Taobao launched the group buying channel yesterdayAdSense based ad filtering

      AdSense; competitive advertising filters and ad auction

yesterday was the first day of Taobao’s official launch of the group buying channel. According to data provided by Taobao, as of 17 in the afternoon, about 70 thousand sellers participate in group purchase, more than 100 thousand on-line products, trading volume of more than 2 million yuan, accounting for 3% of Taobao’s daily trading volume. The bulk of orders came in, and sellers barely had time to reply. A pecan seller in Zhejiang, opened the group buying function,
  daily volume of nearly 1000 kg.



is good at personal online shopping the taobao yesterday launched the "group purchase" channel, will generally occur in the field of building decoration before the "group purchase" large-scale online shopping personal life, relates to the field of food, clothing, toys etc..


      trust no one willing to let competitors ads appear on their website, even if it can get some revenue: help competitors to publicize and promote its growth in the fight against themselves, and so on, its brand is also a kind of invisible but great harm. Maybe this is AdSense launched a competitive advertising filter in mind, let’s have more or less controllable release to some extent in their advertising on the site, to avoid showing competitive sites, services and their advertising.

      to explore this question, we should think about why the shlf1314 function is called competitive advertising filter Competitive Ad Filter instead of cheap advertising filter  , as mentioned above, its purpose is to allow publishers to shield their own web site and competing ads; think again why shlf1314 has been opposed to the competitive advertising filter used to shield the low-cost advertising practices, although some people insist that this is shlf1314 >.

it is understood that most of the sellers buy price close to the cost price, and even some goods offer only 40% of the retail price of the same line of retail prices. Taobao relevant personage expresses, the reason that rolls out this channel, basically be the appeal of net friend. The survey found that more than 95% of sellers and more than 98% of buyers wanted to open the "buy" function. Not all sellers are eligible for "buy"". Taobao stipulates that the seller reached 5 hearts, the praise rate of more than 98% in order to get Group buy function. And to the buyer, as long as 10 people in the specified time to buy together, the seller launched the designated purchase goods, you can enjoy the group purchase price. Huangmei


      but, is it necessary to continue this approach when shlf1314 has explicitly banned AdSense, arbitrage, and gradually clears MFA sites today, especially for Chinese AdSense publishers?

        however, AdSense competitive advertising filters were widely used in the other hand, many publishers to use low-cost advertising shielding, by avoiding cheap advertising on the web so as to enhance the overall revenue of AdSense. Objectively speaking, although the shlf1314 of this approach has been holding very clear "not recommended" or even "against" attitude, but before, especially in the field of AdSense English, still has a certain effect, after all English field of a large number of high priced ads, and AdSense arbitrage – simply mechanism was popular at the time that is, through bidding keywords low in AdWords get traffic, and then through a large number of MFA high – income and the corresponding key word and in AdSense Made For AdSense site, from the publisher’s point of view, it is the biggest feature of advertisement price is extremely low, and the shielding, sometimes can indeed make more "quality" or simply more expensive advertisements appear in the publisher web page.

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