The new place for the construction of the chain light blog full advantage


The rise is 1

experienced 10 years of development, the traditional blog value has slowly come to an end, not only more and more people moved to micro-blog, even the love of traditional Shanghai blog also slowly lost interest, believe that early Shanghai dragon shoes, experience is more profound, reduce the value of the blog chain, let the traditional blog teeter it is one disaster after another.

light blog published by traditional blog pages, often believe that the chain of friends will be very love:



light blog coming to the Shanghai dragon Er, just add a chain of the construction of the channel so simple. The young light blog requires a lot of content to enrich, so light blog management team on the post deletion rate is very low, basically no restrictions on the blog. With the development of light blog, will get more and more love Shanghai light weight, so as to replace the traditional blog blog link farms, has the incomparable superiority.

, the low rate of light blog, delete

said the blog is a book, micro-blog is a newspaper, light blog is a magazine. This metaphor is the image, the advantage of the magazine, it is elegant and convenient. Compared with the traditional blog, light blog in the interface design more convenient and humanized. Interface design more concise, easier to use a text editor, regularly sent, tag tags, the classification of a lot. More significant is that the light blog can also be the same concern like micro-blog, which greatly enhance the hits and reproduced.

Here is the Why is

for us Shanghai dragon Er, light blog has more of the construction of the chain of value? According to my experience, summed up the following, and everyone under the analysis of the significance of the construction of the foreign chain light blog.

2, clean interface, convenient operation and

has not been widely used, high quality

light blog is a network service between micro-blog and blog, blog is inclined to express, micro-blog is more inclined to social networking and communication, absorbing the advantages of both light blog. It is different from micro-blog is different from the blog, light blog is a new network media. At present, Chinese light blog website before the Grand President Xu Zhaojun winger founded little net, and Shanda rich micro-blog community "push him", music news network launched 6V light blog, NetEase LOFTER and Sina light blog etc..

light blog in the era of micro-blog very influential, have to say a little bit Born Under A Bad Sign, but this does not affect the light blog quietly rising, the voice of the parties micro-blog marketing attributes and more and more noisy, China let users access information into the "fast" era, but this type of fast food consumption to micro-blog can not precipitate out the essence of the content the Shanghai dragon, er, can’t do the chain, it is a big loss.

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