Day P two hundred, day income 2 knives, see how do the websiteWhen you bask in male property lice

of course, in this era of increasingly scarce content, the supply demand under the consumption upgrade has begun to change

actually like this April Fool many, Longfei is not listed here, April Fool’s Day is always marketing than those who dare to play, who’s more creative products of a powerful and unconstrained style. Some are "pure entertainment" marketing, some from the side reflects the functional features of the product, while others are in a lie way to say the real idea of the heart. Have to say, April Fool’s day marketing can also play very deep it?.

      1 at the beginning of GG AD I just put the GG code posted to the web page or pages are basically no deformation, click rate, and IP and pageview are reduced, no way, spent with the research "with the GG AD code for long days, always the comparison of fusion, with less amount of that click on display are disproportionately few tenths, which did not know what is the use of eCPM.

today, the dissemination of information sharing makes a lot of scarcity value to be diluted, people in order to win the user’s eye, with the title of the party to have a powerful and unconstrained style draw the user’s attention, in order to achieve the purpose of traffic overflowing.

      2 adjust the display color of GG AD, so that the color of the ad is more integrated with the page, the effect has improved.

April 1st, the New District of new heavy debut. That night, the entire North China Plain was caught in a frenzy. But when thousands of investors holding hundreds of cash have been flocking male Anxin District, banned any transfer transactions, only at the Housing helplessly, at a time when the "xiongan District real estate license has become a circle of friends to show off, it shines with foresight and unlimited wealth of real estate license, sh419 is taking advantage of the financial the new male social hot spots, the timely introduction of the H5," invites you to become the new male person, I took the real speed book "how many people hit a" gold rush "of the heart.

news April 1st, a "good bye Beijing! And the tiger sniffing removal notice" message scraper circle of friends. The article said, "because tiger sniffing has been a continuous loss for 15 months, so decided to move away from Beijing.". Beijing time "zero time difference" from the tiger sniffing that, this is just a joke on April Fool’s day, do not take seriously.

      3 how to improve the click rate and how to increase the click rate? You can’t control user clicks, but you can control the display of advertisements. Some click rate is not high >

April 1st, ifeng Science Channel titled "Mobell, exclusive! Ofo is the biggest winner of Tencent merger talks," April Fool’s day news, the possibility of combining the two seriously, a brush screen, you can see it but it was an April Fool joke.

      in fact, I’m not an experienced webmaster, or that it is a very junior webmaster. GG AD is also a month to start, and now basically document income 2 knives, of course, 2 knives? Hey, nothing for you, 2 knives about 14RMB, enough to buy a box of cigarettes only, but don’t forget, it only 200IP every day.

      today continue this topic, day IP 200, this is too simple for most webmaster, casually collect some articles can be completed to thousands of IP, 200IP, I’m afraid can only be a mini site. This website I want to say is I mentioned last time English website http://s.China-corner, had made this website is to learn, never thought to rely on him to make money, so I had done almost what promotion, leaving a directory URL, and required to log on to this directory site put my site link. And in exchange for many links.

single from this year’s April Fool’s day, the company in order to win the eye have the use of self advantages launched an offbeat brand marketing war, which broke out in certain situations, winner often let users get unexpected communication effect, for the audience to say, in the attention of others at the same time often wants to be pay attention to look up, and this is the male new "real evidence" why can brush circle of friends for the sake of explosion.

      then I is how the IP 200 site for all income is $2?

content scarcity era, hot events widely sought after by the media

 :     last time on the Admin5 contribution, tells me to do a webmaster experience and experience entitled "no advertising personal website can do how long.". But many webmaster said it is difficult to believe that day IP800, Alexa ranking how may do 60 thousand. For this problem, I also very difficult to resolve, because I do what is English website, visitors mostly from abroad, so I guess, may be foreign users install Alexa Bar is relatively high. And I had set up a translation team on the website, and Pageview was quite tall. Maybe it’s not surprising that IP 800 will be able to rank Alexa more than 60 thousand.

when the rainy Tomb-sweeping Day people are still immersed in the pro feelings, but was April Fool’s creative spoof had a positive, many people also reduced to spread these creative marketing, everyone in the brains of tricky buddy at the same time, various businesses also started a new round of brand bend over backwards marketing campaign.

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