Rookie also talk about station experience

at the beginning of February 2009, I make a small, up to now (May) has been 3 months, although the site is not doing a very good, but learn a lot of things in this period, because I don’t know much about the experience in technology, an understanding of me since the establishment of the.

1, website localization is very important to strive to accurate positioning site, cut not tandaqiuquan. Otherwise, personal websites will be swamped in the internet.

2, the keyword selection of the website should make every effort to reach the designated position. If the keyword of the website has not chosen good, after search engine is included, change keyword again not very good, especially the title of the website cannot be changed more.

my station has two words "home owners" and "personal webmaster" once in Baidu ranking is not good, but good hot keywords, ranking number can bring flow. But then I changed the two title, and the result was down right. Change Title may be suspected of being suspected of cheating by search engine.

3, website content should have its own characteristics, to be more original things, do not use collection. The collection of things too much, will lose its own characteristics, but also will gradually be abandoned by search engines.

4, the site should be updated in a timely manner, to ensure that there is a wealth of content, so that visitors to your site visitors have content to see, do not let visitors disappointed. That is to say, pay attention to user experience.

5, novice, please do not over pursue the perfection of the program and the beauty of the website interface, to be practical. Website artist is not to say that the completion of the completion of the matter, membership dues a lot of time.

6, do a website to have a correct attitude, it is best not to have my station to make how much, how much money idea, the website is not easy to make money, reality may make you disappointed and lead to depression.

7, personal webmaster is very tired, if you can have a team or partners, always better than individuals, some individuals, time and energy are too limited.

8, the site space to be stable, the best speed is faster. Even if a good site, content is rich, the interface is beautiful, if the speed is slow, dead, the results can be imagined, no one will be patient and so on a few kinds of pages open.

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