Create customer aspirations Haier U+ second quarter create a guest contest to help me realize my dre

2, Amoy channel and Amoy search the search box below is the most direct Taobao search box, if the guest channel and use the following users to enter search Amoy Amoy after the search box to search product, the webmaster is not the

September 1st, "Newell U+, bloom dream – 2016 Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and U+ ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, contest brings together Haier U+ platform, hard eggs, business lounge, online platform alliance, Chinese intelligent Home Furnishing industry in Zhongguancun Venture Street, Haier Saif, sealegend investment the door for the public record, and enterprise space, Bauhinia business school Home Furnishing Houde intelligent industry chain of authority and leadership, and industry experts, well-known investors, creating the Haier ecosystem across the small micro exchange opportunities, help incubator project future ecological Home Furnishing Chi collar, inject new impetus for the rapid development of intelligent Home Furnishing industry.

strong, Haier U+ provides all-round incubation support

Shanghai Knox Health Science and Technology Co Ltd CEO Ding Yichuan said in an interview: from the very beginning know the Haier brand. As the first traditional home appliance enterprises in transition, Haier has brought me a lot of shock. There are industry experts feel the pulse diagnosis, help identify the location; hit off the team lack of project development technology and management experience, U+ joint incubator to provide training, technical support; "project funds Lianduanlie? There are angels and your creative venture capital docking; has been formed, but the lack of market validation? The best plots" U+ five ecosystem project is a huge consumer market scene"…… This is the charm of the "U+ creation competition". Any ideal, creative creating small, as long as the project conforms to the registration requirements for entry, the development model can fit the intelligent Home Furnishing ecosystem, has realized the commercial prospects of landing, joining U+ hit off contest, to bid farewell to Home Furnishing intelligent product development process technology, capital, experience, management and other problems. Haier U+ intelligent life platform will provide "one-stop" service hatch.

as for 8 consecutive years won the first brand of intelligent China Home Furnishing, U+ intelligent life platform is based on U+ IOT platform U+ interactive platform, U+ ecological platform as the basis, to lead the era of the Internet of things smart home as the goal, always pay attention to the needs of users, the integrity of interactive user community to actively promote the precipitation, the home network device, through the Internet the exchange interaction entrance, create win-win open platform resources, the establishment of intellectual life ecosystem. I believe the Haier U+ platform can help create dreams

1, when a user searches for the product, when no guest, below will automatically create the Taobao promotion connection, this connection is not the


now I believe that many webmaster in the guest when the guest is done through search and guest channel. But this will cause a lot of loss of orders personal practice. Because my website is the guest back now, so the user will provide information in order to buy. I was thinking that it would not due to the loss of orders, but from the aspect of practical operation. This time the user submitted a total of more than 20 orders, but later displayed or can Amoy settlement up 50%. which is said to have 50% orders is no commission. Why is that? And I Amoy customer service multi understand, find that the following reasons:


3, Amoy Amoy on the right side of the channel and search some articles and recommended baby is connected to Taobao, if users go in to buy, the webmaster is not the

in the IOT rapid development trend, creating emerging undoubtedly has brought to the industry benign stimulation, the Haier U+ platform through the game found a good project to hatch or venture capital so as to improve the U+ service platform to meet the wisdom of life, wisdom of life experience and different user demand. In the ShangHai Railway Station site four hit off, from their own perspective, the interpretation of a problem and challenges will be encountered in the entrepreneurial process, and Haier U+ is how to proceed from a customer demand, giving customers create help, leading the healthy development of the intelligent Home Furnishing industry, improve the user experience the wisdom of life scene.

Commission owners Commission

I don’t know what is Ali mother deliberately designed so, or because of new product design flaws. I think if it is time of new product design flaws, hope mom can improve as quickly as possible. If it is deliberately designed, then I think that help in the promotion, the mother is very unfair to them may pay a lot of effort, but what is not.


my site is Amoy back now, I believe that the launch of the mom in a guest, certainly a lot of stationmaster joined them. From the guest to provide an excuse for, perhaps now only through the API guest will not be lost.

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