Website drop right invisible killer sensitive article content

on Tuesday, I met with a serious problem, included in several Google only results in the website home page not only in the first, even ranked five! Not only that, several results are not "snapshot data (before snapshot data), Google was given the hint is this:" you can’t find and query XXXXXXX with.


please check the input word for errors.

please use another query word.

please use the more common words.

please reduce the number of query words.

according to local laws, regulations and policies, part of the search results are not displayed."

The state of

lasted for 2 days. I was very flustered, I did not know why, I want to have the last row of the home page, these seem very serious, the new station will soon be nipped in the cradle.

I analyze the reasons for this situation. For possible reasons, I’ve only summed up two. First, the content of my site out of the problem, implicated in politics and the like; two is my total station unified Title. Later proved to be one of the reasons. Except for these 2 points, I might be offended, but nothing else is possible. So began to recall the recently added articles. Because after the Google incident, GG has been entangled with GXB, involved in many areas of interest. Therefore, the major media reports are also lingering. I would like to reprint this news every day and send it to my website. Later, I found that several articles were not found on the website of that time. So I think it should be sensitive articles to blame, and quickly put all the Google Series event deleted completely.

and my original piece of black chain black hat article. It was also A5 starter, but very strange, in the past, A5 will be included in the lead, become one of my chain. But only that A5 page was not included. And in the past second days there will be many webmaster nets to reprint, the result of that article almost no reprint (or reprinted, not included). So I hastened to delete the article. Inspired by this, I even deleted some negative news about Baidu.

since I deleted these sensitive articles, not half a day, the home page has been restored first. Fairly timely, save the station life. Fortunately, Google’s loose and Baidu did not punish.


sensitive information mainly has two meanings, one is implicated in politics, two is negative, bad. I attribute the 2 to sensitive information. Webmaster is not easy to do, as China’s webmaster is not easy, younger brother wrote this was a small punishment experience, on the current car warning, warning, avoid everyone stepping on thunder.

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