Do Shanghai dragon to do to fight for a long time

my city, most website optimization company is so, when talking about a single customer and customer, said what nodded, even some offer dozens of words, these Internet companies do not want to, do not consider the degree of difficulty of the word, is a promise, even if the customer to 200 dollars are collected. After closing money, the customer is the grandson, he is the uncle, had promised not to perform, not to mention the website optimization, customers wait 3 months have not seen any website optimization action. For customers, sometimes have bad luck, after all, is not worth to thousand dollars to a dispute, and a lot of website optimization company is to seize the customer’s heart this scam. As a conscience of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, I still hope that the industry can be formal, not demanding short-term interests to bring the entire industry crowning calamity I would like to go down for a long time, customers in the loss, loss of trust industry will.

, a commitment to its optimization, after the money go


now many Internet companies will take enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng list, but from Shanghai Dragon Enterprise’s perspective, what is their impression of Shanghai dragon? I think most business owners mentioned Shanghai Dragon said liar, they are not many good network companies cheat afraid, so how to make Shanghai Longfeng so simple technology popularization? No wonder China Shanghai Dragon Environmental weeds, all Shanghai Longfeng services company uneven in quality, and their environment is not good. While some did Shanghai dragon’s small and medium enterprises, Shanghai dragon and a liar had to say is equivalent to our industry of sorrow. Why do they feel the Shanghai dragon is a liar? It seems to me that this year in Shanghai Longfeng workers, is undoubtedly the following points.

optimization in the list of what I took over, many promises cannot control things for customers from not, such as search engine algorithm changes will lead to fluctuation in ranking is a normal thing, but a lot of long-term stable website optimization company would dare to promise forever or keyword ranking ranked first, this is not reality, has ranked first may be long, but not stable, unless the site has a very high user stickiness and to optimize and maintain long-term tracking, but from the current situation, there are few Internet companies can do for a long time a website daily detection optimization tracking, because these Internet companies to develop new customers, so don’t have too much time to engage in a station. While the site optimization list is generally instalment, I know is for payment in accordance with the three period, generally a lot of company is to recover the two payment after no longer maintained, after all, only a few retainage, even if do not accept not loss itself, prices are not a unified optimization standard. This is the industry’s problems, after all, most of the money recovered there is no power is too large, so this is the reason of this industry can not form a good reputation in the minds of customers.

two, long-term commitment to recover the two ranking, payment on the site no longer heart

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