Example analysis of local stations how to use their own blog promotion

I introduce how to stand on their own new blog, get two thousand or three thousand of the traffic every day, I hope you can see some inspiration. Immediately to the national day, we Taizhou finally pass the train, I also try holding the psychological start (thought, there must be many people search on the TaiZhou Railway Station, the train schedule, schedules, fares, tickets and other words, in their own station built a blog called "TaiZhou Railway Station – Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou TaiZhou Railway Station", the domain name is called www.zjtaizhou.com/huoche, using it for nearly a year, in the webmaster online to see the method to increase keyword density, where appropriate, bold, heightening the quality of export link, and at the end of the thesis, write (relevant article:…… Add links), around the theme of the Taizhou train, collecting relevant data, to the long tail keywords, do optimization (no personal sense of each optimization techniques are used, one can choose), also wrote a few articles, is also organize relevant information.

unexpectedly, surprisingly good results, the first day, I took a look at, there are thousands of visitors (the long tail keywords are included, the ranking is also good), so I decided to continue to do so, and collect more places in the Baidu group and Post Bar and some Taizhou people gathered in the forum that propaganda, is the main frequency and fare information on the train to Taizhou. Today, I also made some links on my blog, I believe that again pay attention to the appropriate optimization, update and promotion, traffic will flow into the stream. You will have three days to the time, the flow rate has climbed to more than 6000.

after this personal experience, I finally summed up my experience:

1, to apply their knowledge, the optimization and promotion methods used to learn, so that they will truly master, into their own things.

2, to the needs of the times, grasp the opportunity to discover around is happening or will happen, from the thought of how to use these words as keywords, bring considerable traffic.

3, pay attention to long tail keywords, how to choose the long tail keywords and increase the weight of this keyword, are worth thinking about. (from the webmaster statistics, see Internet users are searching what keywords come in, for example, eleven, and many people will search eleven, Taizhou part-time, etc., these are good keywords)

4, don’t look down on their own station, like me, although only a local website, blog weight may not match the portals, however, do some local words, their station blogs are not necessarily poor weight. The main blog built on their own stations, once successful, bring traffic, etc., are more direct.

5, optimization is best not excessive, appropriate on the line, the best natural.

6, publicity and so on, should pay attention to their target groups. The local station is best to choose the local forum, paste it, QQ group, etc..

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