Shanghai dragon began the fifth chapter — news sources and sensitive words from zero with the sea

is expected to start Shanghai dragon is expected in the first 105 chapters have drafted plan outline from zero, may a few chapter is based on the love of Shanghai recently made adjustment, recently went to a special training to do business SEM software company to buy, I feel, why they can do success is mainly thinking. Technology occupies a portion of a lot less, eloquence, thinking occupies much. A software artifact may be ranked in Shanghai Longfeng business isn’t worth 100 yuan, why can sell 22000 enterprises. General model is the first training and sales in the training process, of course, this is not the most important, is the core of enterprise, is a variety of marketing tools, such as phone calls, customer tracking, door-to-door consultation etc.. They help to establish the target group is very clear, is the enterprise, medium and small enterprises that do not understand the industry market coupled with the awesome sales team, to contribute to the success of. After listening to the SEM training and training some books, feeling is how it is not reliable, the paper said so beautiful, like you do micro-blog marketing, your business is to do the first eat crab people must be bold but cautious person, then may be successful but you listen to the training, and then follow the trend micro-blog is only 100 thousand to 200 thousand of the women’s marketing customer groups, 10 people, 10000 people, the effect is not the same. A popular project is only one person you do, and a hot industry, N personal rush is different effect. Do enterprise training is also the truth, so many people naturally have no profits, many people do business to your technical requirements will be higher, now Shanghai dragon training is a precedent.

back to the topic, recently a lot of gray industry in the acquisition of a large number of love Shanghai to Shanghai news source sex sensitive words, first talk about the principle of my own understanding, to know the principle and then recommend love Shanghai how to solve these problems. The current mainstream access scheme of enterprise ranking sensitive words, news source station hijacking get ranking. Shanghai love the search for these words can be seen a large number of government websites in Shanghai, love to help some enterprises the government credibility Curitiba high site pulled into the white list that these sites do not do illegal trade information, so hackers will target these sites.


marketing is included in the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a part of marketing if you want to have success in the Shanghai dragon circles that must learn to network marketing, network marketing will be the Shanghai dragon naturally, because Shanghai dragon is the fundamental network marketing variable. May 28, 2013 love Shanghai outside the chain of tools new upgrade, I remember in Shanghai Longfeng hit the second chapter said from zero, all snapshot stays at No. 27, No. 28 Shanghai love must have action, Shanghai refused to love the chain technology becomes more mature,

(many things happened recently in the company, the first is the staff secretly pick list, then the boss group, help a whole company is divided into 4 branches, falling wages, do not pack food and drink, a lot of people quit again thought many people have left the company to


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