Brief discussion on some tips of online shop managementRegistered trademarks are important for busin


enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households or other organizations and organizations, in their economic activities, need to apply for trademark registration with the trademark office when they need to acquire the right to exclusive use of the trademark for their goods or services. There are 45 categories of international classification of goods and services for trademark registration, of which 34 categories are special for commodities category 1~34 and 11 categories for service category 35~45. The trademark registered on the 1~34 class is a commodity mark, and the trademark registered on the 35~45 class is the service mark.

is a registered trademark in the name of a person, need to prepare a copy of personal ID card, a copy of individual business license license person in charge should be consistent with the name of the applicant, an application for trademark registration, trademark design as well as a personal identity card and pay the fees in accordance with the law of trademark for

With some Chinese aesthetic words with

logo expresses a shop grade and ideas, must not be sloppy. As far as possible please professional art design, now logo design in some mission site is very cheap. You can make one if you smoke a few packs.

1. is divided into commodities trademarks and service marks according to the objects used in the registered trademarks.

shop with out of the ordinary words, thousands on thousands of, make their own shop in the name is shown on a special taste and style, embodies a kind of independent, attract the viewer’s attention.

3 associated with its own business

shop must first have a good name, some people say that a good name, equal to half the success of the shop, although this sentence can not be trusted, but a shop with a good shop is really important, especially for the online shop for you, some shop under the name of skills I hope to help you.


web pages, in addition to showing their own logo, must have specific contact address, telephone, mail, and other relevant proof, to facilitate customers at the first time can contact the owner.

2 unique

name must be concise, easy to understand and read loud to smooth, easy to pronounce, if signs of uncommon words, read Ao mouth, is not easy for visitors to learn.

collective trademarks are those that are registered under the name of a group, association or other organization for members of the organization to be used in commercial activities to indicate the membership of the user in the organization. A collective mark is not a trademark of an individual enterprise, but a trademark owned and used by a member of an enterprise or a group of individuals. Collective trademarks are used jointly by members of the organization, not members of the organization, and may not be used or transferred. In order to adapt to the characteristics of collective trademark "sharing" and "sharing", its registration, use and management should be made uniform and be made public by collective members under the supervision of the public.

2, a representative agency for trademark registration.

now is a lot of ways to make money online, what you do have, I believe I do not have to say, we all know that open shop is also very popular now, of course, also make a lot of money, the key is how to run their own shop. As I saw a propaganda words, "work is better than open an online shop, small investment, big returns, want to make money on, earn 2000, earn twenty thousand monthly."". Is it tempting? It’s true that everyone can do that, and there will be so many unemployed people. It’s back to the beginning, and the key is how you manage it. There are also some tips for opening an online shop. This is my summary of the following, and now share with you, write well, also please forgive

If Fees

features: there are agency fees, but as long as you are looking for a professional quality agency, will be the festival

4 good luck

one. Web page

2. is divided into collective and certified trademarks according to the applicant of the registered trademark.

certification mark refers to the ability of the organization is controlled by supervision, used by people outside of the organization or enterprise, to prove that the goods or services of origin, raw materials, manufacturing methods, quality or other characteristics of signs. The certification mark shall be registered by a supervisory organization, which is used by other persons other than the registered party. It is used to prove that the goods or services themselves are from a particular place of origin or have a certain quality. The registrant may not use the certification mark provided that the goods or services provided by the party are in conformity with this particular quality and are in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the registrant.

classification of trademarks

1 concise and popular

what are the main approaches to trademark registration?

secondly, the following things are also important.

1. prepares materials for himself and goes to the State Trademark Office for registration of relevant trademarks.

features: a little money saving, but non professionals handle it easily, making mistakes and delaying things. Recommend a person with rich knowledge of trademark registration.

shop must not pop. Open an online store without advertising profit, so try not to have popups and floating ads, if you have any activities or >

, your name should look there is a kind of beauty, do not frontsword, in order to attract people and pay attention to the use of some dark and vulgar, disgusting name, such a result would be counterproductive.

name words should be in line with their merchandise, to choose a let people see you on the business scope of the name from the name, if the name has nothing to do with the commodity, is likely to cause the viewer antipathy, naturally not to talk about the deal.

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