As long as you insist on making a movie station, you will reap something

website, I believe we have the server space domain name will think, if let users to visit our website, of course, a lot of methods. Want long-term stability, we all choose to do SEO search engine optimization! I can also be introduced into the station soon, although not new, but not a master. It can be said that is the excessive period of the webmaster! I really understand this sentence, do website, as long as we insist on, there must be harvest, harvest more or less, even if it is a little bit of progress.

I’ve been a movie station for 5 months, and this is one of my websites. Originally chose to do film site, because the movie station is a collection of resources, using the Internet can share resources. Generally a space can do the top, of course, I choose is VPS, because at the beginning of my friend told me to choose VPS, network speed, so that the site reflects the speed is also fast, search engines like to access the fast web site. Choose to do a movie station 3 times to give up, 3 times from the regular drum. For the first time, just 2 months. 2 months only more than 100 points, IP, really poor, do not go to make money. My wife just gave birth to a child, and with the most difficult SEO optimization not completely understand, then I will give up! After about six months, my big kids, with the nanny. I came here again, when my station had no IP. Again for 2 months, IP on the more than 300, in fact, feel very excited, very happy. At that time, "India movie" this keyword, then did the home page eighth. It’s exciting. Basically, more than 200 of the 300IP comes with this word. Really, just 3 days, Baidu put me on K. I was so sad that I gave up. At that time, I was busy with my own business. After 1 months, I felt very bad. Then began to continue efforts to optimize. Finally, when I was standing high, IP was 980. I’m glad, but not more than half a month. Space problems, almost old can not open. This can be finished, Baidu SOSO 2 search engines have my K hurriedly, a page is not left. IP drops directly from more than 900 to 50IP a day. I which dizzy, gave up directly, went to play 1 also to play. Think ill of yourself. I check this website again,


this time I’m not doing the same thing as I used to. First of all, reflect on, in comparison with friends of the site. Why would I be Baidu K?. The reason is that I am a collection and reproduction station. In the original above, there is no weight. How optimization is useless. In the chain also didn’t work hard, because at that time really don’t know where to go, can send the chain. So my friend introduced me to A5 Webmaster Station learning to read the article. I’ve been looking at it for a week, and I know how to get the outer chain. I used 3 of them. Sure enough, it works. Every day I insist on 3 high weight BBS post, do signature outside the chain. In the evening, write a soft Wen, bring your own links. Or to 2 high weight blog published papers, plus their links! Every day nothing to find friendship connection, so insisted for 1 weeks. Baidu SOSO actually gave me the quick >!

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