The reason for Taobao’s lost order may be announced soonBlogging makes money an unusual way to talk

more stable blogging ways to make money

2. buy links Tips: buy links here is to help customers buy a large number of links, earn intermediate fees. Suppose the intermediary fee of a link >


each Blogger’s motivation for blogging at first seems to be motivated by interest, and over time, interest shifts slowly into experience and resources, such as strong connections, significant visits, and so on. When the resources on hand are accumulated to a certain extent, they begin to think how they can be converted into money through certain operations or means, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. Vulgar, just as making money through blogging.

1. sell link tip: in recent years the link trading market is quite popular, get rich by selling a single link this method stationmaster beyond count; the method described as profits, the premise is that you have a high PR site resources, how to quickly improve the PR value? You can take a look at this article "the rapid increase of the PR value is not " do not touch the beautiful "" have the resources to where to sell? Link trading platform of choice for Admin5; if you need the high weight of the blog link, welcome to contact me! q100054619

1. sell product services tip: if you can shop, to get the product in the blog promotion to sales; if you can see it proficiency in a particular line, also moved to the blog to sell, such as SEO optimization services, imitation station service, web design services, WordPress services, theme development plug-in advertising services and so on; let the blog liuyijun sidebar, this is one of the most common blog service

money blogging way, but now it seems that most of the Blogger is still dependent on advertising alliance, although advertising alliance high threshold, the price is low, there are too many tricky, but for new sites, a way of income is also not a bad idea, but from the current Blogger advertising revenue, advertising alliance seems to have been in the doldrums. Therefore, I believe that the blog making money, "do not take the ordinary road", can not rely solely on the website alliance. Moreover, from the perspective of making money, the initiative must be better than the passive, find the right direction, take the initiative, make a small profit, how cost-effective, how come!

my opinion about blogging making money


according to the link, click after I look, the link is indeed change said in the article, as for whether it will cause lost, because I don’t use dark Empire program, so it is not very sure, as for other Taobao customer program will also have the same problem. I also can not determine. In short, I hope to give a statement, after all, this is all small webmaster hard-earned money and money ah, the moderator has confirmed Ali Ali alliance to reflect this problem, I believe that Ali alliance official will give argument soon, about this madman of Chu and everyone will continue to pay attention to.

2. to help others to sell products to sell services tip: if your blog has a certain flow and the reader, it can find some enterprises to cooperate, help them to sell products with the corresponding percentage; the method is repeated; in the network marketing training courses on Wang Tong the author suggests to find relevant cooperative enterprises, according to the theme positioning the blog that the success rate will be much higher

because before listening to rumors that Taobao will lose their master off single, because I always do not know true and false, the Commission is not much, so it is not too much, but was released, you should pay more attention to nature. Post is the developer of the dark Empire, the moderator also gives reply and attention, it seems that things are true. Screenshot as follows:

reprinted please specify Chu Madman blog chukuangren

! There are many ways to

‘s more cost-effective way to make money on blogs

customers as the main domestic advertising alliance, has become the main source of income and livelihood for many webmaster, Madman of Chu himself in the promotion of Taobao customers, but because of lazy personality, what did not make good results, but often have the opportunity to listen to master some communication, ha ha. Today, inadvertently in the group to see a master sent a link, Ali’s mother is the official forum address, saying that there is a huge Taobao BUG customers, will cause a lot of lost single.

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