What kind of experience what our customers need

360 founder Zhou Hongyi mentioned in his blog? ", simply set aside for 360 personal attitude, Zhou Hongyi explained is excellent.

"beyond user expectations, this is the essence of the product. We are hoping to develop product development, all users are able to use function, trying to meet and cater to all users, which makes our products become bloated, we cater for twenty percent users with eighty percent of our energy and resources. For example, early anti-virus software or network protection software to open the software may have dozens of features listed, which let users simply confused, in fact, the user is several commonly used functions. We should let users find our products more features, such as one side of the case, a colleague is 360 browser hardcore fans, for the reasons, it is found that the 360 browser provides a "micro-blog assistant" such an application. This can be in the browser, colleagues can log on several micro-blog account, can easily switch, obviously, other browsers are rare these more humane application.

What is a good user experience

and "good user experience, is to start from the details, and runs through every detail." Two kinds of people in the Internet is the most powerful, is a product manager, one is Shanghai dragon Er, because they have been in the head of a computer to sit in front of the mouse speculation behavior, a computer keyboard, even from the perspective of the scope of. Details determine success or failure, such as we spend huge sums of money to a lot of advertising, but we are very stingy with the web server input, before SEM in the evaluation of a home appliance business website and we found that the Internet has spent more than 3000 yuan, but the arrival rate is only five percent, his original site on a incompetent IDC. In fact, we are not saying all the fine perfect to the extreme, the first available is the most basic, this is the details of the. Make a product available to our users, which basically roughly finished product details, just imagine, the product of some key even basic functions can be realized, the rest of the relevant experience.

beyond user expectations compared with the popular interpretation is what I asked you to give me 1, but you gave me the "1.1" or "1.01", is so simple. 360 search online success, also have no reason, in the search engine, most of the user’s requirements is not high, I just found a thing, I found the answer I want on the first page or second page, just don’t find too much on the line, the search is a search for answers in the process, some search results or hundreds, or even thousands, obviously users don’t need so many results, so the search engine is to let users in the shortest time which helps the user to find the most suitable answers need to be sure to do this noble baby is excellent.

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