Love to the depths do stand a year of ups and downs

I’m the webmaster for daily recruitment. The station was built at the end of 07. During the day, evening I went to the Internet to find information, including nationwide recruitment information, I am not willing to go to the web site (a friend urged me to direct acquisition), global forum, Baidu know, ask me is my usual way. One day, I was contacted by a recruitment meeting and asked if I could publish information about their recruitment on my website. I was glad to send him to my mailbox. The same day, I issued a "welcome" notice, gradually, every day I can receive letters sent to the venue of the recruitment of email, ha, this give me collect data saving a lot of time, I finally no longer until 12 p.m., during that time, I often go to a less Kazakhstan I don’t work, leading to intervene under 10 back.

I from the site statistics from the keywords, found that recruitment website keywords too flexible, unlike some of the industry’s proper terminology. Because the recruitment has timeliness, regional, people in the search, enter the "January 10, 2009 Shanghai Recruitment", "09 years of Shanghai Recruitment", "09 years of Japanese Recruitment", instead of "fair", "Shanghai recruitment". How to optimize the key words, so I have a headache, moreover, the recruitment information is generally fair organizers written text, which is the inherent condition, participants fees, venue introduction information, which is different from the ordinary articles, I have no chance to even polish. I have to according to the content of the email sent to the site where the wholly intact, at most, according to the content change of the title. This "Repetition" problem appeared, because other peer sites also received the same email, similar content in our website, the lower weight, I have suffered a lot. Over the past few months, the total number of pages Baidu has been a single digit, of course, traffic lost a lot of it, Baidu is the main force in the domestic website traffic which?.

station PR has 4 friends, mom from time to time also sell out, Google included 636 items, and why Baidu has not increased? Therefore, I also invited a few friends to help with the diagnosis, they gave me a death sentence, mostly by Baidu eyeing. They also give a good way, I read a lot about how the site is similar to K. This article, in the webmaster nets, I also put Links in website thoroughly inventory again, terminated several suspected K links. I don’t know. It doesn’t work. Here, I also hope that the master of Admin5 in the white busy, pointing one or two, pull a little brother.

this half a month, the most fun thing to my new blog, recruitment Encyclopedia (, the flagship website recruitment information, recruitment will be a lot of things, in analysis, tips, such as recruitment industry or even a job seekers from the recruitment will be back after the feeling and so on, I think it is helpful for job seekers. In order to keep original, >

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