bedrock of democracy in the United States.Like a lot of us, James is lucky to live in a country where that right is a given.Hopefully he’ll be thinking more about that the next time he speaks up. This jewelry designer is also an architect Becoming his own man Drilon apologizes to BCDA’s Dizon over false claim on designer of P50-M ‘kaldero’ Doncic, Porzingis lead way in life after Nowitzki for Mavs LATEST STORIES DTI creates Marahuyo, a luxe Filipino fashion brand for global buyers Duterte calls himself, Go, Cayetano ‘the brightest stars’ in PH politics Demonstrators hold up photos of LeBron James grimacing during a rally at the Southorn Playground in Hong Kong, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. Protesters in Hong Kong have thrown basketballs at a photo of LeBron James and chanted their anger about comments the Los Angeles Lakers star made about free speech during a rally in support of NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, whose tweet in support of the Hong Kong protests touched off a firestorm of controversy in China. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)LeBron James had time, and plenty of it, to figure out how best to answer the questions he knew were coming. Long days in hotel rooms in China and a long flight home gave him every chance to carefully craft a response to a controversy he had no part in making but one that directly affects his bank account.Instead James chose to wing it. He blamed the messenger instead of addressing the message.ADVERTISEMENT Canadian vaping study details danger from ‘popcorn lung’ chemical Matteo Guidicelli had saved up for Sarah G’s ring since 2014? View commentslast_img read more

2nd Test: Pacers fire as New Zealand wrap up West Indies series with 240-run win

first_imgNew Zealand’s bowlers steadily chipped away at the West Indies lineup to record a ruthless 240-run victory shortly before tea on the fourth day of the second Test at Seddon Park in Hamilton on Tuesday to wrap up a 2-0 series sweep.Mitchell Santner took wickets on successive balls to end the tourists’ second innings on 203 for nine as they tried in vain to chase the 444 runs needed to secure an unlikely drawn series after New Zealand dominated the first Test in Wellington.The hosts did not need to take all 10 wickets after Sunil Ambris retired hurt when a short Neil Wagner delivery broke his arm, as the visitors resumed on 30-2 and were never really able to establish a solid partnership throughout the day.”New Zealand did a great job but when we batted we didn’t produce, especially in the first innings of the first Test,” stand-in West Indies captain Kraigg Brathwaite said. “Tough loss, but we saw on the bouncy pitches that we have to be better with our shot selection and we need to be more incisive.”2-0. A top start to the home summer. Next stop Whangarei and Cobham Oval!??????? | #NZvWI BLACKCAPS (@BLACKCAPS) December 12, 2017Trent Boult became the sixth New Zealander to claim 200 Test wickets when he had Brathwaite caught in the gully by skipper Kane Williamson for 20 to leave the visitors floundering at 43-3 and they failed to recover from the early blow.”It was great to put two strong performances on the board. Credit to the way we stuck to our plans and executed them well in both games,” Williamson told reporters.advertisement”Both teams fought really hard but it was nice for us to stick to our plans for long periods and get the rewards.”Boult was not the only New Zealander to achieve a significant personal milestone during the game with Ross Taylor joining former mentor Martin Crowe and Williamson on 17 Test centuries, the most by a New Zealander, on Monday.The BLACKCAPS have won the GJ Gardner Homes Test Series 2-0 after completing a 240-run victory over the West Indies on day four of the second Test in Hamilton. #NZvWICard | BLACKCAPS (@BLACKCAPS) December 12, 2017Taylor finished on 107 not out when Williamson declared on 291-8 with about an hour’s play remaining on the third day.Crowe, who died in 2016, has had a major impact on Taylor’s career, helping him transform from a swashbuckling, and at times impetuous, batsman into a player able to dominate attacks.”At the start of my career if you’d told me I’d get 17 Test hundreds, I’ve had said ‘no chance’,” Taylor told reporters after the milestone.”I always thought I’d be just a white-ball player.”(I) had some good nights with ‘Hogan’ (Crowe) over some red wine. Talking about my batting, and lot of it probably not positive.”It came from a good place and I guess that’s why I’m here.”last_img read more