An antidote against the disease understanding the working principle of search engine after Shanghai

3, order processing (search engine default processing mode is to use "and" logic in between keywords) such as: user search "lose weight" method, the program word is "lose weight" and "method" two words, search engine ranking by default, user is looking for both "lose weight", is also included "method" page. Contains only "slimming" does not include the "method" page or contains only "method" does not contain "slimming" page is considered to be incompatible with the search conditions. In fact, we will see only a part of the keyword search results.

search engine rankings system is divided into the following:

5, integrated search trigger. Refers to the love of Shanghai especially high weight website, when the user search keywords in which a word or part of a word, love Shanghai will give priority to recommend these sites. For example, when we search "Liu", the following will prompt "Andy Lau" "Liu Shishi" "Liu Yifei" and so on these celebrities. – Xiaobian that we these unknown sites to do have a long way to trigger the integration of search, in fact, we do not need to tangle in this area too much, as long as we work hard to do their own website, and do it, our website has been characterized as the weight of love Shanghai high website that day. So our small and medium-sized websites is not necessary in this effort.

section to analyze the understanding of the working principle of search engine: an antidote against the disease, to do the Shanghai dragon! (on), today we continue to give analysis about the working principle of search engine!

to the site of our pretreatment, our website with its recommendations, the next step is the last step – ranking. However, in the end who website of the first row, second row one? We need to clear a little love, Shanghai ranking mechanism is a series of procedures, as long as we can meet its program set more rules, our ranking on the former.

4, spelling error correction. As we search for "Shanghai Dragon Technology", SERP feedback is about the "Shanghai dragon information technology". This is Shanghai’s internal procedures about love, not much relationship with our website ranking, we don’t need to get to the bottom.

: search word processing.

1, Chinese (the word small series has explained in detail).

three, initial subset selection. The search engine also has the human nature, imagine, when we search for a keyword, love Shanghai recommend to us hundreds of thousands or even millions of relevant information, we can see all of US Internet users? Most of the impetuous mentality, the general Internet users to browse the web that is up to the first two pages. "

Two, The

file matching. The user will find relevant documents through search keywords. (details explained in the first part)

When love in Shanghai

2, to stop words (the small series have been explained in detail).

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