Why love Shanghai fire to find solutions for the most beautiful scenery


look at this picture, is not the impulse to test your site safety problems? Security issues should be put in the first place, especially FTP, more can’t be easily ignored, now love Shanghai launched a webmaster tools, and then launched to chain tools, if you let others know your FTP information, if it is a competitor, a site of the Shanghai dragon might be affected, you tried to think, when most chain can not be restored, my heart what it is? There is a website linked to horse problems, remember to FTP scan tool before, in order to remove some FTP information then, to hang up the black chain, before the government website, the show is particularly evident, then sell the chain rampant, everyone seemed to high quality links and hard, but for the web site It is said to have a big impact.

websiteToday in the 360


2) through the website site and webmaster tools content to find the problem, solve the problem of



heard that love Shanghai big update, love in Shanghai’s eyes, each update, there will be a report, and said, this is a case which belongs to the site being injured, then resolved, so after a few weeks, these sites are love Shanghai stabilized, and then slowly in accordance with the formal way to do optimization, but there are still many sites are in their own way in the website, do not know why is the treatment of the love of Shanghai, this article, for some common problems with some solutions, hoping to become the most beautiful scenery.

site website, webmaster tools, always remember to love Shanghai said in a statement, there is not much correlation between the two, but these did indeed in some, because in my opinion, the site content to have ranked in the battle space, and there is no tools, such as the

CMS always release the exploit remember you, your program is to prevent the Trojan invasion of these background, have you considered? Web application vulnerabilities, website security, etc., is to pay special attention to, so if when you see the website is love Shanghai effect, try to find the site safety problems their analysis, web logs, is not the time for space, security issues, not open, try to log space analysis of the website, you will see a lot of traffic distribution and trends.

1) website security belongs to the first point, the safety is the most basic

this picture is sometimes you will feel as if included in change radically but actually they are not included, and is site out much? In fact, if the difference is.

webmaster tools, test your site security issues, as shown in figure

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