The monk six principles of Shanghai Longfeng novice quick keyword

in Shanghai Longfeng in the choice of words is a very important, like the spring farming to sow, key words are seeds, you want what kind of, we must first choose varieties and sowing. Keywords is an important channel for users to enter our website, the website appeared in these keywords, use some technical means to optimize your site, the user can enter through the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines to search relevant keywords. Keywords precise selection and optimization of Web site traffic is the source of the website is the premise of profits. The monk will share with you the six principles to choose keywords, hoping to give new people to help in the process of learning in Shanghai dragon.

two, choose keywords can not be too upset

learning network marketing must understand Shanghai dragon, as the saying goes, "network marketing personnel will not be Shanghai dragon is not a good cook, a joke, but the Shanghai dragon is indeed a very important knowledge in network marketing. Shanghai dragon Chinese is translated into search engine optimization, is a kind of network marketing way more popular in recent years, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords in order to increase website visibility, increase sales opportunities.

when choosing keywords don’t choose too broad keywords, such as "fruit" and "food" and "clothing" and so on, these broad keywords is the first competition is more intense, but too broad when doing optimization is difficult to do, like 100 people at the same time grab 10 hot ticket, some people may be all night in the queue, some people may hire the people in the queue, we have to the 10 hot ticket you earn my wins, if we do not much other bought tickets at this time, maybe we still play, and those who earn me in your process might take even what scene can not see.

said when choosing keywords must not be too broad or too hot, so the second principle is to choose keywords can not be too upset, are two extremes, don’t be too upset and not too hot. So how do we choose keywords? If we just started doing Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then we can find some long tail keywords to do. For example, we should optimize the word "examination", so we can make up some long tail words, such as "physical examination before the need to pay attention to what the problem?" "in summer is not suitable for the" Beijing medical examination ", where relatively good" "Beijing entry examination" word.

we can observe whether the selected word is a word or a popular hot words through the query index can also love Shanghai, love Shanghai in search keywords, see if there is a website to do the optimization of key words, look at the search engine that have nothing to do with your search words exactly the same, the relevant search can also view the love of Shanghai provide the relevant keywords to determine.

, a choice of keyword selection should not be too broad

three, do not try to choose keywords >

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