The development prospect and direction of personal stationmaster in the current situation

there are many personal websites, nothing more than the contents of some websites and video website, due to copyright issues to walk the edge, many companies cannot open access, even if similar Baidu Inc launched MP3 search, but also give an address, do not provide this service, like on the road there is a person always tell you where there are people in the counterfeit, let you look at the past, the people who tell you it is not, although he can get profit from the counterfeit man over there, if not for profit, when people know this person to tell you where fraud also tell you some information you need, for example, tell you there is no fraud, then get more money from these formal businesses.

do the station, you want to estimate your own ability to do what station, money, technology and network operation knowledge and your long-term accumulation experience how much, this is very critical!


we don’t talk about those strong economic strength and the professional to provide technical services to the site, we are talking about is wandering blindly in the network owners how to do and you should stand to make money, hope to can give a lesson to those who have not developed the webmaster, because we believe that personal webmaster forever than to the company’s strong, both in the working time and diligence are the industry leader


one, personal Adsense development direction

first you have to consider what you want to do, to make money through those channels, you are ready to invest much, you want to be famous or want to make money only or to both Gu? This question needs to be worth considering! I appreciate those webmasters a movie even though they don’t have eyes, technical content is not high to download a program about the development of the network post casually, can be good every day through a kind of alliance to earn a few hundred, so many webmaster, some people will say: cut, and a lash movie station, I don’t think so (I do not first movie station), I think this is a good way to at least you can make money, can you go to the accumulation of capital and experience for the development of new projects, and as long as you continue to do it in the promotion, Baidu and other search engines have not been the case of K, It’s easy to do 10 thousand to 20 thousand of traffic, and it’s a good way to invest without having to. So although they stand ranking is not high or the master is not well known, perhaps you can observe many of the films are not stand webmaster contact, but they do make money, than the total flicker at the forum more famous ring owners earn more, this is that he just wants to make money to accumulate funds after waiting for greater development! There are many, this type of entertainment station, pictures, video, and try to do as long as you will certainly have a harvest!

many webmaster now love with those by those who stand the wind to imitate, I feel the strength of the words to imitate can, no strength of words or persuade you not to waste that energy, because all the wind site relatively high threshold, they.

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