7 places where blogs can be written on mobile phones

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, moblogging and microblogging is a special mobile phone blog, we say it is normal for a class of Twitter blog, not stuff, sometimes you need outside, update your blog, you don’t have to wait to go home to do, here are 7 blogs allows you to directly use mobile phone release log.



Blogger is probably the most friendly mobile phone blog platform, even on the road, you can also use a mobile phone to create a blog, sending a message to [email protected], the next time you return to the computer side, can be found and claimed the news, then you can directly hand to your Blogger blog post or send pictures.



according to your account level in LiveJournal, you can send text logs or recording logs to LiveJournal using your mobile phone.

Microsoft Live Spaces


those who use the Windows Live Space blog can send an e-mail to your Live Space blog and send it as a blog log.

, Movable, Type, on, the, iPhone


uses Movable Type 4 users to download the plug-in and use iPhone or iPod Touch to access your Movable Type blog and even leave a message.



TypePad is favored in the small business, you can easily use mobile phone blog here, TypePad specifically for iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm OS and Windows Mobile 5/6, and Symbian S60 mobile phone interface.

, WordPress, Mobile, Admin, Plugin


those running WordPr> by themselves

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