From the three aspects of quickly choose their own web space


user experience more and more people are mentioned, which makes us have to pay attention to the webmaster website user experience what are the influence factors, such as what the more button "back to the top", website access speed and navigation settings are now improving our website experience details. Which website access speed is a lot easy to be overlooked, imagine a page to open more than 1 minutes, then who will continue to browse this website, so many webmaster in website access speed on the efforts can reduce the rate of jump out of the site.

finally, should pay attention to the space provider Business Hours. The site is running 24 hours, but the station is going to sleep, and a small site in the early stage did not have a lot of staff to arrange the site on duty, at this time the site operation requires space providers help, if the site appears in the evening visit, plus the space provider is able to provide 24 hours of service. So the website can in the shortest possible time to maintain a good, after all, no one can guarantee that the spider will not visit our website at night, if a grab content, again or so, so the site to continue operations will certainly encounter a lot of trouble.

as for the factors affecting the site access speed of what? You must be in the A5 also learned a lot of knowledge, like the content of the website (picture too much), space, Links and so on are factors affecting the site access speed. As for today, I have to share 8 tips to choose web space should pay attention to.

first, space service providers must have credibility and quality guarantee. Our website is the facade, is the root of our future development, the investment point can not be vague. Some Adsense will freeloaders on Taobao and then spend a few hundred dollars to buy a 1G space station began to do. How can this "together and" attitude to the site have long-term development? For these cheap space, one is free to build commercial space server, what security measures on the other hand did not do this, serious harm to our site safety. We think the website data is equivalent to the exposure to any time during peaceful times, may have been hacked paralyzed, do what is the meaning of this website? So space service providers must have credibility and quality guarantee.

secondly, choose to provide trial manufacturers. Any one of the vendors did not belittle their own products, the introduction of the space they are often not to mention the basic shortcomings, evade the crucial point, only selling products, then how can we know each other’s space.? this problem is solved, we can choose those who can provide the 3-5 day trial of manufacturers, as long as their own experience, the actual operating speed and stability of the natural that easy.

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