ncisive Fifteen good ways to run blog stations

1, choose a good blog program. A good blogging program is an important guarantee for blogging success. For example, Zblog, WordPress and so on, are excellent independent blog program, if you do not intend to spend money, Baidu space, Sohu blog, blogbus may be a good choice for you. You can refer to how to select the blog program

2, a good blog usually has a good domain name and blog name. The application in the blog website blog must have a good name, so easy to remember, easy to establish their own brand. Independent blogs are more so, you can refer to the previous article blog named.

3, blog is best more concise. Gorgeous blog can attract many young friends, but too many effects will inevitably lengthen the opening time of the blog, so many people will lose their open patience. High speed, simple, easy to use, and featured blogs attract most people.

4, use the picture appropriately. The text is friendly to the search engine, and the reader updates to look at the intuitive picture. The blog content is different from the frame, it is independent, when we through search engines to find your blog is often open a page, so don’t worry too much because of the home and let you wait too long.

5, insist on writing articles. If you can insist on writing a daily, should not be particularly tiring, and if you do not feel satisfied, you can write two at the beginning, when it is relatively smooth, every other day to write an article. In the beginning, you can write two articles because you want to curry favor with the search engines and hope to attract their attention. More than two pieces of original text may be difficult for us, so under the principle of "quality", we should not write too many articles every day. But to maintain a relatively stable frequency, such as one or two days a day, is very good. Don’t write a lot on a certain day, and then for many days without anything, that’s not good for search engines and loyal users.

6, using simple seo. Page title, caption labels, boldface, italics, and web pages are used at the beginning of your keyword in this article. The simplest and oldest optimization strategy is often the most effective. If you are English blog, custom URL address can be used in the key words, if you are Chinese blog, in the custom URL can use keywords English word or keyword Pinyin, now supports Chinese search engines such as Baidu, Google, YAHOO, live Chinese can identify.

7, add an internal connection. Interactive join in your blog in a connection to other articles can not only increase the reading, let the reader understand your meaning more comprehensive, so that they read a few pages of your blog; can make the search engine related increase in these pages, thereby increasing the public keyword in the search engine rankings. The optimization of intra links is critical, and if given the opportunity, we can start with a special explanation.

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