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in 2012, we saw all sorts of love Shanghai update, if there is no Shanghai dragon, how do you deal with your users; in the user experience this, whether you can make every user feel your sincerity to the user the most sincere? This article, said that the optimal points the user experience, usually in our website, we see too much just for search operations, but ignore the user experience really, this is the need to pay attention to the defects, and also the most part of us in the future in the process of brand.

just said something, and in the electronic commerce website, most of the experience is the evaluation about this product, because do not want Taobao can directly contact the treasurer the same, in the business website, need to do, so that they can get what they want, and this kind of thing you need communication, if you need a refund, how to find you, you need to return, how to find you, these methods of communication, nature in the interactive process is also very important.

most of the time, we provide some of the information of the website, will continue to update some of the knowledge ah, ah, sometimes they don’t know how to control the overall habits of users, many users are the other key word came to your site, especially for the home, however, they find your site information it is very difficult at this time would like to contact you, find what they want by you, but, if the interaction is not good, natural user will be lost. This interaction is also very meaningful

in such a fixed module down, also fixed the site overall pace, made some groundwork for future development, in fact, many websites are using color layout represent your brand publicity, if you see such a look, you can easily see belongs to Jingdong, like Tmall’s color it belongs to the large, red, and blue is Suning, these are the characteristics of a corporate website itself propaganda. Art is not only the layout of all sites, more is to allow each user to remember a website owned, and then settled down to remember something.


second: the interaction between the experience of the

the first point: the beautiful degree of the site as a whole (focus on specific)

most of the time, when we focus on the user experience, if you see a rough work site, you will have to further courage? This also explains the importance of art, art mall in Jingdong, natural ability is fixed for a long time, I believe that this mode is in conversion rate analysis for a long time, natural also represents a brand itself. Figure logo of Jingdong and navigation

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