On the building several high-quality external links.

1, since the "content is king", then the contents of the link is definitely not. Especially the high quality content can not only bring you the high quality of the chain, and gives you a lot of traffic, the value of your site.

3, the construction of the chain. For many people can understand natural but hard to do, especially for the novice, it is simply not too obvious trace optimization. In:

(4) IP into the site, if most of the links are from several IP addresses, easy to search engine to suspected link factories, which suffered punishment.

external links for the construction site, is a huge project, is a gradual process, quick success often The loss outweighs the gain. The above points are basically new construction in order to cater to the search engine need to do, when you will build up the site content, often there will be a lot of people volunteered to reprint your site content and leave a link, so the construction of the chain is the site for a long time to maintain your root >

The nature of

4, not quantity evaluation. A high quality of the external links are often better than dozens of low quality links is much more effective, especially in the external links a lot of time, a high quality link effect is more obvious.

(1) the steady growth of the chain. External links can not change radically, and one day after a 100 increase a month do not, as weekly increase 30 to nature;

(2) species diversity, classification information, blog forum, B2B, B2C,

(3) into the domain wide,贵族宝贝,.Net,.Org,.Gov,.Edu and so on.

2, the chain resources diversity extensive. A normal web site may not all external links are the site of introduction of PR7, PR8, should import the chain resources is dragons and fishes jumbled together. In:

We all know that

(2) target keywords nature. As the author of the blog, the chain construction process not only Hefei Shanghai dragon the word as the only words of the construction of the chain, but also with other words such as Hefei Hefei website promotion, website optimization and so on;


"content is king, link the emperor", visible link to enhance the site in the search engine weight plays a very important role. ADO, master Piaoguo, novice or worthy of study. When the construction of the external links, several principles to follow.

(3) natural links the position and depth of the link. Link anchor text or URL cannot appear in the text, also can appear in the navigation, footer etc.; link depth can not be confined to the home page, there are other column page, the article page.

and so on;

(1) widely into the site PR, PR7, PR8, PR1, PR0 to

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