s Ali mother nurturing webmaster, or Adsense to feed Ali mother

Ali mother began her viral marketing from the establishment, resulting in various webmaster forums everywhere to Ali mother pimp post, the mailbox will receive promotion Ali mother spam every day, it seems the mom is still a little do marketing skills. The more disgusting is that Ali mother and cheats on a relationship, I often receive similar "XXX yuan to buy ads on your site", the opening is the point of promotion of the mom website, Ali and her mother is of this kind of behavior go unchecked.

I am a webmaster, but also the laity, I put a few of the Ali Mama advertising in a my website, received several money, actually also received what the so-called technical service fee, originally thought to be big companies as small alliances to tax deduction, deduction of remittance fee, unexpectedly out of each technology the service fee is very creative.

mother didn’t know what to worry and Baidu (there should be a lot of people know), put the Ali Mama advertising website mostly by Baidu drop right or pull hair courtesy, unfortunately, the station I was Baidu pull hair, a Chinese website is how painful Baidu pull hair is a piece of at least, traffic dropped by half, put the advertisement of the mom basically is that behavior.

these things I can, do not want to say what, after all, largely the responsibility is not in the Ali Mama, now it happened that I completely despise the mom, look at Ali Mama advertising:


"have" at present basically is a derogatory term, is now the mom to use webmaster who, although most of the webmaster Chinese is still very poor, has not reached the well-off, but also not to be your mom kept the point, to have at least Ali sister to have ah, nothing else alone "Ali mother nurturing webmaster" is the message you want to on TV advertising is never pass, but also in the network legislation is not standardized, there are still a lot of a clown in the rebellion, Ali mother as a large network company, at least to do an example.

I want to say is: not Ali mother nurturing small and medium-sized Web site webmaster, is small and medium-sized Web site to support Ali mother.

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