Analysis of new breakthroughs in website access

company at the end of August the new revision of a website junlue industrial advisory network, access volume exceeded 3000 in December 1st, up to 3163 IP. Earlier than I expected. What is the reason for baogao114 visits from early September tens of IP to 3000IP now? I have a simple analysis of the.

September 1 good to December 2 good flow change chart


from this view, the flow is basically in an increasing trend, in October at the beginning of a I flow down, it seems to me that it was because just modify title, Baidu drop right for a period of time. The number of visits has been increasing, in addition to the site positioning, keyword selection reasons, I think that is the website update efforts have been increasing. The amount of information has been increased, and more pages have been collected, giving the site more opportunities to appear before the user.

below detailed analysis, from the column of the website, 92% of the site’s traffic from the "Research Report" page, 4 and 7% of the traffic from the free reporting page. Then, "free advice" and "success stories" add up to about 2% of the traffic. Free data brings 1% of the traffic. Here is the screenshot:


so it can be said that the baogao114 site has only one channel, that is, research reports. The other channels have not been developed yet. This is also a common problem for all of our websites. I think after that, if each channel page can play and research page, so even half of the role, then the site’s access is already terrible.

From the

report page background see, I looked at the statistics, the report page to flow the largest XXX price trend of this research report template from the XXX price of the Baidu keyword search, we report are basically in the home show. Moreover, the ranking is very close, and many are in the first place. Studied the template and found that the keyword in this template appears to be the largest and dense. Other reports template keyword density on it is so big, so ranking is very bad, bring traffic is also very little.

for example, we have a report on the website is "comprehensive analysis of financing investment report 2010 medical extracorporeal circulation device project (Expert Edition)", the word I search in Baidu "medical extracorporeal circulation device project", appeared in second place is the "Chinese medicine 2009-2012 with extracorporeal blood purification and recycling equipment industrial equipment market forecast report" from China Yearbook information network ( of this website. Look at their report template, also "medical extracorporeal circulation equipment", the word frequency appears very high. >

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