Value determines the price. Where is the value of the individual website

Hello, diving for several years, tonight, suddenly there is the impulse to write something, I this person is love psychology or something, so I just from the angle of psychology, shallow talk about the personal website, and our personal webmaster success, write more chaos, we hope.

often see on the Internet, many webmaster complain, complain about Baidu K station, complain about don’t pay, complain Google unit price is too low, income is too little. Indeed, most of the webmaster’s income is far from their expectations, and very unstable. So, a young webmaster, if you want to rely on your own personal website to earn money to buy a house, everyone will think it is Arabian nights.

so, what is the reason why the webmaster is so embarrassed? This is the first question.

– what is the value of personal websites?

from the perspective of economics, value decides price, personal website as a commodity, the value of it is? It can greatly improve the users of the quality of life, this is our fundamental parameter decision of individual stationmaster income.

is the webmaster all know how easy it is to do a website, download a CMS, with their templates, then what is the job? Yes, collecting! Set the parameters of nodes, a button, a few hours to collect tens of thousands of customers. But the question is, is it worth it? Are we doing useless work,


there is no denying that many personal websites have been successful, such as hao123, such as Admin5, which provide valuable information to users while bringing non income to themselves.

but this website in the personal station and what proportion? How much information from online portals can’t find our baby on the site? If there is no Baidu, our website has no IP? The answers to these questions, is our income puzzle is why my website at I have to do with, real reason finally always failed.

Here is the Baidu

, we love to hate Baidu, actually I want to do, for our personal webmaster speaking, we really have no reason to complain about how Baidu! What is Baidu, it is a businessman, for we have no obligation and no responsibility, including your website, it does not need to you appreciate it, because it thinks you can bring benefits to its website, K your station, because it is found you is a mistake, you don’t have any value to it, so simple.

my star search-net ( that is already on the line, more than half a month, Baidu is still not included in the signs, how to do? Any complaints are immature, because one must learn to take responsibility for yourself, so, if we want to change the present situation, must first start from yourself.

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