The case analysis of Shanghai love fast ranking

website in October received the optimization task, in mid November has been the word first to have vanilla alcohol. You can fall in love with the sea to check.

The case analysis of

now how I start, the first is to attract the spider climb over my station, I update my date. So I was in the fast updating forum released a few soft, which left the signature in the forum. Leaving only a few signatures (some can not leave the forum signature) has reached the purpose of this update, the site quickly in second days will be updated time. The next step is to do the connection. We all know and related website connection method is relatively good, but this kind of product related connection is not many, besides there are also some people did not maintain the website, then I find I was most willing to exchange connection site, Taobao station (because everyone is looking for you can not connect) to see what the chain site at my station, that is because I cross and connect to others, the new general people do not love connection, I added about 20 connections, because the new station can not be weighted too high (before listening to the station, so I don’t say) are added love Shanghai update faster, a little weight, every day I see the website rankings, which I think we have this habit. A day for two days, 3 days, I still adhere to the information, there is the exchange connection, a day or so, in the 20 day time I check, obediently vanillyl alcohol has come to the first page of the first love, Shanghai encyclopedia in second, so I checked the ferulic acid (fourth pages) homopiperazine, (first page second), etamsylate (fourth pages), calcium dobesilate (the first page of the first), excited. To continue the ferulic acid, and etamsylate do.

, the site itself is the template analysis, network station, with static page production, but the domain name is a new domain name more than 6 months of the new domain name, domain name for our optimization is a little difficulty, we all know this, the new domain name is very difficult to get the weight in the shortest period of time. The site itself updates slow, basically can be said to be updated without content, so we optimize the relatively difficult.


fast ranking (love Shanghai – Shanghai love 30 days optimization case analysis of a medical website) the site name vanillyl alcohol, ferulic acid, homopiperazine, etamsylate, calcium dobesilate – Suzhou brilliance International: website domain name: 贵族宝贝szbles贵族宝贝

is the first to analyze key words: vanillyl alcohol love Shanghai included (to find relevant results about 2070000) that love Shanghai data in about 2000000. It is not very difficult to be optimized. Love can not find Shanghai index keyword index can be said that very few people will find such words, in other words only professionals to search this keyword, so the difficulty of the optimization is smaller. How to look at this station is within a month, there are 3 key words optimization to the first page of the.

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