How do the site is down right

How to find the reason Recently a lot of

understand the rules to update the love Shanghai algorithm:


site is down right, the reason is not very clear. That is the reason or change the title, or that lead to revision. If we do not know what causes the right down, so how to take specific methods to restore the ranking? How to find the reasons described below, how to restore:

summarized as one point: we mastered the structured (revision, revision, update the title change procedures, horse delete) 2 months, unstructured update (chain loss, space) is half a month to a month later, we started on the axis of time before a record 2 a month of operation, then ruled out, find the reason.


love Shanghai update will be in accordance with the weight level page to distinguish, not all Internet content in sea need to be included, there are limits to love the Shanghai server, so only included a part of. Aladdin said the Shanghai algorithm such as love, Aladdin algorithm is a dark network. If the content of the Internet is a tip, a corner of love Shanghai included content is on the iceberg, so there are a lot of content is not included. It included and update what are the rules? According to the analysis of our 6 year more than 2000 drop right case, we found that if the change is structured, that is to say, the station path change program changes, the revision and the horse cause included problem needs 4-6 weeks. If the chain and space cause, this is related to the chain effect of time, according to our statistics, about 2 weeks and 2 weeks. With this rule will be easier, on the axis of time recorded in the lower right before a period of time we do what, then find the reason.

we need to record down right on the axis of time before 2 months all our operations, such as from right down this day until one month before the loss of the chain, and then push forward one and a half months to modify the title. You can judge right down the website with the chain is Never mind, because the chain of effective time is 2 weeks, and your site is one month after the operation outside of the fall of the right, so do not need to fill the chain. But if you do not modify the title for 2 months before the site right down to no revision, has also been linked to the Trojan cause included a sharp decline, but a month before the right or half a month lost the chain or Links cancel part or a month for a lot of space. So this time that our website is because the chain or for cause.

right down to the ranking of

1, if it is to modify the title right down, so we want to see whether the spider has grabbed our new title. From the IIS log inside look after we have to modify the title spider crawl the content of our website, if not then we can return to the previous title, such as:

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