How does Yang Fan make a profit of $800 a day!

is actually a lot of people have asked Yang Fan so many possessions are come from? In fact, Yang Fan didn’t do planning before, have been on the network to do a detailed analysis, then took three months, every day sit at the computer and started the research of Internet profit model. Did the network experiment numerous profit, the final success rate accounted for 86%, or very gratifying, but a profit model of the earliest experiments still can use it, Yang Fan was also remember a network the most clear profit model, their play so long, and never any one person said, holding himself very uncomfortable, through Yang Fan’s blog and you disclose it:

the first step: search for the website source

I think this step is not difficult, now the webmaster site is everywhere on the sale of the site, because of what? Because they will not build a website marketing, website not only can not make money for him, but also every year to put a lot of time and energy and space domain renewal, finally give yourself get tired, so I had to sell the site. Then Yang Fan will check the view of the site’s "new moon", there is no development potential, how much is the old station? Several search engines? This website IP? External links? Wait, if can feel that overall evaluation is not bad, the acquisition of the whole website, remember 80 yuan was the acquisition of full website when the cheapest 6000 yuan, the most expensive ranging. This is the first step to begin.

second step: site preliminary planning

The acquisition of

to come back to the site will need to be treated, as to recover the cost of the goods to be re transformation, including keyword positioning, website localization, website localization, website content positioning and user experience and so on, after a series of work completed, waiting in the search engine performance. About a week or so, there is obvious, straight up traffic, just remember to buy a website traffic every day only 40IP, but after Yang Fan simple planning website every day a week after the flow can reach 2000IP, 2000IP Daily website on GG advertising, an average income of $3-5 a day. Only a year’s time, Yang Fan used this model to copy the success of more than 200 sites, 1 sites the average daily income of $3-5, more than 200 websites daily income is $800, the acquisition of each site cost an average of less than 20 days will be fully recovered, here to make a point, do not make GG advertising. And if a site cheating, other sites The whole army was wiped out.


third step: manage website

then there will be proposed: "Yang Fan one of the 200 sites how to manage money? Or ask someone to help you update?" if Yang Fan told you that Yang Fan did not spend a penny, but also to ensure that each site has a dedicated staff update properly you will not feel right, is not credible? So, what is the specialized personnel.

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