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The third step:

general principle: avoid high competition keywords, select accurate and search quantity is also good keywords.

fourth step: Taobao guest page SEO keyword layout and in the chain construction

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from the preparation to have founded statue was forced to leave, only a short period of one year. The first lesson is that the Yujiang Hou, entrepreneurs in the capital if enough, try not to contact the capital if it is not too early, so early into the angel funds, not later so many things."

reference are: high profit promotion merchandise, 30 days promotion quantity, store reputation, product buyer evaluation. These are the details of things, for example if you choose the user evaluation evaluation commodity pages are different, will affect the customer’s desire to buy, or even abandon the purchase, master wasstressed details.

"if not necessary, don’t touch capital too soon,"

however, the Wu, Yan duo caused internal events of NVC, after Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Mall micro-blog boost, China venture capital industry has evolved into a landmark event, the contradiction between entrepreneurs and investors of the white in the world. In such a context, how entrepreneurs view capital and how to deal with the relationship with capital has become a major issue among entrepreneurs.

quickly copy other people’s programs, change styles, change colors, change layouts, and change pictures.

recommendation tool: sh419 index, shlf1314 keyword search tool,

initial setbacks, let our development speed > statue

July 18th 9 pm, reporters call the Yujiang Hou, the other end of the phone from time to time from the sound of children crying, his wife was not at home, he had a person with 2 children. If there is no forcing, left he founded a statue of actor, he should be in his busy career at this time.

in the second step after choosing the keyword, layout and internal chain construction and important, at the same time don’t forget the high quality of the chain.

2003, recommend the use of a single page

first step: how to choose high quality promotion products

with the addition of employees and dealers forces, "NVC infighting seems to have signs of easing. NVC founder, former chairman Wu Changjiang and investor Saifu Asia founding partner, NVC chairman Yan fight than before the less of gunpowder.

fifth step: cleverly using hidden functions to achieve real-time updates of the site

second step: keyword selection here’s your single page or your website keyword

in February 25th this year, Hou Yujiang also came to the office, but there is a special meeting in waiting for him. "A round of investment, Cape of Good Hope sail fund partner Huang Zhengrong business, angel investors Yan Zhifeng, our current CEO Wen Yi Zun are in the conference room, said to the board of directors, the meeting content is recall my chairman, and gave me two choices: to resign or be dismissed." Hou Yujiang said. He chose to be dismissed, saying, "if you quit, it means I admit I have a problem."." Two days later, Hou Yujiang left the company he created.

The main parameters of


this period of time, I have recently done Taobao customers and have earned the experience of sorting out, to share, at the same time willing to make more friends. In fact, I’m a rookie, you can see Ali’s mother’s income list, a week of income tens of thousands of cattle, there is a lot, I will do hundreds of every day.

Hou, who had been involved in the creation of a premium network and was well aware of the prospects for the luxury market, started preparing for the venture in early 2011. Preparatory stage, the angel investment to come to the door, when the so-called angel investor Li Yuanfeng found Hou zhen. "About and talk together out of Yan Shiho, soon each other is told I decided to invest", did not want to agree with the Yujiang hou.

Hou Yujiang but did not expect that, after only two or three months time, Li Yuanfeng proposed to withdraw from. "He must quit, eager to cash, the purpose is to want to make quick money," Hou Yujiang said, and it was cool when the statue of A round of financing, "Li Yuanfeng said that he would not quit, don’t sign in the investment agreement". Then, after the introduction of Yan, Wen Yi set up a stake in Li Yuanfeng.

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