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platform has the qualifications, vehicle operating permit, the driver’s car network about the qualification certificate, after the Department of transportation issued about the new car network and the provinces have been released about the car network management rules, three cards are complete the network about cars on the premise of open and aboveboard orders, so that the threshold for network about cars is not low. In other words, if the net about the car driver to pick up, after the road checked, unable to get the operating permit and qualification certificate, may be detained cars.

how to let the net about car have operation certificate? Now, the general practice is to rent a car rental company with a certificate of operation of the car, but let the driver more anxious is that, his qualification certificate has not yet been found. The day before, the reporter called a car in a platform, the car windshield with an operating license, the driver said the car is rented, the monthly rent of 6000 yuan. When a reporter asked, with the operation certificate, it will not be checked, the driver said that the vehicle operating permit and driver’s qualification certificate can not be less. "One of my friends also opened the car drops, the car is rented, with operating license, once checked, because there is no qualification certificate, fined 10 thousand yuan, of course, these problems will be fined and afterwards by the platform to solve." And talking about, since you want to open nets about car, why not go to the exam qualification certificate reason, the driver said, "the difficulty is too high, pass rate is too low."".

car should have operation certificate, driver must have qualification,

there are three stages of life: the first is to look at the mountain is the mountain, to see water is water; the second is to look at the mountain, not the mountain, to see the water is not water; the third is to look at the mountain or the mountain, to see whether the water or water?. In fact, the Internet also has how profitable this three point. Here is one by one analysis.

Shenzhou special car claiming to go is the B2C model of heavy assets, using proprietary vehicles, drivers are also employee system. Previously, China car driver told "IT times" reporter, the Shenzhou car car has only a fraction of the operating permit, without the operating permit, the risk will be detained the car, but after deduction of the issue by the company to resolve, generally two or three days after the car will be able to come back.

money information overwhelming, reputation can not guarantee, method for the novice some interest on the Internet to win the mind caused some illusion. My personal introduction has been mentioned with you, recently went to other forums to learn, and now sort out some ideas, here to share with you.

Now the Internet

according to drops >

pass exam rate is low, cannot get "job card", can leave

second points: look at the mountain is not the mountain, look at the water is not water. This time, in a free form, is not completely new, not really understand how profitable the people on the internet. This stage is a blundering stage. Today to see a Taobao customer earn much, tomorrow see B do ask school earned by the amount of the day after tomorrow see do ou fly number c card how to make the number, my heart began to worry, others are making a profit, can not, I have to do, what is the goal of joining this Forum ah, inconvenience is it? – this time, impetuous physiological has made him unable to see.



the first point: look at the mountain is the mountain, look at the water is water. As a newcomer, here refers to the Internet to win overseas without acquaintances. For example, in April, I didn’t even know what CPS and CPA were. Not to mention website programs, code or something. At the same time, there are no deceived people. this is the little honor to celebrate, a war on the Internet for a long time had the interest to win this time, hee hee, will hold an impulse and restless mind. Impulse is that string of numbers: Monthly earn 10000, day into 300, ha ha, this can not make people impulsive? The more the more behind the more impulsive. It is disturbing to see that those courses can be learned by themselves. Of course, it is not difficult to look at them now. That time itself, for a long time from kindergarten to study, from the beginning of kindergarten, step-by-step, very modest, very careful study. No impetuous, no comparison. So, at that time, the mountain is the mountain, and the water is the stage of water. A stage without any distracting thoughts. This reminder to enter the Internet industry profit new friends a bit: the current development of the Internet industry profit is very fast, a lot of expert, I believe that in addition to a long time, there are many methods of this industry leader on the Internet a lot of very high gold content can win interest to impart to you, I believe it can teach us how profitable enough. However, do not be misled by the physiological speculation earned 300, not a myth, a monthly income of 10000 is not Arabian Nights, but the first thing is to ask what to take to get the income itself. When you have the answer, but the answer can also take charge enough to make you convinced itself, you have mastered the method on the Internet to win interest.

at present, all over the country are busy on the network about car drivers to assess, many drivers are also enrolled in the training course, hoping to pass the exam to obtain a network of about car driver’s license, but the effect is not ideal. Like Shanghai in February this year held the first network about the car driver examination, the rate of less than 50%; for the Shenzhen nets about car driver has more than 20 thousand people, but at the beginning of the May, has received insufficient net about car driver qualification certificate 2000.

newcomers learn how to make three profit on the Internet

in the middle of May, Mr. Liu, who was on a business trip to Shanghai, met such a thing. After the end of the business trip, Mr. Liu set up a Shenzhou special car, ready to send from the hotel to Hongqiao airport, to pick him up, is a chase commercial car. But what Mr. Liu didn’t expect was that the car was stopped by the police and said it was to be checked. "After the inspection, the police found that the car had no operation permit, the driver was taken away, the vehicle was detained."." Mr. Liu, who worked with police on his identity cards, was only in a hurry to call a taxi and head for the airport.

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