Graphic summary analysis of five kinds of invalid Shanghai dragon chain

question answering platform is the chain platform webmaster special love, because in the inquiry platform more accessible to their target customers. While in the platform Soso Ask is also a very high weight platform. The construction of the outer chain is not difficult, but I think the Search ask outside chain is a typical hyperlink, it does not transfer the weight, then we have to search for example to see the outer chain. As shown below:

using JS code jump

has a certain optimization experience who should clearly understand that the JS code for the search engine is not friendly. The chain using the JS code jump is generally can not transfer the weight. The chain site optimization has little effect on us. The longest jump using this type of JS is the chain of some forum. As shown below:

three: link with nofollow tag



I think many optimization personnel are aware of this tag function, that is to inform the search page and the true engine of this label has nothing to do, no need to crawl. The label is the user in advertising. But some webmaster to the label is placed Links plates to avoid the weight of output. As shown below. This is for the novice webmaster, in exchange of a chain must see whether there is a link with nofollow tag.



in the forum page we see we left a hyperlink, but not happy too early, we look at the page code, we can see clearly that the hyperlink above is jump using JS code. This is not a chain of our search engine optimization plays what role, we can only say that its function is to increase our site exposure rate.


The chain construction is >

in the Search ask the chain, we also apply the Firefox plugin to see his debugging code, we found in the "href" after the Search ask itself link address, and the address we just a hyperlink.

: a chain of

we optimize the staff every day for an important job to do. For the construction of the chain like cow that we cannot see where can send the chain will be all the energy to send the chain. For the chain some can play a role in optimization is very good, but the chain has some little effect. In fact, the reason is in the chain platform for processing chain is different, some platforms in order to prevent the spread of the chain, keep the weight of the site is not lost, the chain of stations in the corresponding settings. These after the chain processing is often can not transfer weight. The author in this paper by sharing five can not be encountered by their weight of chain transfer.

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