Some profit points and offline promotion methods of educational websites


I engaged in a few years of education web site, a little experience, want to share with you, mainly some profit methods and offline promotion method, hope to help friends of the same industry station.

profit point:

1, the development of curriculum search system, the establishment of training courses database, training courses to achieve accurate search results. Through the course recommendation, online registration fees and other forms of fees.

course search system, its own training and education database, is a collection point of all training courses. After the basic development and improvement of the system, it will fill the complete database curriculum, and the course should be large and complete, allowing users to obtain accurate results through search.

and the result shows the name of the school, the courses offered, the hours, the charging standards, and the online registration. If the user clicks on the registration, the school fee is directly charged. If the school does not cooperate with the school unit, contact the school, according to the enrollment quota, registration fee is divided into.

At the same time,

can draw on Baidu’s bidding, so that cooperative schools can collect certain rankings and recommend fees in schools that search for similar courses.

2, and training schools and educational institutions, under the opening in education website under the cooperative station.

education network of a sub station opened later, can let the training schools and training units opened under the station, in station’s. If the station is under the station address domain name, is in the form of (XXX training school, 000 units) of each sub station may receive cooperation ranging from 1-2 million fee. The cooperative schools which pay the fees will have the independent management right of their own schools, and they may publish various courses and publicity materials of the school (the information will be examined and approved by the editorial department and issued).

if the school does not want to pay the 1-2 10000 station cooperation fees at once, the sub station will be divided into three grades. (1) gold medal member. (2) silver member. (3) bronze medal members. According to the different level of membership, charge 3000 yuan -8000 yuan, ranging from fees. Give different management rights, limit the use of functions and the number of courses offered.

line promotion method:

1, equipment, clothing and other facilities, send professional crews to schools, training institutions, educational institutions on-site interviews, increase the exposure rate, improve visibility, and obtain high quality content for the web site.

through the network, newspapers and other media channels, access to schools, training institutions, educational units and other activities, news and information. Edited by the editorial department, the expatriate reporters to the news activities on-site interviews, with the site to cooperate, the event continues to follow reports.

when there is no news, it can be used solely for representative students or schools, training institutions, educational units

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