The number of links is not many, but in essence, a Harbin used network, was set up almost 3 days. Let me know the current situation, site this morning. Home page has been Baidu included. Site 2 days was included in the Baidu, but also the author since the site has never been recorded.

will be checking the statistics backstage this afternoon. Baidu has access to related keywords. Harbin second-hand mobile phone network, Harbin second-hand mobile phones are in the first page of Baidu. Harbin second-hand network is currently in Baidu fourth pages. But Google not included, unknown reasons. In propaganda, mainly online publicity, in the mother of Ali choose monthly advertising. The choice of comparison is targeted. The main choice of the Harbin area is similar classification information station put pictures of advertising practice, targeted advertising than mass spam is aimless more, because Baidu only included a page, believe in a week or so other related pages will also be released, all in the chain is currently the main access of the local site, at the same time as the molding site on his hand more with friends has about 10 or so, all will be Harbin second-hand Links network as the first single link to do. At the same time, in the A5 forum and found a few links, personally think that the number of friendship links need not be too much, but need fine. The patient is particularly suited to do hand.

in traffic every day dozens of traffic flow which is mainly divided into 2 parts, the first is Baidu, which is still relatively small, the other is the Ali Mama advertising websites to guide the flow, the next stage is the target site of large amount of income, will focus on large sites and Harbin city of friendship link. Colleagues buy part link website weight increase, I believe that soon after, I used network in Harbin will appear in the Baidu home page QQ:165507689! Welcome to communicate with you sooka classification information second-hand station construction experience. At the same time exchange links!

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