CP records for the webmaster, where will he go


Sohu saw no record of domestic Station No. 24 before the closure of all, such as the stick hit me, confused and disoriented, how could this be, although my main business site on the foreign server, but the customer all websites on the internal server, the seriousness of the problem is that the customer is my site the server is mine, once the IDC over there talking, this is not my money all over


enterprise website as a warning for the future, following the wave of the past, the online mall is almost no suspense, Taobao, Baidu, eBay, Amason, Jingdong, 2688, red child…… Although the electronic commerce has a bright future, online shopping has become a fashion and a must, but which can remove the masses online cruising shopping outside the shop? I as a web developer, cannot be done by shopping mall three digits, but two digits or more than, no profit the operation of the company, so difficult, these sites provide development services for the webmaster is also a lot of sac shy ah, grassroots webmaster

decide on what path to follow?

many people have an idea, do technology is cattle, I don’t think so, because I myself including my side all technical, professional cattle, income is very poor, there are Baidu, Ali, there is no money, you do not believe, is like this from the fact that source of income to see clearly.

first: many webmaster main work or work in the enterprise, but also to work in the company’s network in the absolute number, but most Internet companies really rely on the development of software system development, earn a lot of money for some very rare as blowing, slightly to feed their own network or company and industry involved, or the government and close. Then not get Chinese only game agency, a Alibaba, only a Ma, but Chinese was more than hundreds of thousands of programmers or grassroots


second: Google Adsense as the main income income is individual owners, some people looked very tough, in fact? A simple calculation, the website of pr=4 IP in normal 1000-2000, according to the 1% day is 10-20 click click, according to the price 0.5$, income is in 5-10$, but think about look, the price of 0.5$GG, how many can give you a very simple word, GG one day will not let you more than 10$, if more than it is to try to find your thorn, until you find a little for their dishonesty you have, Game Over……

third: Witkey income, the so-called SOHO or so-called Indoorsman (female) of the so-called part-time income right, but do not know if you have not found, the year before I outsourcing station of a company 3000, 1000 last year, 500 this year, last year in a shopping mall in 1500-3000, this year, I have a day before yesterday guys get a mall, offer 200, I almost from upstairs.

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