From nbhao123 site experience about site navigation station brand strategy and business value

site navigation station trend, I have been at the station network published an article entitled "Web Trends and Ningbo four site navigation station" analysis of the soft, although is mainly aimed at the station opened (original name flagship Ningbo hao123) propaganda, but also based on my web site for business model and the next point of thinking. The conclusion is as one of the overall trend of the Internet, the web site is the trend and the value of localization, also mentioned that I have always attached importance to brand and operational planning, but the actual experience and maneuverability is also very broad. How to shape a brand, how to achieve commercial value or have income? With the construction of Web sites and learning in depth, this problem also has a more profound experience.

first, a review of the site’s history, from the domain name selection, site name, profile and brand slogan changes, more obvious planning adjustment of the station operations.

from the end of November 2009 opened at the beginning of the conclusion based on the start position of Ningbo local hao123 web site home. Because the first domain name was, it was originally called Ningbo navigation. Feel the domain name is not good enough to remember, and list brand strategy more convenient promotion, enabled the nbhao123 domain name, the website name also immediately push home Ningbo hao123 web site. During the search for a comparison of the many near the hao123 website, favorite example is Hunan hao123. in the program selection, just started to buy a 15wz program, the interface and the color is good, but too much garbage for background operation, operation is really too important, had to be abandoned. Finally chose the backstage powerful and technically supported 114. Presumably, for the current web site program, 114 is undoubtedly the best free web site system.

after the time is similar to Hunan hao123 started construction, including logo design, website profiles, SEO optimization and promotion of website content adjustment. SEO tells the truth, also did not do many promotion, regarding the local website station, the local website type key word still relatively easy goes up. In addition to the SEO work, the content of the website itself, column construction also spent a lot of energy. To tell you the truth, as the 114 program, the first thing to do is to clear the traces of 114, making the website become 114, except for the necessary reservations. Therefore, in the search box, templates at all levels and various types of Web sites, have done a lot of clean-up and adjustment work. Logo has designed three versions, and constantly improve the design.

through these improvements, the overall content and quality of the website has been greatly improved. To put it too far, in Ningbo, a few web sites, Ningbo hao123 is to do the most quality of the. No one in Ningbo. The station as Ningbo hao123 so clear site and location (Ningbo local hao123 web site home), brand slogan (Ningbo hao123– Ningbo, the world! "

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