Analysis the feasibility of individual local portal station Shanghai dragon ER

of course you can choose some small cities or counties to do this in general, competition is not great, although the coverage and the area is not big city, but relatively easy to develop, for the individual ER Shanghai Longfeng easy first and development is not difficult, but the short-term profit is a problem.

Analysis of the

in the occupation planning and suggestions about Shanghai Longfeng industry have analyzed Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial choice, build a platform of their own development strategy is better, such as many Shanghai dragon ER chose to establish local portal station development and profitability, such as a certain news network, and other sites are relatively certain online common place door apartment layout website, because I will be late to plan a local portal station, we first briefly analyze the feasibility of individual do local portal station Shanghai dragon ER.

2 site location. Local portal station can generally be divided into local life platform, local news, local information industry or local classification information platform for several major types of Web sites, personal Shanghai dragon ER combined with their actual situation and the actual available resources is the key factor to solve this problem.

with the development trend of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai national dragon age has already come, many individuals have joined the ranks of the Shanghai dragon, some related professional development here, but also some from other industries or professional transformation, but ultimately without a word, development, we do Shanghai dragon the purpose is very simple, is for personal development, and now the application of Shanghai dragon this skill are widely in various network marketing industry, so the Shanghai dragon ER has become a hot job, but for others to do the Shanghai dragon always is not a thing, their own business or a better choice.

1, the general situation of the competition. We do when the site analysis of the competitors in the industry is a very important step, it is necessary for us to formulate stage website promotion strategy and direction of development, such as the industry competition is too intense, or adjust the marketing strategy, or for other stations for local portal station competition can not be ignored, especially some like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou these first-tier cities, in addition to doing this kind of place more, these city local media and local TV stations have also paid more attention to the network platform, so it established local portal platform information based on the news early, because the establishment time very early. With their authority and resources, has already formed a monopoly giant type, for the individual Shanghai dragon ER out of reach .

3, website traffic sources. Our website early in development need to flow and solid support, can be said to have a flow of a user, and will have a reputation, but also for the local portal station, is the need for more local user traffic, so our personal Shanghai dragon ER in doing this kind of station when you can start the local Optimization on the first word, "

When The analysis of

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