Do more or better

with the development of Internet information technology, the network has become an important way for people to communicate and share the knowledge, so many people have to rush on like a swarm of hornets site area, to obtain benefits


, in 2009, is no longer a good place to refuse than a few years ago. Friends who do garbage stations are tough. Still there waiting. And occasionally threatened you have a policy, which I have played many countermeasures "smart: (synonymy / field / junk information exchange") do, is to do hundreds of stations, so not tired ah. Do some serious, it may not spend more time than this


what is rubbish station: advertising variety / information / information / page statement not chaos art difference (think) with large amount of data / content / affect the user experience of the site, known as the "trash" /

but proceeds faster!What does the

dumpster profit from: there’s no doubt that it’s propped up by a little advertising. Poor character, will sell poison


garbage station needs through what way: profit by search engine is included in the amount of garbage / life / station is K, it is proved that this station, be laid off! Can continue to profit, the basic hard film!

search engines hate this dumpster very much. Even if you play a little smart, you can only cheat a while, the survival will not be long. Not that one day, is to click the site. This also indirectly shows that you do not stop doing standing, and search engines, it will stop the K station (really tired)

just do a stand, every day easily updated, a little SEO, even if you are energetic, do a few more can do.


is no regular income dumpster faster but after a time, the site will be slowly mature, income, dump 10 times, or even more! Why? Because, more than the original, search engine love, the user experience is high, return rate is also high.! the weight of high site, search engine ranking will flow / big / money, natural

in your pocket!

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