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advertising accurate delivery, door-to-door customers higher quality – quality customer resources is the survival and development of enterprises and the key to evergreen. Keyword advertising according to the characteristics of your potential customers, precise directional delivery according to a specific location, time, language, to ensure that the ads will be pushed to the front of the target population, the resulting potential customers more intent, excellent in quality.

pays by effect, avoiding waste of money – – enterprise funds are limited, spending money on the cutting edge. Your keyword ads only appear in front of potential customers who are interested in your products and services. They will click on your website for more information. You only need to pay for each click to avoid wasting money.

shlf1314 AdWords, the shlf1314 keyword advertising program, is a keyword based network advertising format. Because of the effect of precise, low price, cost-effective, simple and flexible operation mode, shlf1314 AdWords rapid promotion and popularization in the world, has now become the world’s most popular form of online advertising. Through shlf1314 AdWords, you simply select keywords and create simple and effective ads to display the keyword ads to users who search the product online.

AdSense phone confirmation

Please use the

1. style similar to the 861067890000 or 8613912340000 enter your phone number to confirm. The international telephone call, you need to enter the China area code 86. For the fixed telephone, please add your area 86 in the back of the code, such as Beijing is 10, Shanghai is 21. If the mobile phone please enter your mobile phone number can be directly behind in the 86;

2. for the fixed telephone please do not confirm with the extension number, the system does not support the extension of the call;

3. is unable to receive the fixed telephone direct dial telephone confirmation, please try to use mobile phone call to confirm, this will help you quickly confirm.

shlf1314 AdWords advantage

flexible and autonomous control, advertising should be changed – the market environment changes rapidly, enterprise strategy should be changed. Keyword ads >

in the world, every day millions of enterprises use shlf1314 AdWords keyword advertising for commercial promotion. Among them, there are 500 strong multinational corporations and more and more small and medium developing enterprises. This new style of advertising, which is very popular with companies, is an online advertising system that can respond directly to consumers and customers. It is entirely done by shlf1314’s powerful search engine. When people search one of your keywords on shlf1314, your ads may be displayed next to the search results. In other words, as long as the company put on the shlf1314 keyword advertising, interested in the enterprise products and services to potential customers will be able to search through the network, quickly find the business information, will ease the supply and demand sides together, so that the more Wangzhuan to achieve business transformation.

shlf1314 AdWords keyword ads provide a variety of forms of advertising: text ads, picture ads, animated ads, video ads, interactive advertising and mobile advertising. Through these precise forms of advertising, your products and services can be more effectively spread.

brand promotion with this recipe, July activity legislative common problem minus 500-1000 yuan

global quality coverage of potential customers in the market China net, shlf1314 and its partners on tens of thousands of Chinese formed the largest advertising platform, the most extensive coverage of high quality customer groups; in the global market, shlf1314’s advertising platform covering 88% of global Internet users, occupy the largest market share in Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region the main market.

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